Tuesday, 31 December 2013

File - Close - 2013 *click*

About that time again.

2013 is just about done and 2014 is peeking around the corner. S'up 2014. How you doing?

To start the day off right, finally having a few days off without prior commitments until later in the day, I attacked my room with the vacuum and duster. It is now 75% less disastrous. Go me. Added bonus, my bookshelf, while since terrifying overfull is now not spilling out that much onto the floor. Except my artbooks. Of which I have more than I thought. They are rebelling and screaming freedom.

Now for the rest of the day, I do have gifts to wrap, food to prep for the party tonight. I also should eat a meal today.

But now that a New Year approaches us what to do? Make those resolutions that no one ever keeps? Nah. Though I did make the resolution last year not to make any resolutions, and that I did keep in an contradictory way, so go me.

Let's have some creative resolutions.

1. Get at least 1 booth at Animenorth and/or FanExpo to best of ability.

2.If booth(s) is successfully acquired, start early as possible after confirmation to start making things, so you can make more and be less burnt out.

3. Do honour to your craft at Costume Con

Good? I think those are doable.

And to start, beginning of January, I shall head over to my aunt's friend's house to borrow the wondertable of cutting and get started on Costume Con stuff. Also, I must shop with the Christmas money I was giving to get a storage wardrobe to fit all my previous outfits in, and if I'm lucky, find something to store my fabric in other than rubbermaids.

Goals are good.

Now, to party!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I love the smell of artbooks in the.... evening.

I finally cracked open my copy of The Sky, the Amano Final Fantasy Artbook that I bought at FanExpo.... over three months ago. No idea why I delayed. Whatever.

But, ahhhh, it's so pretty...! Not to mention smells amazing. I don't know what it is about artbooks. Maybe it's something in the glue or finish on the glossy pages they all have, but every artbook I own just has this.... wonderful smell aroma to it.

Part of the reason I am so reluctant to switch my allegiances to e-readers is the smell.You just can't get that delightful paper and ink scent on a tablet. That, I like having a small library.

Back to the artbook. I love that man's work. From a costumer's point of view, it's a nightmare to unravel in order to turn into something textile but his Screw-Physics-I-Have-Majestic-Ideas is quite admirable. It has some excellent shots of Asura to use, once I get the nerve to actually make that costume.

I also just reread The Night Circus the other day, Which, if you haven't read, it's is a very enjoyable book and visually yummy. Though turning it into a movie or series might ruin the whimsy, I'd love to see an art department tackle that sucker.

After much pondering, I realized the monochromatic and red theme of the revelers and performers falls dangerously close to my old "Gothic ball" idea from yesteryear. Correct era, applicable thematic.... it's something to consider if that project ever has a chance to come into fruition.

Now I must return to working on my Christmas shopping list, which - is not as bleak as it was a few hours ago.

Monday, 16 December 2013

*victorious babbling just add Costume Con*

The Future Fashion Folio is out!

My Octopus dress design was chosen for the portfolio...! I have such a stupidly happy grin on my face right now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you judges!

And there's so many beautiful designs in the folio too, not to mention some crazy ornate ones.

I will have to look through them, to see if there is something I should make.

...Maybe somebody will make mine. That would be... awesome. So awesome.


:D Happy me.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Further costume headcanons

I'm actually not sure if I have headcanons to excuse the costume ideas, or the costume ideas comes from the headcanons. Meh.

Firstly, I can't find my Simplicity 2355. I can find the cutout pieces for the corset I made, but I can't find the rest of the uncut ones, which had the longer version in it. I mean, I haven't torn the house apart, but my initial browse hasn't turned up anything, leaving me at the loss to where I stashed it. Meaning, I either attempt to length the short version, or buy a new copy. A new copy of a pattern which fabricland no longer carries and therefore only might have a copy if it's been overlooked by other costumers. And I have no idea when I have a chance to run to the store and even check. Pooh.

I think the anti-possession symbol should be on one of the pockets? Or maybe I should get really fancy and henna it to my back? (Actually, that would be really cool, heh. The red henna shows up extremely well on my ghastly pale skin)

The ancestor (who in my mind is called "Dione") is from the Campbell side, since that was the hunter side of the family. The surname, clearly of Scottish descent makes it completely logically with the Winchester brothers obsession with plaid. I have accepted this as canon.


I saw this fabric on Spoonflower.
Supernatural Winchester Tattoo

I kinda wanna get a length of it, and make a cute little skirt with it. .... I wonder if that old little petticoat my mom had is big enough (and poofy enough) to wear under it? That would save me having to make one.

....Must look for that along with pattern.....

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Further thoughts of a Hunter

Carrying on from earlier wayward thoughts. (Re: Steampunk Hunter, Dean Inspired)

As I mentioned before, I'd make the skirt natural form, I do believe. I feel the lack of excessive bustle and train is much more suited to a hunter. A lady may not wear jeans, but a proper skirt for the era perhaps made of anachronistic denim would be trés bonne.

Truly Victorian Fantail Skirt
Make it floor length, but I might try the double gather effect on this one. I did the single gather for my phoenix dress with the full train, but maybe adding the double will spruce up the floor length style a bit. I think I will flat felt the seams on it, with contrasting top-stitching to really give the effect that it's really just a victorian pair of Levis. Maybe same with the gathering point at the centre back. On the fence how I'd trim the skirt. Historically speaking, if the skirt was worn just as is, it would be trimmed within an inch of its life, but since this is a hunter skirt... not sure. The only issue with not trimming it, would be losing too much Victorian style, and making it look just like a weird skirt. Unless I do some sort of overskirt.... thought really for once, I'd like an outfit that isn't more than 7 yards of material on my person. Not mention denim isn't lightweight. Eh, I'll think on it. Also pockets. Jeans have pockets. Hunters have pockets.

Other things to think of; props. It is my accepted headcanon that a lady hunter wouldn't carry around a silver knife. A silver hat pin, sharp as diamond on the other hand, would be most excellent. Wonder if you could work sigils into that... Hm,. hm, hm.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Oh, that Plaid.

