Thursday, 31 January 2013

Costume Update - Red (OUAT)

What the....? An actual progress report? With a completed garment pieces?
Sheer madness.

Awwww yeah! Cloak's done! It's....heavy. Like everything else I end up making, so that's nothing new.

Made of Corduroy with a faint floral embroidery, and lined with satin - though the hood is self lined. It will be worn with the ties around the back, but CoCo (the dressform) doesn't have arm and it kept falling off. I'm fairly satisfied with the end product, seeing as I've never made a cloak before.
Next piece; the skirt.

Not winter inside.

Ironing makes me really warm.

(No duh.)

Now I know why I own few garments other than extremely practical victorian gowns that require it. Red's cloak requires much, because that stupid halloween satin I'm using for lining is being stupidface. Well, not really more stupidface that I was expecting. It's really only useful for lining material. Nothing more. The texture of the wrong side is weird. I am turning into a fabric snob.

Anyway. But at the yardage I'm using it at is making it stretch oddly. Nothing that an hour of my life and the iron can't fix but still. Thus, I am warm. Warmer than I could be considering the snow. I also sound like a petulant child. Such is life.

Now, to topstitching.

And.. I made my own day, today.

Really. You so rarely get to make such epically geeky moments in your life that makes you feel top shelf.

Dateline, January 31st. Sometime before 10 o'clock this morning. In summary.

Co-worker: So, I finally finished watching LOST.
Me: Oh good! Did you like it?
Co-Worker: Yes.
Me: Well, what did you think?
Co-worker: I have no idea what happened.
Me: You did it right. No one did.
Co-worker: It was fine with the flashbacks...and then the flashforwards.
Me: And then the flashsideways, and flashbacks that were more flashpresents?
Co-worker: Yeah,  I mean, did they like, all die? On the island?
Me: Eventually, sort of. It all happened, but didn't. It's like time slipped under itself.
Co-worker: Ahhh...?

And then, I realized with pefect clarity, that there was only one answer I could give. One answer that would explain it all. So, I grinned with all the power of my geekiness and said with all the pride and paraphrasing I could muster...

Me:  "People assume that time is just a linear progression of cause and effect. Bit it's really more of a great big ball of wibbley-wobbly timey-wimey stuff."

I then gracefully pivoted and took my exit to stage left patting myself on my own back for inserting my favourite line into a real conversation. For that moment, I was my own rockstar.

Now if you will excuse me, I have seams to stitch.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It finally arrived!

Oh, my beloved Hyrule Historia. Who's a pretty artbook? Yes, you are. Yes, you are! <3

Which came five minutes before I had to leave for work. Biggest tease ever.
But, now I can read it at my leisure. And some of the random notes in the captions of the pictures are revealing new information that I did not think of before.

The character concept art is awesome.
And I haven't even read the manga yet.

'Tis one of those fandom moments, you wait for.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The mind.

I don't really understand why I enjoy steampunk so much. I mean, what is it about it, that I personally find it fascinating? Flashback to my preteen self and tell her she would enjoy wearing bodices and long ruffled skirts, and she would give you the most offended look. Not that I was a tomboy, rather I prefered, and still do on most days, jeans and t-shirt. Throw costuming into the equation, and really the question becomes how many layers of ruffles are too many.

Not that I've really made that many steampunk outfits, but it seems to be the first idea that pops into my head when adapting something.

1. Idea unrelated to steampunk
2. Make steampunk version.
3. ??????
4. Profit!

Case in point. The TARDIS. That stupid friggin' wooden blue box. It's a box. A completely inanimate(actually, no) object, that has no feminitiy at all. (Also, not true. Re: Season 6). And yet, I want to dress like it. Flashback to a few weeks ago, when helping Kashunga brainstorm ideas for a Lolita TARDIS. No desire to also cosplay as TARDIS. Rather, was much more excited about cosplaying as a Femme Ten. And while I still want to try do make that one, (sometime, no idea when just....add it the queue, okay?) now I also want to go as the whismical police box. And I want a hat with it. I am incline to sulk, except I can't justify why a good sulk would be order for a situation like this.

