Thursday, 29 November 2012

Around the interwebs

Vintage Vogue V8729. Me likey. Especially that bow in the back. Interesting effect using large button holes and then wide fabric as the lacing. Very interesting. Reminds me of Cinderella, for some reason, though it's nothing like her dress. Probably the colour.

Costume Con rambles...

Looks like the information for the Historical Masq is up! My idea should fall under "historical dress", so I'll have to work hard to make it....well, historically accurate. Which might be hard considering the era it's from.... But that's what the next year and a bit is for, yes?

511 days until Costume Con 32!

And how to make my documentation...? Putting it in essay format would be easy enough, but do I want to make it fancier? Again considering it's era... ah, well. Gather the information first, then worry about what it looks like. Also; make the outfit you need for the documenation before worrying about it.

I have also discovered that working with denim is...enjoyable. It doesn't really stretch, and you can actually iron it without fear of meltingintoacrispydisaster. Acetate lining and I are not great friends.

Now, where did I put the notes on the Conductor outfit I doodled at work...?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

In Progress - Red - Patterns

Gods, that's a lot of pictures.... anyway. I'm planning on using skirt B for Red, but after studying the pattern, I'm making it at the A/C length and then tacking it up. It's only a skirt hook and eye, something I used in abundance in my last costuming foray. I found a lovely crushed velvet at Designer fabrics, that just a perfect shade of red. The instructions on first run through were odd for the waistband, but I suppose it's trying to make it a gathered drawstring waist or something. I might change that to a simpler band to cut down the bulk, and fix the gathers in place so I don't have to constantly work about it spinning and shifting.

 Hey! It's a cloak! And the future destiny of the 7 metre bolt of red corduroy in the basement. Red's cape fabric is a paaaaaaaaaaaaain. Her embossed velvet cape is next to impossible to find precisely without paying through the nose for it, while her plainer cloak is clearly wool. The idea of wearing a huge woolen cloak makes me itch just thinking about it. So I found a corduroy, with a faint floral threading through it, and decided that Red would approve of this choice. My wallet also approved of the price. It's going to be lined in some costume satin which has more weight than just acetate, save for the hood which I'm going to selfline in the corduroy. And did you know that to prevent yourself from choking on your cape, you pull the ties under your armpits and tie them around your back? 'cause I only figured that out after staring at the character's armpits for a long time. I actually tested it when my friend went as Lady Loki at FanEx and we were making her own cape.
What is it with Red and her complex fabrics? I have a brocade for this, which I'm...okay with. It's not....

...suddenly, Gangnam style blasted through the house. Groovy.

Anyway. It's not perfect. It will do. But ehh....we'll see. I have cut the neckline of the pattern into more scooped shape, which will be easily enough, and change the lacing in the front to clasps. The back is fitted with lacings at the lower back so it should be able to retain the fittest shape.

The only thing I don't have a pattern for is the overskirt featured in the season two promo pic.

I really like that overskirt. The underskirt is where I got the idea for the tacked up skirt that isn't present on the other costume. But that sort of....midbust corset would NOT work for my chest. Hence the mishmash. But once again, that fabric. Where does Ed and his design team get his fabric? I wanna go there....with a magical Visa card that doesn't ever run out....Ah, C'est la vie.

In Progress: Red Riding Hood (Once Upon a Time)

Estimated Completion Date: Animenorth 2013

Having completely fallen in love with the show and the sheer amounts of wonderous costumes, I knew I had to tackle something from it. I chose Red to start with since I really wanted an awesome cloak to wear. This seemed like the perfect excuse. Also; Red rocks.

The costume is going to be a bit of a mix between this version and the promo image of season two, since there are elements from both I like. I'm not going to 100% accuracy with this one, but everything I'd wear would match her look. So far, I haven't progressed beyond the material gathering stage since there are many involved with this. At least I can use my own peasant shirt and brown boots for this. I think I've finalized most of what pieces I will be making. Unless she get another wardrobe change this season. Then, well, it will be back to the drawing board.

A digression of projects

Alright. So, I have a lot of ideas for costumes. Several on the go, and several more that are waiting for the right event to be created for. Then there's the events that are going to be attended that are still waiting for their wardrobe to be realized. All, in all, it's a busy cerebellum.

I've figured out the next two non competition costumes I'm going to be working on, which I'll wear to both Animenorth and Fanexpo this year. As for competing this coming year...I'm seriously thinking of not entering in order to focus on the up and coming Costume Con 32 in 2014. *the song of the angels*

Oh, Costume Con. You fill me with great wonder and great terror. I've never been to you, and it might be some years before I can attend you locally again. Therefore, all that I make for you must be perfect and plentiful.... my current total clocking in at 3 competition pieces, a future fashion folio submission, and something sassy to wear to the friday night social. I'm counting 5 unique ideas. Not to mention if I plan on reusing older costumes for just hall pieces.

I am so going to need a steamer trunk. And take a loan out from the bank. Totally going to be worth it...

Anyway, I digress. So, two projects for sure this year. 5ish for 2014. Possibily a major competiion piece for FanExpo 2013 though that's a serious maybe. I think I'm also involved in making things for a booth one con too... and it's there like... a Halloween in there too somewhere?

Note to self: Get more tailor's chalk.

Monday, 26 November 2012 the wrong side of the fabric....

A place where seam rippers tear out the fragile threads that hold a heam together. A place where threads tangle and bobbins wind, and blood, sweat and tears bind it all together....

This is....

Not really as melodramatic of a place as I'm trying to make it sound.

What this is, a nice little place where an amateur costume maker can rant, rave and have awkward conversations with the illogical hemispheres of her brain about all the projects she's decided to get into. Not a place to lament of the sorrows of the world. (Unless it's Monday) Not place for politics or economy. (Unless it effects my local fabricstores.) Not about "other stuff". (Yeah, right. Gimme a week. OMG Didja see that episode of whatever is SO going to show up in a post. Which WILL be related back to costume somehow. Trust me.)

Sit back, relax, and watch the Magic and Stitchcraft unfold around you....

*dramatic thunder*