I found my old majestic plaid shirt. It originally belonged to my sister before I staked claim to it, many many years ago. It has been through many campfires, and sprays of bug spray. It is a noble garment, but it's rather quite tired looking. Not to mentioned wrinkled as hell. Nothing an iron can't fix, but it's rather quite pitiful looking at the moment.

Glorious. Majestic. You wish it was yours!
So, I as I said previously -I'm tempted to make it anew. Revive it into something more.... alive. But I have to be careful. There is only one majestic plaid shirt, so I can't botch it. Therefore, once I do have an idea, I still might make it out of another less valued plaid shirt to see if it looks correct and the quantity of fabric is enough.

My current thought is using Simplicity 2355, in the longest style.

I've used it before in the mid-length which I wear underneath my Game of Thrones maxi dress. While I think I've made it a size bigger than I needed, the mid-length is fairly long on me, since I have a super short torso. Therefore the longest length should work perfectly as an actually non-undergarment. People have found it a rather non fitted bodice, but whatever I did when I made it, worked fine. I'm not using it as actual corset after all. Though I did put boning in it, and lined it....which I don't recall was required for it. I think.... I just used the pieces and made it up as I went along.

I'd like to add little mini (faux) pockets to it as well. Cut on the crossbias as I've seen many plaid shirts do. If there was enough, I'd even want to make a ruffle out of the scraps and trim it with that, but that might really push it. Though..... the colours aren't too difficult to match I could almost trim it in a plain cotton ruffle of blue or white.

 Including the original buttons would be a superplus. I also want to add that supernatural touch. Some how adding one of the known sigils? Though, if I was going to be true to Supernatural form, I'd distress the demons out of it by slash at it, tearing it and staining it. But... not my precious plaid.

Perhaps if I do indeed make a mockup I'll attack that one instead.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

Saturday, 7 December 2013


Just got home from the One of a Kind Sale downtown. Enjoyable as always, not very busy thought which is nice for walking around, but you do want to see the vendors doing well. I partook in some wares, a few treats for Christmas and such as well as getting myself a nice pendant to go on my silver torque.

It's always interesting to see what the popular items are. Beeswax candles were big this year. Leather, as always. Looks like shabby chic has plateaued a bit, though. Spring show had tons of it, not so much here. 

I always find it inspiring of a place to go. This is first sale I've attended since having a booth of my own at Animenorth, so while I am light years away from selling at place like that, I feel I'm part of the family a little. (Sitting at the kids table, of course.) It makes me really, really want to have a booth again. I've gotten a taste for it, and I want another go around.

So I will patiently wait for FanExpo's information to come online, and fight for another spot at Animenorth (who I really hope expands their crafter's corner section. There's so many crafter's out there that would love to share their wares.) Of course, I still have a lot of inventory to make. Slowly. Slowly.

In other thoughts, I have come to accept that my fandoms are influencing my wardrobe. There is a suspiciously increasing amount of blue in my clothing, that can only be attested to a certain blue box. Also, I gleefully enjoy wearing plaid. Though, I suppose it's also because I've been denied the perfect hoser shirt for quite some time and now that I have found it, I'm making up for lost time.

..... I wonder if I should sacrifice my old tired one and turn it into a corset top....there's probably enough fabric for that....? Or maybe I should ransack Good Will? Other than that one plaid at Fabricland, I've had the same connection to any of the others I saw there. But, the seasons have changed since I last was there so maybe there is something new. Provided it's cheap enough. hmhmhmhm.....

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Oh, headcanons.....

So. Supernatural.

(Fresh off the Mid-season finale. To say that it was painful would be a minor understatement. I haven't seen that much swearing on tumblr....ever. Life was so much simpler before I was a Superwholocker.)


I want a Supernatural Steampunk episode. Terribly, horrible cliché, I know. But I remember back in Season 4, I think when Samuel Campbell mentioned that their family had been Hunters since the Mayflower. From the 1600s onwards...that's a lot of family business there. Add in a little of the Victorian era? Steampunk Hunters. I'm sure there is a magnificent plotline to be had there. Not one, I'd dare writing but still.

It's weird that I haven't seen it done in cosplay though. I mean....everything gets Steampunk'd. Unless I've missed it somewhere on the internet, but really, I'm surprised. Steampunk Impala for instance.

Of course, being me, I'm currently designing a female Dean Steampunk. (Chuck, Moofy, how far are you willing to go off of source material?) Not sure how I'd want it to look. I'd take the style out of the natural form era. I admit, I'm partial towards it, but it seems like less fuss for a hunter to wear without all the extra bustle. Now there's two versions of Dean I see; Plaid shirt wearing or green jacket with t-shirt wearing. It would interesting to take either of those looks, and those material types and use them to make a Victorian style outfit. Fantail skirt, made in worn distressed denim rather than silks. Bodice made of plaid. Or if you go with the jacket look, a capelet made of cotton twill. It's an interesting idea.

Then there's the idea of just doing a generic steampunk hunter. Really, I just want a corselette with the anti possession symbol on it. It'd be neat.

Ah well, just throw that idea in with the rest.

Maybe if I ever attend a Supernatural Con? And, wishful thinking.

Onwards to other thoughts.

My pretties!

A.k.a. - Things actually being done.

Fresh off the.... glue gun? Sewing needle? My first round of lovely hair/hat clips.

Assorted colours and full of love.  These ones are have the single alligator clip on the back, so they work with hair and hat bands but I will make some duel clip/ bar pins ones later on. Now I can bag them up and add them to inventory. WOO HOO! I have inventory again!

My current favourites are the blue and green ones, and the black and red.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Catching Fire Couture

I finally saw Catching Fire on the weekend. (So many movies being released around this time!) I was quite eagerly awaiting the second installment of series, since I really enjoyed the book and was quite impressed with the first movie.
And, I really liked it. Sure there's things that are always left out when adapting, which does have to happen especially when switching narratives. But the acting and mood was just....right. It worked for the world that the movieverse was creating. Great job team, Moofy approves. I will eagerly awaiting you to take on the next book.

