Sunday, 21 February 2016

'Tis what it is.

Well, we got wait listed for Toronto Comic con. I suppose you can only do so much when the application gets lost in the mail and by the time we found out and resent it off, it was stuck in the queue.

We're still going to try for Animenorth, once the information comes up, so hopefully we will have that one. FanExpo, at least is a go, since we renewed last year, but having only one con set up so far for the year is a bit discouraging.

Nevertheless, creativity marches on, and at least anything I finish now will be added to the stock I need for FanExpo anyway.

Finished the eight flowers I had started a while ago, so that's good at least. I might make a few more regular style ones in the future, but I do definitely need to make more of Peggy's, Steve's, and Tony's.  I might switch gears a bit though. since I do have cuffs to do.

I was able to get a fabric of practically identical colour to the green of the triforce cuffs I have used previously, (which I'm almost out of)  and it should prove nice to work with, though I need to check my grommet situation. (and come up with a trim solution since that's my Sussman's one)

Star Jars have been.... a pain. A failure, then not, then again, now possible not. I'm convinced one I get the recipe down pact, they will work out. It's just getting to that point is tough.

... yeah. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

I swear I will accomplish stuff today,

Finished those four flowers I had sitting on my desk.
Now on to Peggy, Cap series.

Edit:  (several hours later): 4 Peggy Rosettes completed. Have to stop sewing for a bit, for the dents to fade in the finger tips.

Edit 2: (more hours later): Whelp. That didn't entirely go as planned. Started the Star Jars. I need another pair of fine needlenose pliers because one is clearly not enough, and it made attaching the chain... shamefully difficult. I am all thumbs with stuff like this. Also, the fabric top is being revised. Hopefully mach two will be better.