Monday, 28 October 2013

Retail Therapy - Happy Birthday to me!

Sometimes, sometimes the clothing industry is ever at odd with me. Fit, colour, size, it doesn't play nice. And sometimes? Sometimes the angels sing and say to me: "COME. COME MOOFY AND SHOP. LET US SHOW YOU OUR GREATNESS." And suddenly my wardrobe diversifies with garments that can totally be used for street cosplay and STILL work as normal clothing.

So. My birthday was yesterday, as I gloriously completed another lap around the sun in a relatively consistant speed. Therefore, I journeyed to the shopping mall of choice to celebrate.

And now gloriously possess the perhaps the most perfectly 11th doctor jacket for a female body I have ever seen. The fabric is nearly spot on. The weave is slightly finer than the original tweed, but the colours are excellent and the weaving actually works with the feminine cut of the blazer. Two buttons? Check. Elbow patches? Oh yes! The pockets are not the internal kind like the original, but again, it works with the cut of the jacket. So while, it is not a direct replication of the original, the look is unquestionably 11. And, lo and behold I tried it on.... and I looked good in it. I was.... pleased by the mirror's reflection. Well done, Tommy Hifiger. Apparently I suit that style well. Me: 1

The day continued. And somehow I ended up with a lovely royal blue and black dress, with just a spot of silver on the shoulders and the exposed zipper at the back. On its own, such a cute dress. And matches my blue suede boots I bought impulsively this summer. Also almost reminds me of the 60s mod style. And then cue my dear mama: "Um, wouldn't that make a cute TARDIS dress with a few accessories?" GLORIOUS. It would, my dears, it would.

My final triumph, happened first a few days earlier upon the successful discovery of a top that worked with my costume for halloween, Product Powertrain Warranty. My costume was complete, I was happy, all was well. So, yes, sometimes the clothing industry actually likes me. And I wil shamelessly photograph each garment once I have daylight. Huzzah.

Monday, 21 October 2013


Well... let's just say, my critical piece of my halloween outfit, aka the dress has been scrapped. And by scrapped, I mean I wanted to throw it across the room and curse it back to the 1960s where hence it came. Simplicity? BAH. If your an A cup with your chest two inches from your neck maybe. I have no idea how much fine tuning I would need to do on this "simple" dress, to get it to remotely fit.

Therefore, I am done with it. I will comeback to it whenever I don't want to scream at it. It is not worth the frustration it was hovering over me. Instead, I will adapt street clothes to my accessories and IT WILL BE FABULOUS enough for Halloween. I can get that done in time for Hallowe'en and have 500% less stress, and 100% more time to work on more pressing things. Besides, it is the accessories that make the outfit anyway. The dress pattern would probably be lost on anyone not looking for the specific 60s look to it. Still need to make sure the accessories are spot on, but whatever.

Rant finished. Taking the night off.

Friday, 11 October 2013

...I really don't have a good title.

I realize I don't have to actually have one, but it seems weird not to make one. So irrelavent.

Anyway. Since I am rapidly losing the ability to logically type and I need to sleep soon or I will not be a happy Moofy at work tomorrow. 1. Bouquets for wedding are finished! Bridesmaid's dress to be experimented with this weekend. Shoes must be broken in....

2. The seamstress that the Bride is going to for her dress alterations has perhaps the most wonderful workspace I have ever seen. It was raw and it was inviting and I want it.

3. I have all the piece for Project Power Train Warranty. I have cut out the pieces. I have not sewn them together. I...will work on that after Thanksgiving.

4. Petticoat is in stasis. I have done the intially sewing. I have to go back a restitch because I didn't stitch deep enough and missed catching some of it. Still looks like a petticoat, so at least that is good.

5. They've begun picking the entries for the Future Fashion Folio. I would be lying to say I wasn't nervously waiting.

6. Now Sleep.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Petticoat Junction - The second pass

Jeeze oh man.

My arm are tiiiiired.

While I am sure there is probably an easier way to baste the 8 metres of material into the 4 metre stay via some form of logic, I am currently using the: "Hang from clothline, pin at seams, clothespen mightily, and pin pin pin, adjust and now hand baste because DON'TMOVEITDON'TMOVEITOHGODSITSCOMINGUNPINNED method." I mean, it's working and really I don't have another stretch of property to stretch out that piece that I can attack it from all sides. But, stitching at chest level does tire the arms afterwhile...especially since the chest level increases to shoulder level since the whole line is on a slant and wraps around three differently sized poles in my basement. I do have it halfway basted though, so I guess that's something. After that, I have to insert the then combined section into another 4 metre piece that forms the upper part of the petticoat.

One day, I will discover what it's like making an equality majestic costume without having more than 5 metres if fabric on my person. I don't know where all of the yardage ends up, but the petticoat has 8 metres, the skirt will have about.... probably 8 or so after cutting, and then the scant metre or two in the bodice. Plus or minus, once I trim it, like some crazy woman. Can I keep it under 20 metres? Gods, that sounds ridiculous....


I think.

*snerk* I went to an equestrian store, to look into getting some (cheap) riding pants. Basically I wanted the effect they have with the patches on the knees/thighs. Aside from critically damaging my self-esteem (I do not know what they did to my thighs but DEAR GOD NEVER) I had to endure the classic tale of avoiding what I really needed them for.

"Are they for show or competition?"
*Be smooth Moofy* "Uhhhhhhh, neither. I need them for a, um, costume piece. For an... uh, EVENT! YES. EVENT."
"Oh! Theatrical piece for a play?"
*What? Um, no I wanna be a pretty dragon rider that has a majestic swooshy jacket of awesome. SWOOSH!* "Errr... a private event"
"Oh! Okay, this is what we have."

And then the pants, and then the weird thing they did and then the NO. Soooo, back to square one at that. I might have to butcher some normal khakis for that. Whatever, that was just an off chance since I was passing by.

Ah well. Dinner out with friends for Kashunga's Birthday. Then bridal shower #3 tomorrow.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013


So. They're redoing the shingles of our house. Having been... wee, when they did them the last time, and likely at school I never remember it being this... um, loud. It would be fascinating, if it wasn't my one day I that sleep in a week. (Sigh.) Since they started at my section of the house, I am slowly learning things about the possibly 500 people stomping around up there.

-One guys is that "Back in the day guy". Used to have to lift 80 packages not just 30. "This ain't a big job, ya should be the one I did in a while a go!"
-One is the concerned guy. "Guys, aren't you forgetting something? HARNESSES." "Why are you over there?" etc.
-Oops! Heard an f-bomb!
-There's like a ladder outside my window.
-Ahhh! No. It's a lift of some sort. That was awkward.

And so on. Well, I'm gonna go.... pattern cut or something. That's productive at least.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Incoming purchases....!

I like getting mail.

Let me rephrase.

I like getting mail when it doesn't consist of junk, bills, and other unwanted things. More specifcally I like mail in the form of my ebay purchases coming home to Moofy. Namely my hoopskirt and the belt for my halloween costume. The belt was precisely as I hoped it to be, and the hoopskirt was better than I thought. The cotton was much softer than I thought it was going to be. I'm glad I'm still going to poof it out further with the petticoat I'm constructing, but the base is nice and sound. I did run around the house like a four year old playing dress up in it, though. I did not, however, get stuck in a door way.

Still waiting on the pin, but hopefully that will come this week. And of course, I need to start the freaking outfit. As I keep telling myself...