One thing that I like, that had nothing to do with acting, but merely a graphic choice. The evolution of the mockingjay emblem at the end of the credits. I got shivers from that, oddly enough. I want all three as pins. I have the first, I demand the rest.

What Moofy really approved, though, was the costumes.

Sweet Babylock Sewing Machines.


Effie Trinket. Thank you for having a different costume every time you disappeared off camera. They didn't need to do it. But they did. Because they could. And if you are going to show off how insanely... weird the Capitol is, you did it wonderfully. The Monarch Dress. The Alexander McQueen Monarch Dress.

I want one. And the fascinator. Which I could make. The Hat.... not the dress. That's a lot of feathers.

Also, Katniss's feather epaulettes of justice. The black and red ones with her....roman battle dress, I'll call it. That also goes on the want list.

I was really hoping that the official movie companion was going to have much larger section on the costuming aspect of the movie. I saw it in the store today, and flipped through it, and there was barely any stills. Very disappointing. Looks like I'm going to have to wait until the interwebs gifs the bajeezus out of the movie, or until it comes out of DVD so I can screen cap all the shots. Pity. There would have been a nice space for an another artbook on my shelf.

HINT HINT Movie People.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Reporting from the Nest

Well, I did indeed extract myself from the blanket. Success.

Updated my excel spreadsheet of awesome. (Have I mentioned I love that spreadsheet, much?) Reflected new profit margins, and made an adjustment to some of the pricing. It dropped my overall value of my current stock, but its more accurate than before.

I've also set up 15 flowers for construction. Matched them up with their layers and buttons, and I'm pleased with the colour combinations. Looking at these, I'm going to change the pricing to $8/flower, and 2/$15, mix and match, though I am going to try to make up some more duplicates, if I get more matching buttons. I'm also out of my red vintage ones which is shame because they work so well with the red and black flowers.

I do want to make some fascinators like the one I was commissioned for. Not sure if I will include the netting, because despite the fact it adds an awesome touch, the $8 add on is brutal and that's not even adding time/construction to make it into a veil. I'll have to check my profit margin to see if I can justify them. It does look very cool though...

Ah, back to it before I must head out.

Goal: Accomplish Something

Right then.

With the common cold lodged firmly into my sinus cavity, I fear my dreams of massive amounts of productivity this weekend might be falling flat. So my goal, with what time I do have to be spent on creative endeavors, will be focus on accomplishing a single task.

No idea what that will be, but I must do something. I wanted to sew the rest of my crinoline, but the idea of spending the time in the dark cold basement does not appeal. Perhaps I can work on my flowers for The Booth-That-One-Doesn't-Have-Confirmed. I can do that in daylight and with tea and blankets, right?

I have discovered they look lovely on hats. I put one of the ones I made to match my Duchess gown on a hat and it looks splendid. Another good way to display them, I feel. I can wear one as such when I sell them. Versatility people, it's all about that.


I am trying to get up the gusto to get off the bed and waddling to my sewing stuff. I fear this doesn't go well.



Wish me ambitious.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Animal Inspiration

Kingdom Animalia is such an amazing source for design. Today, here's a spotlight for some of my particularly inspiring friends.

The Quetzal
The Leafy Seadragon
The Fox

The Lionfish
The Wolf

That's all the for moment. Be Inspired.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bwaha. Snow.

Ahhh, I love it. It's so pretty outside right now. Everything's covered in that perfect layer of white. This, (well, a little more than this) is exactly the look I want to use for whenever I photoshoot Red, from OUAT. All I need is this weather, an appropriate doggie, and....to finish that bodice. Oops.

Anyways, plugging away at sorting out my ideas for Costume Con. I think part of the issue, is I've never actually had to build multiple costumes at once. I'm usually a one costume per con (or year) kinda gal. I know I want to make several outfits, but I'm having an issue locking them down because I have so many ideas - because I need so many ideas. It's rather conflicting.

The Historical Masquerade is good. I know what I'm doing for that, bar a few decorative details. Lots of work to be done, but the idea is solid and coherent.

The Sci-Fi Masquerade is not. Part of the issue is actually the single pattern contest. If that happens overlapping with the Friday Night Social, perhaps I don't need a separate outfit for that. But my idea for the pattern contest is such a different look than the Social. And I really want to do both. I debated about merging the two together and that wasn't a good look. Unless I opt out of the Single pattern contest and throw my ideas at the Sci-Fi Masq? Blerrrrrgh, I don't know. I think I need a timeline of events to see how that would work out, since I also don't want to spend the majority of my con in the hotel room getting dressed.

At least I've pretty much convinced myself I'm not going to enter the Future Fashion Folio. My plan was to enter the design phase rather than the sewing phase - which I've done. Mind you, knowing me that could change once the folio gets released, but other than that, I'm comfortable playing the role of designer rather than sewer. *fingers crossed*

.... Now my mind is attempting to cross two ideas again. No...wait, not going to work. I need to open up that pattern and take a look at the actual pieces. 'cause I need to see how far away from the actual pattern I can go.



Sunday, 24 November 2013

Gallifrey RISES!

A much less geeky person would have problems admitting that the first thought I had upon walking this morning was "Gallifrey Falls No More." I, on the other hand, am a big geek and have no problems admitting it.

I am, however the same person, who woke up yesterday and saw the snow outside and imediately thought: "It's not snow. It's only the ashes from an exploded Sycorax spaceship."

Ladies and Gentleman, Whovian I am to the core.


Let's talk Day of the Doctor. I am going to have to watch it again in order to critically analyze it. I know there were things that I missed. But, I fully enjoyed it. Or rather, I enjoyed it once I was able to process what I saw. I haven't always liked Moffat's story lines, (though I felt that some of his episodes he wrote in the Russel T. Davis years, were truly phenomenal) but I feel this really worked. I have to go through my headcannon and see how everything fits with the End of Time and such, and if it all comes up roses than all will be fine.

However, plot aside, I never needed a reminder how much I love 10, but really, all that episode did was cement that he's my favourite.

This does not diminish the effect that 11th regeneration will have on me. I will not likely handle it well. Having said that, I have already begun a small attachment to 12, if only for:

Your intense stare is a majestic thing, sir Capaldi.