Also, just to add another idea into the pool:

River Song, "A Good Man Goes to War"
Really? Let's offer a Victorian gown into the mix why don't you? With another specific fabric likely impossible to find. I'd punch BBC for ruining my fandom life, but I think they own a good share of my fangirl soul, I lost somewhere between season 3 and 4, or on the steps of 221B Baker Street. Baah!

Anyway. Tomorrow, I must continue on with Red's cloak. Get that huge thing sewn together. Might stave off the crazies for a while. ....Likely not, but maybe.

Also; Hyrule Historia. It's coming... I know it's coming... I can feel it through Canada Post. But why not now, Canada Post? I need to read that new Akira Himegawa manga, like yesterday.

...Anyway. That's enough ranting for the moment, I suppose.

I want cookies.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tools of the Trade

This should go without saying, but having the right tools for the job makes things so much easier.

Case in point. Red's cloak needs ties to....tie. on. Y'know, make a strip of fabric, stitch, fold and then swear by every god known to mankind to invert the blasted thing. Some people like the chopstick method, others, the wooden spoon. I, have discovered greatness.

Bought 'em a few months ago when I was in the States. Went to JoAnn's and found fabric turner tubes. Three sizes. Comes with a tube and a dowel. In theory, one inserts the tube into the aforementioned fabric tube, then with a victorious war cry, jams the dowel through said tube and gracefully yanks on the fabric to invert it. And y' worked. Like....quickly. To the point where I sat in the chair staring at the now lovely proper fabric ties wondering why in the hell I haven't opened the package until now. Genius.

As such, I have made progress today. Outside of cape and lining sewn, hood pieces sewn, ties made, and now I just have to make like the Avengers and assemble it all together, in one glorious round of pinning and matching seams. Should be able to get it done this week then.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Progress? More or less? Probably less.

Yeah... haven't made as much progress on Red as I planned at this point. Not counting the four lines of staystitching, I've sewn one seam on my cloak. So much for having it mostly done by this point. Hopefully I can knock off a bunch tomorrow and get it looks remotely like a cloak. Really would like to get started on the skirt this week. More I can get done now, the more time I have to do other things such a...well, more projects. Never ending, really.

I need to go pattern searching again. I always have random ideas floating around, so I like to keep a repitoire of pattern images saved in case one of them works for something.

Annnnnd a jaw cracking yawn. I should hit the hay sooner rather than later, but there was something I was going to search for once I got home tonight, but the copious amounts of food and travel has reduced my brain capacity down to minimum. Hopefully I won't remember in the middle of night, because the iPad screen brightness can only go down so low.

Oh, and rip that CD to my hardrive. Gotta do that.

Oh again, reminding self for later on the party theme of "All the things"


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fresh as a cold burning star....

The air outside.
Nicely fresh though.
Personally I enjoyed it.

I shall call today's lunch the "Ideas Luncheon." Complete with point punctuating food tongs, I was using to enphasize my point while having Korean BBQ. Never had it before. Korean BBQ, not ideas. I have plenty of those. Too many, some may argue. Not enough says another side. Would have it again. The BBQ...and well, the ideas too. Kashunga and I were supposed to go to the 007 Bond Event today. Sold out unti way later than we could stay. Ergo. we had said lunch of ideas and gesturing food tongs and then walked Queen St. while idea and wool gathering. And then I think I bent her poor ear off about Doctor Who. (Sorry, Kashunga. Eh heh...)  But yes, great times!

But ideas! Ideas were had for the both of us. I feel the need to get out the stencil or something. Need to do more research or something. I need to look up Classic Lolita fashion since I'm not really that familar with it. Victorian fashions, yes. Oh, now I do have that book I bought on Boxing day. The Smithsonian one. Wonder what ideas I could do....different eras..... dangerous this train of thought. I like trains though. Except when people step on mine and pop the stitching out of them, causing the whole thing to yank on my back.

My back, which, as expected is now sore from hunching over that ping pong table for 5 hours yesterday.

I'm going have to rework my costume ideas from the next year. Costume Con is really a lot closer than I keep remembering. Red will be this year for sure but what else.....

Gotta remember to budget....

Make all the things....

*grooves to the 80s*

Saturday, 19 January 2013

And, success.

