Sunday, 18 October 2015

What am I getting myself into?

Okay. Okay.

So, the scales are tipping even closer to agreeing to do one idea for Costume Con. Mock-up line art (and by mock up, I mean tracing and super-awesome MS Paint skills combined with a red permanent marker) has proven to be.... nice. Very nice. Also, terrifying, because if I can pull this off, I will be.... well, probably broke, and more than a little loopy.
What am I thinking?
I'm thinking, let's add some LEDs in there too.
Oh, that's a good idea.



Thursday, 15 October 2015

I might have made a decision.

I think I might have figured out my Costume Con costumes for CC35.

I think

.... If I can pull them off, they could be quite grand.

This means research. Lots of research.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Okay you.

Dear self,

It's been a month since Con season came to a close. You therefore should have more creative free time on your hands, (though, admittedly October is always very busy with non-creative things) and you have accomplished one thing thus far. Yes, the little box pleated skirt you have put aside for over a year was finished, but really, that was just the hemming needing done.

Now then. Perhaps, you could take a little time to get some other things done? Some suggestions are: The bodice for the Ouat red riding hood costume you never finished? That Tardis box pleated skirt you said you'd make? How about Costume Con 35? I do distinctly recall that since you had a second chance, you'd make more than one costume this time around. You should consider getting on that too, since you have what, a year and half left? That's not that much time, you know.

Okay, how about this? You finish one project before Christmas and I'll give you a warm sense of accomplishment. How does that sound?


Your self

Sunday, 30 August 2015


Fox cuffs left to do. Anything else....?

Beginning pack up stage.
Need to make lists.

Working on my own clothing now too.
Got three days planned - just not Sunday. Saturday's is going be great.

Why do I feel I am missing stuff?

Friday, 28 August 2015

and even more...

Lace cuffs are done.
Half the triforce ones are also done.
Machine stitching worked out well today.

Will finish the rest of the triforce.
... flowers tonight, while I watch a movie?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

and more...

Triforce's are grommetted. Decorating and trimming begins tomorrow.

Lace's are read for the trim to be stitched and decorated. Hopefully the bulk of it can be machine stitched unlike the lacing pieces. Still need to tack the ends by hand, but still should be faster.

Other triforces are stitched, but not yet laced.

Haven't started the Fox ones yet.

More peggy flowers are in queue, and some captain ones as well.

We'll see what gets done tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

checking in

Royal Hylian's are done. Gotta fray check though, fray check is being weird, so I need a new one.
Triforce's are ready to grommet,just need to do so.
Bases cuff for other triforces, and lace ones.
Forgot about Foxes. Need to do those.

More peggy flowers?
Mainly because I want to steal one for myself.
Supernatural Votive?

Today's Goal.

Random Day off. Must make most of it.

Inbetween the babysitting of the niece, we will:

Basically complete all of the Royal Hylian Cuffs. Half are grommetted, the rest post-nap. Trimming should be okay to apply by machine I hope, because that would make it SO much faster. Add sparkle, cut ribbon, nod in a pleased fashion.

Grommet triforce cuffs. ..... I think that will take most of the time, as they are more of those than others.

...Optional Goals - cuff out and stitch, the lace and black triforce cuffs.

We'll see.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fray Check Smells like Victory.

When I get to fray checking the ribbons, I'm either close to finishing a pair of cuffs, or my fingers are sore from sewing that I cannot do anymore for a while, have to find something to do in the meanwhile that's quick enough to be productive on the down time.

In this case it's both.

Rose Quartz Cuffs at 99.99%,  just need lacing after fray check dries.
Black/Red Cuffs, half finished tacking the ends of the trim, need to decorate with flowers, but ribbons are drying. To be done by tonight.
Sewn the bases for the triforce cuffs, avoiding grommeting on purpose right now, but I will invert and press them tonight.
..... Something else, but I don't remember.

My brain is chaos theory.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ah, yes.... that pre-con feeling,

It's a slight kind of squirrely, stressed feeling. Too many projects on the go, with a questionable amount of time for it.

But, my special edition Steven Universe "Rose Quartz" cuffs are now finished, and probably the foofy-est thing I've made. But, I hope they are well received because they are quite resplendent.

My newest projects are also in the works: Tealight/Votive holders. Featuring luscious lace, and cute foxes and pandas. Random, I know, but they're kinda cute.