Anyways. I would also like to rewatch it for... dun dun DA! The costumes! This being a costuming blog, I suppose I should bring it up. But the brief looks of the Time Lords and the Gallifreyan people was very intriguing, and I wish to pick apart their garments. They have a liking for red, and I am fond of the colour myself for haberdashery purposes. Having said that, I might have to wait until the DVD is out so I can pause it and screencape it but, it's not like I don't have a million other projects to work on in the meanwhile.

That's it. Moofy out.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

It just got REAL

Costume Con.

It's happening.

I am well aware that I've had the ticket for....over a year now. It didn't matter. It was something in confirming we had a crash pad that made it come home.

156 days.

156 days, to create the MOST AMAZING things I can come up with.

I don't know whether or not to laugh in the glorious challenge or go and curl up in a ball, sobbing. Can I do both without sounding like a lunatic?

5 months? Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgvhghghgh..... I need to brainstorm so badly that all thunder gods in all their realms are green with jealously.

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Yesterday, I went with two of my friends to Casa Loma for an archery tutorial.

Firstly, it was an excellent and informative tutorial in which I learned things, rather than just "Here's a bow. Shoot it." Case in point: We shot with Olympic Take down Recurve bows. Added point: The take down refers to the fact that you can take it apart..... not Take down as in "DUDE, I took down that rhino!!!!" It was clearly an easy mistake to make. Secondly, I wasn't awful! I hit the target, including that grapefruit sized balloon. Good thing too. It was mocking me.

I have now acquired a liking for it. It's probably half delusion of grandeur, but I am not the worst shot in the world, and perhaps if the zombies were to come, I'd be able to hold my own for.... 10 minutes at least.

Now, I have caught myself paying attention to all the tv shows I watch to study their form. XD

And, being who am I, have started to wonder "What would I ever wear if the need arose to defend myself from the forces of evil?" I am not surprised Merida's dress tore in Brave when shooting. But I am not above embracing my Scottish heritage and am now brainstorming funky yet appropriate costumes for archery.

My name is Moofy, and I am a great big costuming nerd.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Inspiration comes from all sources

I have little to no experience in theatrical makeup. Textiles are my choice of medium as an artisan, but I have a healthy respect for special effects makeup artists. As such, I've taken a liking to catching up on Face Off, the show on Space Channel.

Jeeze oh man. The things they can create.

This week's finale involved the creation of the principle dancers from Swan Lake. And while I can't do what they can, I can take away concepts and ideas. Mainly two: Asymmetry and Movement. Creating a striking profile that isn't equal from all sides, but using that difference to create something amazing. And movement? Costumes are not meant for mannequins, they're meant to live on a person. So why make them so static?

It's food for create thought. Vague food. But nonetheless thought provoking.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

*cracks knuckles* Time to get organized


It's time to get creatively organized. We have very little time until Costume Con now, so I need to start getting my mind set together. While conquring Christmas, mind. 'Cause there always that.

Our first act of: Get Organized Moofy The Acquisition of a new rubber mallet for grommeting and all other mallet related jobs. Gertrude, my first mallet is deeeeeead. I actually feel bad for her, for all the pieces of rubber that fly off anytime I tried to use said mallet. So I have retired her in peace.... or pieces.

But now, there is a new mallet in my life. Stronger (I hope) than before! I have named it. LEVIATHAN! I hope that the ferocious name will impart it with strength and godlike powers I require of it.

I am well aware it should be called Mjolnir but I need to be a ferocious hammer, not a judgemental one.

Next.... I plan step two. My brainpower is still recovering from the last few weeks of awesome madness and therefore I have yet to come up with said step two. But I will. And it will be as glorious as Leviathan, the Rubber Mallet.

...But I think I'm going to watch the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who Mini-Episode again, first. JUST A WEEK A BIT LEFT!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Thor: The Dark World

Sooo..... went to see Thor last night. As per tradition, the ladies and I got their extremely early fully ready to fight for control of the line-up. Turns out we were the line up, for the majority of the time. Huh. Not sure if I was pleased not having to fight for a seat, or dissapointed in the lack of fan voracity concuring the earliest viewing possible.

Regardless, in short. I enjoyed the movie immensely. Excellent humour, lots of action, and oh, the last scene after the credits. Especially the very very last moment. And Cap's cameo - Hilarity. I did honestly feel there could have been more of the actual villian in it, which seemed like more of plot device than an actual character. I really wanted to see more Eccleston since I was enjoying him in the villian role, but c'est la vie, I suppose.

Costumically (Costumery...costumayically...whatever) speaking, man do I want Jane's Asgardian dress/armour. I tried to find a good shot of it, but I think we're still a little too early on in the release to have clear shots of it. There was torques, there was silk embroidery, and it really gave me a Game of Thrones vibe, which I know realize makes perfect sense, seeing as the director is of the GoT game. Now, I get it. Still, I want reference pictures, so I can pick up apart and see what ideas we can get out it. Maybe there will be an Artbook one day? I do like Artbooks.....

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ideas of once upon a time

*neutral face*

I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing that some costuming ideas never want to go away. Some ideas are just so ridiculous that they'll never take off, but then there are some that.... I don't really have the means to pull off, but are still technically doable, if all the stars were aligned. Those ones, some of those ones anyway, make me almost sad.

My project, "Gothic Ball" as we called it, was going to a dramatic group production, of monochromatic delight and dance. It was an idea way back in time, before I really had a handle on cosplaying as I do now. Then, I wouldn't have had the skill to pull it off. Now, I have a much better skill set, perhaps worthy of trying to pull it off. But for all that I have improved skills, I lack the key ingredient for such a group performance - The group. *sighes* Costuming can be a lonely art, I think.

Despite all that, I still want to properly design the costumes that should have be given life. My ideas of what everything should look like has massively changed over the years, seeing as I still have my original designs from... 2005 according to the date on the sketch. I favoured more... fantasy-like styles, I suppose, rather than the historical flavour I lean towards now. Probably have to do with more awareness of things like sewing patterns and crinolines. The only thing that hasn't changed is the quality of the art. Drawing. NOT my forte. Thank the sewing gods for that stencil.

