Thursday, 30 March 2017

It's really less than a month to CC35 now?

Yikes. Where did those years between those Cons go?

My major project is...going.... We're, well, not in the home stretch, but it has taken shape and form to what it will be the end. Which basically invokes days and days of embellishment.

I think it's good? <- no longer has a frame of reference to this anymore.

It comes down to: Finishing the skirt embellishments. Finish the bodice embellishment. Do the embellishment on the underskirt. Finalize jewellery. Throw handfuls more of beads and flowers at it all and scream MORE MORE MORE at it.

So, nothing to do at all.

...And yet, I still want to have a new little dress to wear for the Friday Night Social. Because, I can't Wear The Same Thing, two conventions in a row.

.... we'll see how that goes.

....Need one last Fabricland 50% off sale....

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Why do I always get ideas for new costumes, right when I am up to my armpits in current costumes. Brain, we need to discuss this.

Costume Con project is in progress. Outfit bases are almost done. Need to do a rather large hemming job and then put in the closures and then the grand decorating can begin.

We were accepted into Animnorth Crafters Corner this year (!!), so once the contract goes through, some more planning can occur (post Costume Con construction anyway).

Brain. No. I heard that.

No. Brain. Stop.

Brain. Put that idea DOWN.




*runs off to fabricland*