Okay! So, I made some headway on this year's projects. Went to my Aunt's friend's house and borrowed her huge cutting table, and associated workroom and therefore Red's cloak, skirt, and bodice pieces have been cut out, (bar the interfacing for the bodice, which I can do at home.). Now I can start sewing them together.

Matching the pattern on the fabric was a pain though. Most of what I make is either plain unpattern material, or if it does, the pieces to cut out are all straight edges pieces, that require little to no matching. In this case, especially the bodice, and those freaking crosswise folds that make my head hurt....

Ah well. Fabric cut. Sewing can begin.

Also picked up a nice 4m of embroidered taffeta at Fabricland during the sale. $6 instead of $28. I'd call that a success. Didn't get a chance to go through the patterns though. Probably good though, or I would have impulsively bought patterns for 10th despite not having finished researching it.

Ah well. Allons-y!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Weekend approaching. Do you want to proceed? Y/N


I....should not drink coffee too late at night. Quotith myself to my friends in the car tonight: "I sound senile." And then I laughed, in a not to stable way. Glorious.


Plan on for fabric cutting this weekend. Going to get the cloak, skirt, and perhaps the bodice cut out and then it's just a matter of racing the bobbin thread to the end of the spool.

This is my baby, my glory. I have zero regrets about buying her.

Babylock Symphony. The Mothership of GLORY.
She's officially a year old now. Can't believe it. Can't believe it's been a year I haven't called a sewing machine foul things. It's very...liberating. I wonder what sort of madness Year Two will bring for the two of us?


So yeah, fabric cutting Saturday. Recovering from more Doctor Who on Friday Night. 007 Event at the TIFF on Sunday with Kashunga. Surpressed the urge to wear a tuxedo....only because I don't own one. The Bay Queen St. totally had one on sale two weeks ago too. Should work on my fashion folio sketch too. And get my laptop USB mouse working again. I drive this touchpad mouse like a drunk person.

Ooh, and my Auntie brought me more pins today. Now I have aqua tipped ones. :D My pin cushion is an occular delight.

I wonder if I should insert horsehair braid into the hood of the cloak? I mean, I do have all that from when I didn't use it on my Phoenix dress. I wonder if that will shape the hood better than just having it hang loosely. Though I will be wearing it tied underneath my armpits rather than around my neck. And I wonder if that hood is too small, and I should somehow make it larger? No idea how to do that though. I could always recut one as a test..... It's not like I don't have 2 extra metres of fabric after all.....

*rocks out to Guitar Hero III soundtrack*
*green green greenredredredblueblue....YELLOW*

The Gate of Time from Skyward of Sword needs to be made into something of a textile origin.

Other than my current desktop wallpaper. Could make an excellent t-shirt design,

Annnnd, enough rammbling for me tonight. For now.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Progress...or lack there of.

I realllllly need to get started on...something. Considering how many projects I have ready to start or want to start, I really haven't done much of anything yet. Pretty much decided that it's going to be a non-competitive year for me. Too much to get ready for costume con, and the costumes that I am planing on this year, have too many "cheater" pieces, like pre-purchased shirts or aren't what I would consider competition worthy.

Besides, if I am going to try for Crafter's Corner at AN, I need to start on....stuff. Wares. Selling things.

And stop working out seams again. Completely spacing at work today, trying to figure out Tenth's coat again. And then the jacket. And then debating on whether or not it would be possible to dye white converse shoes to match the outfit. Gods, I have an addiction much? If I am going to do this one, I need to budget it, a lot.... otherwise certain costume con ideas might not happen.

Or rather they'll happen, and I have angry Visa bills demanding my blood....

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

That pleat.

Did I figure it out? I dunno. I think I figured it out. I made a few tester pieces (aka, scraps of receipt paper cut to look like the back panel of a coat) and randomly stapled it in places. It looks like it would work. No idea how that would change if the coat was lined, and lining it up with the vent down the back. Huh.  Needs more dakka research.

No luck locating a pashmina scarf for Red. Not that I've been looking exhaustively, but there's nothing in the mall, that I can see. Might just have to be one of those things that is always on the back on the mind.