Ah well, maybe once my time frees up, I'll venture back into the designing world. After all, Costume Con approaches. Justice must be done.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Oddly quiet weekend.

It's.... weird. Despite the fact that its been nonstop for the past many weeks, it's been an oddly quiet weekend. I mean, I have things to do; writing my speech for the wedding, making sure my dress is ready to go, etc etc, but I'm working through it all.

So, I'm having a few hours of total slugging around. Sitting on the couch, watching the Doctor Who marathon on TV in the background while playing Pokemon. It's practically decadent. Not to mention the daylight savings time change is throwing me off in a good way.

I do need to come up with some more tutoring stuff for this week, hopefully I can do that soil experiment because that should be relevant to their school work they're doing at the moment.

Man, it's weird watching Mark Sheppard on Doctor Who, I saw him on that first, then during all those Supernatural episodes, but seeing him as Canton again is just bizarre. I keep thinking it's Crowley and it's freaking me out.

I've done nothing costuming related to report. Once the wedding has been celebrated, and such I'll start back to my costumey things. Thought a tiny part of me wants to have something Thor related when we see the movie on Thursday. I don't even have a button to wear, how sad...

Meh, I'll cross that bridge.... later. I have a pokedex to fill.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Retail Therapy - Happy Birthday to me!

Sometimes, sometimes the clothing industry is ever at odd with me. Fit, colour, size, it doesn't play nice. And sometimes? Sometimes the angels sing and say to me: "COME. COME MOOFY AND SHOP. LET US SHOW YOU OUR GREATNESS." And suddenly my wardrobe diversifies with garments that can totally be used for street cosplay and STILL work as normal clothing.

So. My birthday was yesterday, as I gloriously completed another lap around the sun in a relatively consistant speed. Therefore, I journeyed to the shopping mall of choice to celebrate.

And now gloriously possess the perhaps the most perfectly 11th doctor jacket for a female body I have ever seen. The fabric is nearly spot on. The weave is slightly finer than the original tweed, but the colours are excellent and the weaving actually works with the feminine cut of the blazer. Two buttons? Check. Elbow patches? Oh yes! The pockets are not the internal kind like the original, but again, it works with the cut of the jacket. So while, it is not a direct replication of the original, the look is unquestionably 11. And, lo and behold I tried it on.... and I looked good in it. I was.... pleased by the mirror's reflection. Well done, Tommy Hifiger. Apparently I suit that style well. Me: 1

The day continued. And somehow I ended up with a lovely royal blue and black dress, with just a spot of silver on the shoulders and the exposed zipper at the back. On its own, such a cute dress. And matches my blue suede boots I bought impulsively this summer. Also almost reminds me of the 60s mod style. And then cue my dear mama: "Um, wouldn't that make a cute TARDIS dress with a few accessories?" GLORIOUS. It would, my dears, it would.

My final triumph, happened first a few days earlier upon the successful discovery of a top that worked with my costume for halloween, Product Powertrain Warranty. My costume was complete, I was happy, all was well. So, yes, sometimes the clothing industry actually likes me. And I wil shamelessly photograph each garment once I have daylight. Huzzah.

Monday, 21 October 2013


Well... let's just say, my critical piece of my halloween outfit, aka the dress has been scrapped. And by scrapped, I mean I wanted to throw it across the room and curse it back to the 1960s where hence it came. Simplicity? BAH. If your an A cup with your chest two inches from your neck maybe. I have no idea how much fine tuning I would need to do on this "simple" dress, to get it to remotely fit.

Therefore, I am done with it. I will comeback to it whenever I don't want to scream at it. It is not worth the frustration it was hovering over me. Instead, I will adapt street clothes to my accessories and IT WILL BE FABULOUS enough for Halloween. I can get that done in time for Hallowe'en and have 500% less stress, and 100% more time to work on more pressing things. Besides, it is the accessories that make the outfit anyway. The dress pattern would probably be lost on anyone not looking for the specific 60s look to it. Still need to make sure the accessories are spot on, but whatever.

Rant finished. Taking the night off.

Friday, 11 October 2013

...I really don't have a good title.

I realize I don't have to actually have one, but it seems weird not to make one. So irrelavent.

Anyway. Since I am rapidly losing the ability to logically type and I need to sleep soon or I will not be a happy Moofy at work tomorrow. 1. Bouquets for wedding are finished! Bridesmaid's dress to be experimented with this weekend. Shoes must be broken in....

2. The seamstress that the Bride is going to for her dress alterations has perhaps the most wonderful workspace I have ever seen. It was raw and it was inviting and I want it.

3. I have all the piece for Project Power Train Warranty. I have cut out the pieces. I have not sewn them together. I...will work on that after Thanksgiving.

4. Petticoat is in stasis. I have done the intially sewing. I have to go back a restitch because I didn't stitch deep enough and missed catching some of it. Still looks like a petticoat, so at least that is good.

5. They've begun picking the entries for the Future Fashion Folio. I would be lying to say I wasn't nervously waiting.

6. Now Sleep.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Petticoat Junction - The second pass

Jeeze oh man.

My arm are tiiiiired.

While I am sure there is probably an easier way to baste the 8 metres of material into the 4 metre stay via some form of logic, I am currently using the: "Hang from clothline, pin at seams, clothespen mightily, and pin pin pin, adjust and now hand baste because DON'TMOVEITDON'TMOVEITOHGODSITSCOMINGUNPINNED method." I mean, it's working and really I don't have another stretch of property to stretch out that piece that I can attack it from all sides. But, stitching at chest level does tire the arms afterwhile...especially since the chest level increases to shoulder level since the whole line is on a slant and wraps around three differently sized poles in my basement. I do have it halfway basted though, so I guess that's something. After that, I have to insert the then combined section into another 4 metre piece that forms the upper part of the petticoat.

One day, I will discover what it's like making an equality majestic costume without having more than 5 metres if fabric on my person. I don't know where all of the yardage ends up, but the petticoat has 8 metres, the skirt will have about.... probably 8 or so after cutting, and then the scant metre or two in the bodice. Plus or minus, once I trim it, like some crazy woman. Can I keep it under 20 metres? Gods, that sounds ridiculous....