..... I need to do more cuffs. And fix my display.

.... I have time.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Um...It's can't be that close to the con, right?

Two and a half weeks? Where did all my time go?

Though, now that I am sitting down a taking some time to do work, I waver between stressed for time and delightfully focused on what I have to do.

Good News: 14 Flowers completed. I'll make more, but the baggie is getting nice and full now.
Bad News: The beads I bought for my Dean's bracelets are not going to work, so I have to stalk Micheals like whoa for coupons.

Good News: A couple of new, but quick cuff ideas.
Bad News: Experimenting takes time and work-work is now going to interupt me.

But I'm still under budget. Good. Good.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

What? Hairclip is evolving?


Your experimental hairclip evolved into a Pokemon Co-ordinator Fascinator!

Or rather, it will, once the glue finishing drying. Amazing how hand trimmed feathers, and just a tiny bit of sparkle adds so much to a piece.

I'll need to take a picture of it, but the white feathers get lost again the Styrofoam head so maybe I can cover it with.... stockings? Do I own dark stockings?

... I could use my own head....

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Today's Tally.

Number of Fascinators completed today: 3
Number of Glue gun burn blisters today: 3

But at least that's another Macaw made, and a red/black and a blue/black headband style to add to the inventory.

Not really that long until Fan Expo. Hm. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015


I went to Fabricland. I left with these.
I have no idea what they will become.
I do not care.
I am a Dragon. Dragons cannot be burned by cheap and excellent fabric prices.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


I think I might have successfully created a blue and gold macaw fascinator. I just need to pair it with the feathers and we will see if success it ours.

That is all.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Not slack off. Really.

Okay, maybe a little wee bit.

I did get all six of those Loftwings ready for battle assembly. I just still have to make it to Queen St. And...that's been about it until today.

To which, at this point, I have stitch the petals for two more fascinators (blue chocobo and wild hawk). I will now weave them into their full flower form to await their own respective feathering. That will mean eight fascinators to add to my dwindled stock.

That's good, right?

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Getting back to it.

Well, Fanexpo is really just around the corner when you look at it. Shy of three months, there a lot to work to be done before then.

Therefore, I am trying to work on some things that are vital and yet don't let me spend the entire day in the dark, dank basement cave when it's a lovely sunny day.

Even though I've only been out there for maybe a half and hour and I'm already cringing from the sun, less I burn pathetically quick.

But, I have sewing, clipped and poked all the petals needed for my planned 6 loftwing fascinators. That's something. If I can assemble some of the centres this weekend that would be extra nice.

I can't actually fully make them anytime soon since I need to hit Queen St for beaks and feathers but if I can get them close to that stage it's a help.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Another convention complete.

Well, that's Anime North for this year!

I am so tired. I am only slightly human right now. Not FanExpo level lack of humanity but still.

I didn't realize it at first, but this year was my most successful by far. Which is very nice. Part of that is attributed to the fact my overhead was much smaller this time around, and part of it was sheer sales. A bit of a relief too, since you never know going into this kind of thing. Hopefully Fanexpo will be equally bountiful. My overhead might go high, since I went through a bunch of supplies that I might have to reorder/rebuy, but I will do everything in my power to keep it as low as possible.

As for popularity of product:

- Triforce cuffs seemed to be the consistent winner. I might look into making more colours outside of the green/gold and purple/silver variety. Possible black?

- Flowers sold well, sold about half which is fairly consistent, I'll have to remake more.

- Non-Pastel fascinators seem to sell best. Didn't sell all my Muskoka's which sort of surprised me, but it happens. I'll need to make more black/red and black/blue.

-Chocobo'\s didn't sell as much as I hoped. A lot of people liked them mind you, so I still plan on doing them. The loftwings sold however, so I will do those again. Perhaps I will add a Groose coloured one.

-My three random Dean's Bracelet sold like, right away. I will definately make those again, since people like them so much.

So... yeah. That's the trend so far. Three months until the next con, and a lot of work to do there. But not today.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Warning. Incoming Convention

Looks like it's finally time.

Dear Olympian gods on your funky mountain, my legs are tired. And I haven't even been to the con yet. I have, however, been running up and down two flights of stairs for the past four hours trying to pack everything and anything.