Test lifted my fabric rubbermaid today. It's very heavy. Yet, I feel like I have no fabric. I horde, apparently. Though I do have a particularly long length of a white.... tablecloth like fabric? Not sure what you would classify it as other than tablecloth on christmas dinner fabric. When I saw it I felt like it should be made into:

Orielle's Cape, from Skyward Sword. I totally have a yellow shirt that would work for that. Totally.
Can't wait for that artbook to come in. Jan 29th is the release date. Hopefully it won't take too long after to arrive. ...Mainly for the manga. <3

Monday, 7 January 2013

Seams and things

Sometimes my mind can get stuck on things when I'm working on, or planning costumes. Usually at work, when left brain is on autopilot and right brain is left to her own devices.

For example, I was trying to figure out how to insert that back pleat into Tenth's coat, on a pattern that did not have one. Thought I figured it out, until I test folded paper. It...didn't work. Back to the drawing board.

Other thoughts included finishing seams on my Red skirt. I've done the overcasting of the edges before, and while that finishes the edges, I'm worried that the points on the seam that the hook and eye is suppose to go, will pull on the delicate but heavy velvet. Thinking of making them flatfell and having them finished on the outside, using that thicker layered seam for that tack point. The seams don't have curve, so it should be relatively easy to do.

Better than the one other time I did a flatfell. Circa.... 2000? 2001?  Using stretch velour on a curved hood? Which involved a bar of soap ducktaped to a soccer ball in order to get it to shape? That was special. I'd like to think that my abilities have grown since grade 10 but, eh, who knows?

Also, I reeeeeally need to get started on this years projects. I have two outfits to do this year, and four for next year, those which need to be done for April. Somehow I need to budget these out of my non-impressive funds.  Fingers crossed I can get into Crafter's Corner at Animenorth. Other hand fingerscrossed that I have things to sell that WILL sell. Otherwise all my dearest and closest are getting spats, cuffs and other rufflely things for christmas and birthdays for the next forever.

Hm. I need to test the spat sizes. I require tester ankles. Hardly weirder than asking for wrist and forearm widths for the cuffs I have yet to start making. Oh, and neck sizes. One must have ALL the variables.

Oh, and organize your receipts, kid. Your purse is a mess.
And lay off the impulse buying.
....Though my mission was a success. Incoming Doctor Who collection. Bwaha....

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Ideas....just ideas.

It's a sign you're getting comfortable with your blog when you start doing multiple random updates in a single day, about everything and nothing in particular and not caring about it. And why not? It's my own, and I can post what I want. :D

I am so reading this in an British accent. A particularily horrid one I'm sure.

I digress.

Around the internet! Some patterns for...things. Or the tenth regeneration, whatever. My interest is caught.
The problem with Tenth is that David Tennant is so.... slight. I think someone affectionally deemed him a beanpole. Slight, I am not. Curvy, would be a better term. So how to handle it? Do you mimic the straightlines of the original suit, or do you make it fit the body type of the wearing, and play up the fact I am clearly not a man. I'd lean towards the latter to flatter.

Some pattern ideas:

V8841 - Long version
That might make a good option. It has the length option, and the back vent. No pleat in the back, but I have to research how on earth you'd make that anyway. No buttons, since it's a tie coat, but easily added since the coat is actually never worn closed (yet, in my viewings). Would be more fitted than using a man's coat style. Original was likely wool (*shudder*) but many copies are microsuede with the blue lining.

As for the undersuit, there is this option for the fabric. While it's not wool, apparently the original wasn't either unlike most suits. (thank goodness)

Brown with Blue Pin Stripe - It can be backed by other material for the proper drape. No idea if you can find a similiar fabric in Fabricland or whatnot, but it looks like there might be choices out there.

Suit style is another question. Jacket, you taper in for a more feminine look, but do you go with pants or a skirt? That really would determine the overlook you'd be going with. But you can't run in a skirt.

At least shirt, tie and shoes are workable. Many not be 100% acurrate, but at least you can style buy Chuck's these days. Have a pair of my own in teal velour with green inside. Festive.

Ah, well. Just ideas on the never ending pile of things.

Oh one last one, unrelated:

Simplicity 1732
Tried on a deep red velvet coat at The Bay by Pink Tartan. Only $700, (HA, No.) Couldn't resist. Figures something like that fits like a glove. So, looking around to see if I could make one of me own. Wonder if this would work, or if the sleeves were too puffy. Ah well, research.