I think.

*snerk* I went to an equestrian store, to look into getting some (cheap) riding pants. Basically I wanted the effect they have with the patches on the knees/thighs. Aside from critically damaging my self-esteem (I do not know what they did to my thighs but DEAR GOD NEVER) I had to endure the classic tale of avoiding what I really needed them for.

"Are they for show or competition?"
*Be smooth Moofy* "Uhhhhhhh, neither. I need them for a, um, costume piece. For an... uh, EVENT! YES. EVENT."
"Oh! Theatrical piece for a play?"
*What? Um, no I wanna be a pretty dragon rider that has a majestic swooshy jacket of awesome. SWOOSH!* "Errr... a private event"
"Oh! Okay, this is what we have."

And then the pants, and then the weird thing they did and then the NO. Soooo, back to square one at that. I might have to butcher some normal khakis for that. Whatever, that was just an off chance since I was passing by.

Ah well. Dinner out with friends for Kashunga's Birthday. Then bridal shower #3 tomorrow.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013


So. They're redoing the shingles of our house. Having been... wee, when they did them the last time, and likely at school I never remember it being this... um, loud. It would be fascinating, if it wasn't my one day I that sleep in a week. (Sigh.) Since they started at my section of the house, I am slowly learning things about the possibly 500 people stomping around up there.

-One guys is that "Back in the day guy". Used to have to lift 80 packages not just 30. "This ain't a big job, ya should be the one I did in a while a go!"
-One is the concerned guy. "Guys, aren't you forgetting something? HARNESSES." "Why are you over there?" etc.
-Oops! Heard an f-bomb!
-There's like a ladder outside my window.
-Ahhh! No. It's a lift of some sort. That was awkward.

And so on. Well, I'm gonna go.... pattern cut or something. That's productive at least.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Incoming purchases....!

I like getting mail.

Let me rephrase.

I like getting mail when it doesn't consist of junk, bills, and other unwanted things. More specifcally I like mail in the form of my ebay purchases coming home to Moofy. Namely my hoopskirt and the belt for my halloween costume. The belt was precisely as I hoped it to be, and the hoopskirt was better than I thought. The cotton was much softer than I thought it was going to be. I'm glad I'm still going to poof it out further with the petticoat I'm constructing, but the base is nice and sound. I did run around the house like a four year old playing dress up in it, though. I did not, however, get stuck in a door way.

Still waiting on the pin, but hopefully that will come this week. And of course, I need to start the freaking outfit. As I keep telling myself...

Sunday, 29 September 2013

I need to stay away from Fabricland.

At that last sale, I saw a bolt of fabric I wanted. But, someone had put it on hold. The hold didn't say how much was being held....but it was sitting there. Held. Untouchable. And on a stupidly wonderful sale. There was woe. So, passing by yesterday during an errand run and a stop for a pumpkin spice latte (the elixir of the autumnal gods) I ventured inside and we tore the drapery section apart in hopes that the hold fell through. Or least random person x just wanted like 2 inches of the stuff.

Perhaps the autumnal gods (who are likely the patrons of the costuming world) were appleased by my promisary consumption of the aforementioned latte. The bolt was there. And had enough material on it for me...and likely someone else. And so, the only woe in the end was my VISA card's.

I must stop buying fabric. ... I was going to say I had too much, but I just bit my own tongue. There is never enough. Plus, I do know what I am going to make from it for a change. Unlike magpie-ing it for no reason other than I can.

And good news, my folio submission successfully mailed! I received the confirmation on friday. Now I shall cross my fingers, consume another latte, and hope its good enough to make it into the folio. Could you imagine if someone actually wanted to make it? I'd... I don't know. Shame my ancestors will all the freaking out I'd probably end up doing, heh.

Ah well. Onwards to Monday and a hopefully a productive week on my part.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


In true Moofingham form, I spent a part of the day, daydreaming critically designing my potiental zombie outfit for the Zombie walk. I've never been a zombie before, so it's an interesting concept. I don't really want to break the bank for it, since there are a world of expenses right now, but one cannot just not put SOME effort into it. And then my mind click on that brown torn jacket thingie that I use for so many projects. The one that came to mind was the shipwrecked victim I did oh gods many years ago.

Shipwreck zombie! Use a similiar outfit, and spruce it up with some seaweed plants in the hair, some shells as well, like I was dragged through the seafloor and then makeup. Pale (well, paler) out the face the face, add some circles under the eyes and such. Not too much in the ways of decomposition because saltwater is an excellent preservative, but just a bit. I'd drench myself in water if I could, but seeing as it's going to be late October that might not be the best idea. So, yeah. Doable. Especially since I already own most of the stuff I need sans the seaweed which I can get at work, and the makeup which maybe the group of us might be getting as group since we have a bunch of zombies we need to create. Cool.


Monday, 23 September 2013


Mondays are mondays. I usually never get anything done on Mondays, but the fact I've managed to do a good chunk of my tutoring work, confirmed all three ebay orders, mailed out my folio submissions and consumed three apples, I'll all in all a good day. Of course, the VISA bill also came in, so ehhhhhh... Then again, so did my season 7 of Doctor Who. It's just a madness of neutralizing ideals!

Maybe I should catch up on Nightvale now? I think I was on 7 last time I checked?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Being productive! Keep going!

Two of three Ebay items ordered. Just waiting for a bid to be accepted on the last one. Good! I should be able to start my halloween costume now?

Finished my folio submission! Inked, coloured, and labelled! Now I can send it off tomorrow. If I have time to draw up that accessory I will, but I happy I will have at least this one. Now that I have it finished, I am rather pleased with it. It's now delightfully weird. Fingers crossed....

Onwards, to MOAR things!

That sinking sensation...

When you have just realized that the Future Fashion Folio deadline is in like... A week. And you haven't inked your drawing yet....because your drawing isn't done yet. And you don't know if it will scan properly so you might have to snail mail submit it by tomorrow, to ensure that the line art gets there in time.


