Monday, 31 July 2017

Right, you. Get to work.

It's a month until FanExpo, and seeing as this is the first time I haven't been a vendor in three years, that means I can dress up in something a little less restricted by the need to fit behind a table.

.... But what is a girl to wear?

....How far do I go?

I'm out of practice doing the: "Full Day Cosplay - no option of changing." thing. At costume cons, I've just worn my piece just to the competitions. And other than that, 4 years of vending has "forced" me to come up with easier to wear, comfy and compact "casual" outfits.

Like my Tardis flapper dress. Which I will wear again, however, because it's adorable.

I kind of want to wear my Jupiter Ascending gown...but I don't think I can handle to shoes. They were relatively comfy and I still have the blister marks from April.

Unless I do flats. Which means the under dress is far too long. Which I can't hem because there is a detailing on the bottom.

..... Unless.... Do I drop the overskirt...because the underskirt IS wearable on its own.... and then, do a tack point which will be covered by a fancy flower, to pull in the flowers to the lower half of the skirt....

I mean, I could do that anyway.... but maybe add a carrying loop to the overskirt so I can hold on to it a LOT easier.

....I think Coco is going to have to become a model for a while, because now I am curious of what I can do.....

.... I forgot, my hair is like..... 6 inches shorter than it was in April. I don't think I have enough to support the headress.

... which means I need a new headpiece.

...which means the whole outfit is being redesigned....

..... I'm overthinking this, and I'm not displeased about that....