It's all good now.... I think. I know I am missing something. But it's all in that just about to be full packed stage which can't be done until one is about ready to leave so it's making me edgy.


I need to think about something else of a while I think.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Now on Tumblr

Okay, so my attempt have more of an online presence is unfolding. While this blog is my mental ruminations, I wanted a place on the social media network I could have more of a store like presence without the store.
Mainly because I don't really have the ability to run an Etsy at this time. 

And I like to keep my rambling seperate.

Since my current business cards don't reflect this new blog, I might make teeny labels to apply to them.

It's pretty rough so far but, eh, it's a start. A little more work, and it's much more functional for upcoming cons.

Another thing off the list anyway.


Okay. Okay.

Though I still feel like I should knock out some more...somethings, the time limit is making me antsy for getting everything sort out and ready to pack, so I am switching gears.

And making cornbread for tonight's Victoria day gathering.

Most I am uselessly going between rooms with a notebook making redundant lists of stuff I need. 

I know I am forgetting something obvious but I don't know what that is.

How unfocused.

Maybe I'll sew business cards. That will be productive.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Final week.


Animenorth is what, 5 days away? Totally workable.

Today was.... I suppose productive. I was out for the majority, so really anything I accomplished today was merely a pleasant bonus. 

I scampered around the house trying to chose what to wear to the con for the three days. While not in costume, I feel an outfit that is functional and one that displays ones wares is the most effective. I think I've decided to do a Legend of Zelda casual outfit (basically what I wore to the Symphony of the Goddesses), my Impala costume from Halloween with slight modifications, and one that's really just designed to show off my spats in all their fabulousness. As such, I needed to cut and fray check a ribbon for the co-coordinating supernatural cuff, and I just whipped up a triforce cuff for me personally which is currently drying as well.

I might work on my signage a bit tonight too, since I plan on having just clip art of Loftwings and Chocobos to draw attention to their associated fascinators. Pricing signage too.

Last bit of the display should be finished tomorrow then I can run a mock up to make sure everything is going to fit as planned,

Then it's just any last minute additions and then making sure I've got it all together by Thursday. Doable, I hope.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Off the Cuff - This time with more lace

I rarely get a lot of sewing work done once I am home from my day job, because frankly, my legs are tired and there isn't much energy around elsewhere either. But, somehow I managed to whip up the last three vintage lace cuffs I need to make.

And by last, I mean, no more. The vintage lace I saved from Costume Con is now used up save for a small bit left for me personally. Get 'em while they're hot because when they are gone, they are gone.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Off the Cuff Part... *shrugs*

Triforce cuffs complete, and currently drying.

Just had enough ribbon for all of them. Just. Which is good....except FanExpo's overhead is going to be that much higher if (when!) I need to make more.

That leaves the Supernatural set to be decorate...because I think I grommeted them already? Right? And then I should knock off a pair of Attack on Titan ones.

After that, it's a few more flowers and....that could be it? I think that's all I planned on making?

Still have to finish up the display, maybe tomorrow. I just need to figure out the spacing of the magnets and then glue them on. Then last coat of paint and that's done too.

Oh. Business cards. Need to sew them.

Animenorth is sneaking up, but no panic yet. 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Off the cuff - continues

Finished black/red cuffs. Currently drying, but done enough to add them to inventory.

*pats self on back*

Off the Cuff

With freshly cut ribbons swaying their fray checked ends in the breeze, I carry on with today's cuffs.

Applied the grommets for the black and red cuffs, though I had three failures so hopefully I have enough to make all that I planned for animenorth, because I really don't want to have to rush order more.

Trims for Antiforce and Black/Red cuffs have been pinned on and ready to sew, and the triforce's have been stitched to their Antifore bases.

I should start cutting out the triangles I need for the like... 8 triforce cuffs, but I should also eat breakfast since it's like...nearly one now. Oops.

Ah well, getting more done than I expected this morning... or now afternoon. Cool.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Stand up.

Alright! Two cups of coffee in, (which is two cups of coffee more than I usually drink on a daily basis) and our display stand is 75% finished!

Just need to paint the two support slats, string the ribbon supports and then attach magnets - the latter I require more of since the magnetic tape I bought is about as weaksauce as you can get. so the backup magnets will have to do.