On the postive side, as I am adding the detailing for it, it has become kinda neat looking to really, really weird looking.... I kinda like it. I have no idea if anyone in their right mind would want to make it, but y'know... it's weird. So, why not? Right?

... It needs a headpiece of some sort. What would an octapus wear?

Maybe a fish.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

I really shouldn't be let loose in Fabricland


I did damage.

I don't even know what I bought. (Not true.) It just added up.... but at least I have my petticoat material, upper part of the underskirt material, some trims and fabrics for the booth I have yet to reserve. It makes me feel productive? I also made three flower parts....which is nothing, really. Whatever. I was busy. I picked a bushel of apples with the family. And ate the same amount, give or take. Perhaps I will do something more tomorrow. Or at least order my ebay stuff, as I still haven't done that....


Thursday, 19 September 2013


(Gods, this is clearly one of those days where everything little thought that comes into my head must be shared. Which is why I created this blog in the first place, but still. Wow, what the hell, brain?)

A sample of my brain process.

T.A.R.D.I.S. = Plastic Kiddy Pool:

1. T.A.R.D.I.S. = Dress.
2. Dress = Petticaot
3. Petticoat = fabric
4. Fabric = Copper Halloween satin
5. Copper satin cheapawfulhate!!!, therefore, cotton eyelet.
6. Cotton = too bright white
7. Too bright = natural tea stain!
8. Tea staining.... 8 metres of fabric.
9. 8 metres of fabric = bath tub
10. Bath tub ruined = DEAD.
11. If Moofy = DEAD, then, Costume =/= Finished.
12. Finished Costume = Not bath tub. 13. Not bad tub = other tub?
14. Not bath tub = plastic kiddy pool.

ERGO: TARDIS = Kiddy Pool. QED.

Also. Face off, saw two episodes. I knew fishnets could be used to create scale effects. But making 3D scales by using putty on top of said net? Yes, please. File, Save as.

I want more chai. Anyone going to Milwaukee anytime soon?


Stuff I need to get:

black suiting fabric - 3m
lightweight fusible interfacing - 1m
Silver thread
metallic machine needle.

And because researching your patterns is a good thing, people cut down the pattern in the neckline and say to ignore the facing and use bias tape instead. Therefore I will add:
Single fold bias tape.

Pleated black trim (5m)
crochet lace (5m)
black and white pregathered small lace (5m)
Red trim?
black velvet ribbon?

Cotton eyelet for tardis petticoat - 8m
solid cotton for skirt base - white or black - 4m

Gotta hit up ebay this weekend. Shipping fees make me wince.

The Word.

I never really need an excuse to purchase new book. In fact, I am privately amused when I make excuses for why I buy a particular tomb of knowledge. Case in point, I've kind wanted a(nother) book on the night's sky, because the only little one I had was not full of enough OMGNEBULAS for my liking. It just so happened that I am currently tutoring my charges in Astronomy. What is a girl to do????

Atlas of the night's sky. I got it on sale. Go me.

Also, in true research style, I ventured to my local library and demolished the collect of costuming books, ranging around the 1960s era for Project Powertrain Warranty. I found a particularly awesome one, that was a collection of pages from the Sears catalogue from 1960-1969. I find it amusing of the things that have changed, and the things that have come back again - fabulously.

Goal for tonight; make list of things needed at fabricland since they're on sale this weekend. Reread through pattern again, because one of those steps doesn't make sense yet. Watch Face off on Space?


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Button up.

I bought buttons.

That was... succinct.

Continuing on with my floral pins and such, I decided the buttons I have were not... eh, they were eh. So I took advantage of the 50% that fabricland offers me and...bought buttons. It was about interesting as it sounds. They were needed at least.

I did score some bezels for my TARDIS gown when I need to accessories her, thanks to Kashunga for knowing what the hell I was talking about when I was trying to mine out what they were. I won't need them for a while, but since I have them/know they exist I can now design an idea around them. I do have a vague idea of what I want to do, but it's only a basic shape at this point.

I also have decided that another accessory needs to be purchases for Project Power Train Warranty, more than likely off of Ebay. I'm not really an ebay shopper by nature being instinctively wary. But I have purchase my crinoline that way, and I will again from the same place, so I have yet to screwed over. Hopefully when I do order things, they will arrive on time. Though, since they would be coming in from the States, there shouldn't be too much processing time. Fabricland will be having a 50% off sale this coming weekend, so I should be able to get the material for the dress portion of the costume.

Also, I love chai tea. I am currently drinking a massive cup of it.

Onwards to other things.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ah, subtle cosplay sourced in your own dresser drawers.

Today, if for only the reason that I could, I decide to dress like everyone's favourite Supernatural hunter Dean. Frankly I was just curious if my wardrobe was capable of doing such things, since many cosplayers seem to enjoy subtlely casual cosplaying random characters.

So, amulet around the neck, I dragged out a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and a pair of brown boots. So good so far. Then I happened to recall that Gap cotton greenish jacket with the pockets I've owned forever and never seem to end up wearing despite its softness. Well, that's awesome. Pinned on one of the supernatural buttons I got from FanExpo and I sauntered out of the house like I owned the world. XD It was kinda fun. I can see the appeal of secretly cosplaying amongst the mundanes, seeing as it really was just a normal outfit.... but it wasn't...!

Ahhh, I'm such a geek sometimes, and I really don't mind.

Cosplaying as seen on TV!

As luck would have it, I ended up watching an episode of that "Heroes of Cosplay" show on Space. I've been curious about that show for awhile now. Having seen only one episode of the series, at the end of the season no less, I can no way make a proper critique of the show but....

1. The people they were showing do really have some excellent skills. What's the best way to get that salt water look? Swim in the frigid ocean, of course! Cosplayer logic.

2. That convention ranking system was.... odd. Do they not follow ICG guidelines and just have place finishes, or was that part cut out? It really didn't help to showcase how a novice cosplayer can even break the top with that kind of system. I'm just so used to FanExpo's system, (and I guess by extension, Animenorth) that it seems... weird. Not that having a champion wrestling belt wouldn't be hilarious to bring home. "MOM! DAD! I GOT A THINGIE!!!"

