Sunday, 30 August 2015


Fox cuffs left to do. Anything else....?

Beginning pack up stage.
Need to make lists.

Working on my own clothing now too.
Got three days planned - just not Sunday. Saturday's is going be great.

Why do I feel I am missing stuff?

Friday, 28 August 2015

and even more...

Lace cuffs are done.
Half the triforce ones are also done.
Machine stitching worked out well today.

Will finish the rest of the triforce.
... flowers tonight, while I watch a movie?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

and more...

Triforce's are grommetted. Decorating and trimming begins tomorrow.

Lace's are read for the trim to be stitched and decorated. Hopefully the bulk of it can be machine stitched unlike the lacing pieces. Still need to tack the ends by hand, but still should be faster.

Other triforces are stitched, but not yet laced.

Haven't started the Fox ones yet.

More peggy flowers are in queue, and some captain ones as well.

We'll see what gets done tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

checking in

Royal Hylian's are done. Gotta fray check though, fray check is being weird, so I need a new one.
Triforce's are ready to grommet,just need to do so.
Bases cuff for other triforces, and lace ones.
Forgot about Foxes. Need to do those.

More peggy flowers?
Mainly because I want to steal one for myself.
Supernatural Votive?

Today's Goal.

Random Day off. Must make most of it.

Inbetween the babysitting of the niece, we will:

Basically complete all of the Royal Hylian Cuffs. Half are grommetted, the rest post-nap. Trimming should be okay to apply by machine I hope, because that would make it SO much faster. Add sparkle, cut ribbon, nod in a pleased fashion.

Grommet triforce cuffs. ..... I think that will take most of the time, as they are more of those than others.

...Optional Goals - cuff out and stitch, the lace and black triforce cuffs.

We'll see.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fray Check Smells like Victory.

When I get to fray checking the ribbons, I'm either close to finishing a pair of cuffs, or my fingers are sore from sewing that I cannot do anymore for a while, have to find something to do in the meanwhile that's quick enough to be productive on the down time.

In this case it's both.

Rose Quartz Cuffs at 99.99%,  just need lacing after fray check dries.
Black/Red Cuffs, half finished tacking the ends of the trim, need to decorate with flowers, but ribbons are drying. To be done by tonight.
Sewn the bases for the triforce cuffs, avoiding grommeting on purpose right now, but I will invert and press them tonight.
..... Something else, but I don't remember.

My brain is chaos theory.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ah, yes.... that pre-con feeling,

It's a slight kind of squirrely, stressed feeling. Too many projects on the go, with a questionable amount of time for it.

But, my special edition Steven Universe "Rose Quartz" cuffs are now finished, and probably the foofy-est thing I've made. But, I hope they are well received because they are quite resplendent.

My newest projects are also in the works: Tealight/Votive holders. Featuring luscious lace, and cute foxes and pandas. Random, I know, but they're kinda cute.

..... I need to do more cuffs. And fix my display.

.... I have time.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Um...It's can't be that close to the con, right?

Two and a half weeks? Where did all my time go?

Though, now that I am sitting down a taking some time to do work, I waver between stressed for time and delightfully focused on what I have to do.

Good News: 14 Flowers completed. I'll make more, but the baggie is getting nice and full now.
Bad News: The beads I bought for my Dean's bracelets are not going to work, so I have to stalk Micheals like whoa for coupons.

Good News: A couple of new, but quick cuff ideas.
Bad News: Experimenting takes time and work-work is now going to interupt me.

But I'm still under budget. Good. Good.