I still need to make things like pricing tags and signs, but that I can do after I do a test run of it all. And of course, finish the products to go on said support stand. I didn't really do that much more than grommeting this weekend, but I should be able to do bits and pieces of it around the rest of the week. Once I get my tutoring notes ready for this week at any rate.

Hm. Yeah, so finish up grommeting, then trimming the cuffs. I have also three of those vintage lace cuffs to do, which are going to be the last of those ever since I'm gotten to the end of that yardage. Shame, I do like it, but I'm glad that I bought when I did so many people have been able to share in it's awesomeness.

Ah well, onwards.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Target Reached.

Blisters....avoided. But only just.

All four pairs of Hyrule's Triforce and the two singles of Lorule's Triforce cuffs have been grommeted. That's enough of that for today, or at least for the next few hours until the rub marks go away. Meanwhile, time to get started on the decorative parts of those cuffs, and perhaps start on some of the display stand work. I could use a good hour of painting.

Today is Grommet Day

The day in which I spend most of it hunched over the concrete floor and swing a rubber mallet over an anvil over and over and over again.

Each cuff requires 8 grommets,
32 grommets have been set.
72 more to go for today (?)

We'll see what the wrist can take.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nothing like a cup of tea

Gently brewing in a bowl stuffed full of cotton lace.
So far the lace seems to be taking on the colour well, so once I rinse it out, it should have that antiqued look.

For a bunch of ribbons, that I randomly came up with last night during my awful night of sleep. Their corresponding buttons have also been painted. Two things that have nothing to do with the check list of stuff I gave myself today.

I did get the triforce cuff bases sewn, just not yet pressed out. I do blame the random power outage we had that kind of makes it impossible to sew or iron when both require electricity.

I did get to Fabricland though, and managed to get eight headbands. Therefore my fascinators are now complete at an even dozen. GOOD.

I will still try to get the cuff bases ironed, or at least turned out tonight.

Tomorrow to Home Depot to get display stuff.


My game plan for a having a great night's sleep so I could be crazy productive today failed, and now I feel like a slug. With very frizzy hair and track pants. Whatever. Today's modified goals are:

1. Sew together bases for triforce cuffs, and press out.
2. Begin Grommet-Fest 2015, Spring Edition.
3. I should maybe eat breakfast.
4. Possible nerp out to fabricland and get some more black headbands.
5. I need to start on my display.
6. I'd also need to find some actual outside-in-general-public-clothes, before leaving house.

That's enough.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Taking advantage of the weekend.

Free weekend, with no social plans means "Get to work on your art stuff, less you panic when the con comes around the corner."

And so far, that plans has held.

I managed to snag two black headbands from Fabricland, so I could finally put the two Muskoka's on their mounting. I still need another, but I haven't made the base yet, so at least it's not hanging around incomplete.

Whipped up a Loftwing in Zelda's colours. Love it.  I think I'm out of feathers at this point, but the temptation to make more is high. But I need to switch gears now any.

Oh, and a Jupiter Ascending inspired haircomb is currently curing as we speak. It's....kinda fabulous. Shame that it's probably going to be the only one I'll be able to make like that. But it was worth the glue burns I think. Not sure how much to sell it for though.

Tomorrow is cuff day. Get those bases sewn together, and pressed out. That should take awhile.
Maybe if it's nice enough outside, I can open a window while ironing.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Bird Brained.


I need to stop with the birds. While this week was draining enough I didn't get to make anything, I did come with the idea of a Loftwing clip or two, and went ahead and bought the material I needed for it, regardless if it actually works out in real life as oppose to just the sketch I made.

Meanwhile, while the freshly handwashed fabric happily spins in the drier (and my hands warm up from the freezing water bath) I shall gather my thoughts and make MOAR OF ALL THE THINGS!

That, and I have frames to paint.


Sunday, 22 March 2015


I think I have a slight obsession making bird fascinators now.

My chocobos have been joined by a hawk and a peacock. I have no idea whether or not any of these are going to sell, but I can't stop. Birds for all my customers!

At this rate, I shall make 151 different versions of them, and collecting all of them will unlock a SUPER fascinator that can casts Lit-3! (No.)

... I really should switch to cuffs now, but I just want to go back to Sussman's and buy more feathers.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Even more fascinators!

Okay, so I might have everything I need to create a Golden Chocobo fascinator. If I'm lucky, maybe even two, but if it turns out the way I've planned in my head, it will be darling.