Status Report

Goal 1 - Finished. Pattern pieces cut. Could use a good iron though

Goal 2 - Still need to email her. Do that tonight.

Goal 3 - Didn't make an account so much as looked at all the pretty fabrics and saved urls for ones I liked. (Brown with blue pinstripes, curses!)

Goal 4 - This was actually to clean the bathroom. I accomplished this. Go me.

Goal 5 - Started sketch. It's....going. I am not an artist. Inking this into line art is going to be...terrifying. Maybe I will also submit an accessory design that is unrelated.

Goal 6 - Watch another episode. Oh, would you look at that, I did! And the Rose Bowl Parade from a week back. And then had to reset my iPad because it just died randomly. Fixed it though, thank goodness.

Once Upon a Time is back on tonight. Cap'n Hook in Storybrooke, awwww yeah. C'mon more fun costumes, I so don't have time or money to make. Unless you want to give me something that works with all the fabric I already possess. Because that would be some kind of brillant.

Ugh. Glasses smudge. Oh, Shamie, Shamie, wherefort thou are ya, Shamie?

An attempt to plan to attempt to be productive.

Well, I've watched the first two and a quarter seasons of Doctor Who and managed to survive at the price of part of the tiny remains of my sanity, tempered by the commentary log I've been emailing my poor, poor friend who got me into this, for the past four days. There have been a lot of metaphorical table flippings.

Anyhoo. Feeling moderately capable of not watching the rest of the episodes I currently possess (and lamenting that the 41 disc limited edition is completely sold out everywhere) for at least..... a few hours, I going to attempt to be product on a creative sort - despite the fact that mudane things like tidying one's room are tecihincally more important.

Goal 1! Cut out the pattern pieces for Red's cloak, bodice and skirt. I need to get cracking on her outfit, especially if I want to furfill the fangirl dream of races majestically through the snow covered woods. Seeing as this is most snow we've have in.... years it feels, I'm not so sure it's going truly last that long.

Goal 2! Plan when to go to my aunt's friend's place to cut out said fabric for the above projects. The stitching part for the cloak and skirt should be pretty straightforward since all big, straight stitched pieces. The bodice might give me trouble in matching the fabric pattern and then the fitting as always. (I swear every bodice pattern I have made thinks I am shaped like a barrel and not a woman)

Goal 3! Investigate creating a spoonflower account and the ordering of the sample swatches to determine if the fabric types would be suitable for future projects of mine and my comrades in costumery.

Goal 4!  I don't remember what it was.

Goal 5! Start on my future fashion folio submission! TO THE STENCIL!

That....will keep me busy for awhile. Let's see how much I can actually get done.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Down the slippery wibbey wobbley slope.


At the recommendation of my friend, Kashunga, whose information is backed by a mighty fandom of followers, I decided to descend into the world of Doctor Who. Check it out, so to speak and see what the hulabaloo was all about.

Though, I suppose calling it a descent would best be described as a screaming freefall into madness, flipping card tables, kitchen tables, and I think I tossed a nightstand despondently after the Girl in the Fireplace.

It's been a busy three days so far, and I still have another ways to go. I fear my fandom heart may be in danger. But fangirls, like time lords, do have more than one.

ANYWAY. This not a review the show kind of blog. This is a costume and wardrobing magic kind of blog. So let us discuss; the Costumes.

1. The T.a.r.d.i.s. apparently has a wardrobe inside of it with a majestic collection period clothing. So you offer a girl an adventure in the universe, and then throw in the hammerspace of closets? Well played Time Lord. Well, played.

2. Jabe, the .... tree? Has a pretty awesome outfit. I love the overcoat/overskirt she has. Good colours, falltering fit in the waistline.

3. Girl in the fireplace? Gods, the costume team for that one must have had fun. Crazy elaborate outfits for everyone including the creepy clockwork marionettes? Of course!

4. I enjoy 10th's pinstripes. Brown (I think) with brillant blue. Very nice. Has more...adaptablity into cosplay than 9th. Though I still miss 9th and the "Fantastic!". Maybe I could.... Great, this is dangerous territory to be thinking about. I'll need me a sonic screwdriver and a ....Hmmmm.....

Anyway. Back to the madness!