Saturday, 19 August 2017

*continues dusting with the powder sugar of tracelessess*

Yeah. Okay. I think it's done. Fixed the logo on the front, so now it's a badge....with the aforementioned dangling things. Shoes are just black flats or black boots depends on how I feel.

.... necklace. I need some sort of necklace. Or something on my arms. Downside of bare arms, lots of non decorated skin.

....Slayer's take tattoo with a cupcake symbol stuck in the centre?

Hm. I'll work on that.
But other than that, the bulk of it is complete.

Now, I have to rip apart a per-existing tank top to wear as a strapless top underneath my Keyleth dress, because frankly, the one I used before was horribly uncomfortable, and if I am walking a con for hours on end, I really want to avoid that.

And perfect the jewelry. What I wore to costume con was okay-ish but more rushed that I would like.

I did however finish, for no other reason that I wanted to, a Vax fascinator and a Keyleth's Raven Queen headpiece. I do not know if they would even sell, or I'd even use them. But it satisfied me to make them, so there is that. Gotta photograph them for records at least.

.... Critical Role designs are my life right now. *shrugs*

Friday, 18 August 2017

*dusts some sugar on it*

Okay, so I've reigned in my design a bit for the Slayer's Cake uniform. That being said, it's.... a lot more ruffly and cutesy than I ever wear. However, the over all look has begun to mesh.

I finally got the printable fabric to behave itself, which means the vest now has the logo on the back of it.....which was then bordered with ruffles. So many ruffles on this thing.

But having the logo on the front is proving to be irritating. I tried having just a circle of fabric basted on, but it looked....flat. So now I am attempting to salvage it and turn it into a button/pin of sorts, which its probably going to get the fancy treatment and have a bunch of charms dangling off of it provided it works.

It's just so.... dainty looking. I mean, I like it. It just... not my usual style. Whatever. I'll work it.

Not sure how many days I will be attending FanExpo yet. Three for sure. Not sure about a four. It's just weird not vendoring. I'm so used to it, it feels off not preparing. I mean... I'm not stressing....but I'm twitchy.

I probably will wear the classic Tardis Flapper look one day, as that's a pretty easy wear. And probably my Game of Thrones version of Keyleth. One of my game of thrones dresses anyway.

Not sure what day is what outfit just yet.

Thursday will be just like... shorts or whatever if I go.
Probably. that glue dry YET?

Thursday, 3 August 2017

This was suppose to be a simple design

I was just going to make the apron and call it a day. Maybe an accessory or two. But noooo. That's not how things work around here.

Apparently my mind has to create an either DnD class AROUND said apron. Which, has led to more accessory concepts, more details, blah blah blah.

Anyway, so I tore the bodice part of the apron out, deciding that frankly it wasn't doing a thing for me. So now, I am working on finishing the apron to be a skirt part only. Which means I need to work on a top concept.

Which is why my dressform is now wearing a partially finished apron skirt, a ruffle necked shirt, and a black buttoned vest I half thought of tossing out to good will last year, but kept in case I needed it for a costume.

Now it's a baker, meets steampunk meets....I don't know - something. But I think I like it.

I just have to make the whole thing cohesive and actually relate it the Slayer's Cake.

*pours over the DM guide for accessories to adapt*

And spats. I should make spats.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

*sewing haze*

Huh. Well, it's been a while since I've just done nothing but work on a sewing project. I don't know if it was cleansing or I just feel slightly dazed from hunching over an ironing board for hours.

Started to work on my Slayer's Cake "battle apron." Thought I hit a snag when I realized I didn't buy any bias tape...but then luckily discovered some in the Hoard.

However.... I don't like the bodice part of it. I might need to modify the gathers or something, but I feel like that pattern once again doesn't take anyone with any sort of bust in to account while making it. If it doesn't work, I'll just get creative and make a new style of top. It IS an apron after all. It doesn't have to fit like a dress - It just doesn't have to be weirdly lumpy like it is now.

Of course, I have to figure out what to wear under it. But that's Coco's job right now.

...Now where are my pirate pantaloons.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Right, you. Get to work.

It's a month until FanExpo, and seeing as this is the first time I haven't been a vendor in three years, that means I can dress up in something a little less restricted by the need to fit behind a table.