Two Muskoka bases are complete and drying, I just need the headbands to finish them up.

That means, two more to make up after that, and maybe a few more smaller clips, before I move into cuff country.


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Simply fascinating.

Whelp, I made some fascinators.

Or rather I made 1 entire fascinator, and finished the other 3 that I had started like two weeks ago, but couldn't finish until I bought the missing pieces. Fortunately, my Queen St run yesterday proved to be pretty successful, and therefore allowing me to finish the aforementioned pieces.

That completes the plan Chocobo Set - 8 in total, though I do have supplies left for more.
A red and black fascinator joins its blue and black sibling.
A random yellow and black hairclip kinda formed out of nowhere and is quite lovely.
A hair flower also crashed the party.

I still have Muskoka's to make and other fascinators to do, and I think I'll exhaust myself on those before I enter back into cuff country.

I am very pleased how under budget I currently am, and I hope it stays this way.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Calm is the mind.

I'm currently in the state of mind of:

"Balance the quantities of supplies required for multiple projects at all the same time, so your Queen St run will be maximized, but minimized in frequency and financially"

As such, I am trying to hold the designs of multiple fascinators, cuffs and other half formed projects in mind, while tearing apart m boxes of supplies to make sure I don't over or under buy, in the brief moment I have between jobs.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

That sweet, sweet melt of molten glue.

It's the smell of success, you know.

...or just the smell of a hot glue working overtime, which can lead to the same thing.

2 black chocobo and/or raven fascinators finished. They're cute in black.

1 Earth tone fascinator also complete.

Tentative idea for a black lace bracelet or two

All and all, a good start. Time to do a little more.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

This time, I mean business

Mainly because we are in business.

Last night's panic session paid off and we successfully made the cut for Animenorth Crafter's Corner. Now wonderfully thrilled, Magic and Stitchcraft will now have two conventions again this year!

So, now this means there is a booth to design, merchandize to create and I think a site/blog that I might put on tumblr for exposure. I'm not etsy level yet, but I think having something on a major social media site will be to my benefit. I really need to look into it anyway.

But of course, in the end, I need stuff to sell, so I really need to hunker down on returning products and new designs. I have two chocobo fascinators which I still need to finish and then I can start on some fresh stuff.

It's full steam ahead now!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Wark? Kweeeh.

The stars have aligned thusly.

I have made stuff.

2 Blue chocobo fascinators, (or, to be fair, they could pass for Articuno fascinators as well.) are now complete, and kinda adorable. I wasn't sure how they were going to translate from yellow to blue, but I quite like the effect.

I should be able to finish up the two green ones today, but I want to go back and get a better matching fabrics for the yellow ones. I had bought some since I was out of the original yellow, but the colour match isn't quite good enough. This might mean a Queen St run, since both of my local fabricland's didn't have enough selection in yellow.

So a step foward and a step back.

(And application dates for Crafter's Corner now hovering above us. Eererehghghgh.....!)

Friday, 23 January 2015

Did I promise productivity?

Because I think I lied.

Sort of.

I mean, I did a little bit of crafting work. And by a little, I mean I stitched all the bases of the fascinators I had pre-prepped. .....Which might have taken two hours tops, in which I completed them in.... three weeks.


I blame Post-Christmas energy crashes, retail plague and extra tutoring shifts. Yes. that sounds reasonable.

Anyway. I did get the inkling of an idea at work. Art Noveau fascinators. No idea where that is going, but eh, I`ll let the idea percolate for a while.

Tally Ho!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Starting the New Year


Hello 2015.

Let's be friends, okay?

As such, let's begin. My silent New Year's goal to myself, was to be more on top of my crafting - with our FanExpo booth all but assured, I at least can take some confidence in the fact I will have some sort of booth this year, and any and all crafting I undertake will be displayed. Normally, everything pins down to Animenorth and whether or not we can get a table there, which following as intense rush of alchemy in about two months time.

We will be applying to Animenorth again with held breath, and crossed fingers but at least I can start making things now for August and if luck is on our side, be that much more prepared for May.

So. Let's begin now.

And, actually, I have. 6 Chocobo fascinators are now in their hatchling stages,of the currently 8 I have planned. I figure if I do a bit each once and a while I'll have them done nicely in between work, my tutoring jobs and life, the universe and everything else.

That's positive, right?