.... But what is a girl to wear?

....How far do I go?

I'm out of practice doing the: "Full Day Cosplay - no option of changing." thing. At costume cons, I've just worn my piece just to the competitions. And other than that, 4 years of vending has "forced" me to come up with easier to wear, comfy and compact "casual" outfits.

Like my Tardis flapper dress. Which I will wear again, however, because it's adorable.

I kind of want to wear my Jupiter Ascending gown...but I don't think I can handle to shoes. They were relatively comfy and I still have the blister marks from April.

Unless I do flats. Which means the under dress is far too long. Which I can't hem because there is a detailing on the bottom.

..... Unless.... Do I drop the overskirt...because the underskirt IS wearable on its own.... and then, do a tack point which will be covered by a fancy flower, to pull in the flowers to the lower half of the skirt....

I mean, I could do that anyway.... but maybe add a carrying loop to the overskirt so I can hold on to it a LOT easier.

....I think Coco is going to have to become a model for a while, because now I am curious of what I can do.....

.... I forgot, my hair is like..... 6 inches shorter than it was in April. I don't think I have enough to support the headress.

... which means I need a new headpiece.

...which means the whole outfit is being redesigned....

..... I'm overthinking this, and I'm not displeased about that....

Sunday, 11 June 2017

To do, Has done.

-still hasn't organized her thoughts about costume con

- has barely organized thoughts about anime north

- DID start organizing her fabrics.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Animenorth Prep thoughts

I.... realize I haven't written about costume con yet.

.... Soon. <3

ANYWAY. Animenorth is soon. Stock build up is going well.

Just finished my four Critical Role inspired fascinators, which I will photograph and post soon, once I get a good background or a nice head I can borrow from someone's shoulders.

Made more of the very popular flowers, featuring many new fabrics.

Hmm... I need to lay everything out and see how it all fits but with the construction at the house it's not the best time for that.

...still want to try to put together my Wishing Blossom Jars.


Maybe more butterflies first.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The perspective of Time and Work

It is done. It has taken me months of work, and many long days for the final push, but my entry to Costume Con is complete. But I took the time I need to do it, and time is what it needed. And I think I am pleased with the result.

....and then on the flip side with three days left before the convention, screaming like warrior going into battle, I dive into a new piece of fabric, and will have another full costume done in less than two days. Is it the same caliber and detail? Not remotely - but it is interesting what one can accomplish when the adrenaline of creatively is still pumping through the veins.

Now then. I need fire and glue.

...And maybe breakfast.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

It's really less than a month to CC35 now?

Yikes. Where did those years between those Cons go?

My major project is...going.... We're, well, not in the home stretch, but it has taken shape and form to what it will be the end. Which basically invokes days and days of embellishment.

I think it's good? <- no longer has a frame of reference to this anymore.

It comes down to: Finishing the skirt embellishments. Finish the bodice embellishment. Do the embellishment on the underskirt. Finalize jewellery. Throw handfuls more of beads and flowers at it all and scream MORE MORE MORE at it.

So, nothing to do at all.

...And yet, I still want to have a new little dress to wear for the Friday Night Social. Because, I can't Wear The Same Thing, two conventions in a row.

.... we'll see how that goes.

....Need one last Fabricland 50% off sale....

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Why do I always get ideas for new costumes, right when I am up to my armpits in current costumes. Brain, we need to discuss this.

Costume Con project is in progress. Outfit bases are almost done. Need to do a rather large hemming job and then put in the closures and then the grand decorating can begin.

We were accepted into Animnorth Crafters Corner this year (!!), so once the contract goes through, some more planning can occur (post Costume Con construction anyway).

Brain. No. I heard that.

No. Brain. Stop.

Brain. Put that idea DOWN.




*runs off to fabricland*

Thursday, 2 February 2017

A random thought

Completely ignoring the fact that I am now terrible at blogging about stuff these days, I leave just a random thought.

My newfound adoration for Critical Role might actually just naturally flow into my habit of making bird fascinators.

Raven Queen and Vex's Blue feather hair clips anyone?

*exit stage left, accompanied by bear*

*pokes back in*

Or owl bear.

Or Druid themed.


I have ideas to flesh out.