3. Those cosplayer looked too fancy! (I am well aware it's part of the film process) But, man, anytime I'm working on something and have to emerge back into The World Around Us, I feel like some sort of freak of nature, complete with squinting eyes, hair frizz that looks like it's trying to free itself from my skull, and battle damage in the form of pin stabs, glue gun burns and who knows what else. Maybe the ability to look fancy while constructing comes with time and experience? Probably wouldn't make good tv though if they looked like me.

Interviewer: Ma'am, how do you feel about your current project?
Me: *foaming at the mouth* WHERE'S MA METAL TOOL THINGIE???
Interviewer: Oh. God.
Me: I want tea. Can you make me some tea? I just want tea..... *bursts into tears*
Interviewer: Get a Priest. Get the whole Vatican.
Me: I made a dress. It's a pretty dress. Please love my pretty dress.
Interviewer: *flees*

Other something to that respect. Ah, well. I wonder what the non-cosplayers out there think of our charming little hobby. Are we more well adjusted people than they thought, or bigger freaks than they could imagine?

It does give me a bit of a desire to get to work on my own things. That artisan rank ain't going to break in itself.

*sets music to dramatic*

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Setting the stage

With the advent of prepping for the upcoming year's crafter's booth, my mind has been focusing on our booth design. Our booth at Animenorth was really good. For our first con, I think we were both pleased how we set it up. The tablecloth colour worked, our usage of height gave us the effect we wanted. All in all, a good first try. Now we know what works, and what doesn't.

So now, if we get our next chance at Boothdom, we want to make it more. In addition to noting the products everyone was selling, I think both of us were keeping an eye on how everyone set their stands up.

The booth that stood out the most for me, was a wooden creation that one guy had put together. It was like a newsstand or printer's press construct that sat on the table base. It was completely unlike anything else around it. I remembered it. That's the kind of punch I want. While I'm not aiming for a recreation of the Roman Coliseum, I want something that has people go: "Oh, I bought this at the booth that had ________." Remember able.

We need colour and theme. We need height. We something that works with our products but shows them off. We need something unlike everyone else around us. So, wielding all the artistic talent I posses (not much. There is a reason I didn't take fine art in school.) I grabbed that scrap of receipt paper from work and I created Booth Design #1.

Not bad for a first attempt. I then tried to recreate it at home on a full sized piece of paper, having access to thing like rulers and erasers as opposite whiting out the ink blobs when I had to redraw a line. Let's just say the drawing was a one hit wonder, and tools only make it worse. Scrap-o-paper wins this time around. But I have a design! Now to come up with some more.

In other news, the slow progress of flower pin production is, well, slow. But it is progressing. Glacial like.

Thursday comes.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

100 Stitches

Well, hm.

I've committed 100 posts to this blog. 100 stitches in the great fabric of life. Personally I'm pleased that I've kept it up. I'm not the most consistent person when it comes to interwebz things. Let the stitches continue on....!

On the other side of the fabric - I satisfied the itch to start making something and hunkered down to rotary whirl out a set of circles for my flower clips, with some of the fabric I bought when I was in the States on holidays. So now my work area is featuring a progression of flower clips, from circles to halved circles to partial stitched to ready to trim. Not bad for a off handed couple of hours. 9th's season of Who was on Space, so I had that chattering happily in the background as I worked. I am completely dissatisfied with my button collection and therefore I need to start from scratch for centres for these flowers. I should have enough felt for awhile at least.

I think I'll set a goal, creatively speaking, to have all the cut pieces assembled into flowers by the end of the week. Would be nice to have a whole lot of them finished and stored in inventory. Makes me feel productive.

...I have just realized that sitting up in my closet shelf, there is a forgotten bag with two saris. Hello fabric. What do you want to be, today?

Ah well. Started watching Da Vinci's Demons last night. Halfway through the first season, and I like so far. I also like the costumes. There was one dress that had beaded... sleeve thingies that caught my interest. I "designed" something like it in a long buried sketch, and that's the first time I've seen them in a real life outfit. Nice to know they actually hang as I wanted them to. I might be able to incorporate those into something now.

That's all. Onwards to Monday.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Preping for the season ahead.

It's about that time again.

The Con season approac----- wait. What? It doesn't?

No, maybe not, but it looks like the potiental for preparing for the booth season could be upon us earlier than I thought. Registration for Fanexpo's Indy Market could occur before the new year arises. If we could secure at least one convention to booth at before February roles around, it could be so much less stress than the last time, and more time for making product. The hard thing about Animenorth was the registration for that happened only a few months prior. I honestly don't know if Luck will be on our side again this for Animenorth (though I really, really hope they make Crafter's Market larger this year.....) but if we can get a yeah or nay for Fanexpo, at least we will know one way or another earlier.

Unfortunately, at this point there is nothing to do but wait it out. So, I've dove right back into my inventory control sheets and gotten them back up to snuff. All current inventory is plotted, any new purchases have been through against the potiental value of the current stock, as well as a targetted project of what running two (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!) booths would cost. It's in the big fat red zone now, but not so bad I can't climb out of it, once we get the go ahead confirmations on having a table.

I don't recall if I have ever mentioned my spreadsheet before, but I am quite proud of it. Helps me control down to the penny what each items costs me, and gives me perspective of my profit. I crafted it with love and stolen formulas.

Ah, well. Nothing to do now but wait.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Just thoughts

1. I might be able to locate a key accessory for Project Powertrain Warranty at the mall. This could make things potientially much easier, and even cheaper than expected.

2. If I am pleased with said Project, than I will wear it for Halloween. Not that anyone outside of its respective fandom will have any idea what it's from. Whatever. Halloween is for those that celebrate it.

3. I need to figure out the Costume Con hotel. How many days I can afford to attend, etc. Programming runs from Friday morning until Monday afternoon. That's at least, a Friday, Saturday, Sunday experiance. Three nights for sure. I don't think I can justify doing the Thursday, however famous that would be. Have to figure out where the cost cutting would be, in order to do it all. I mean, the old convention method of bringing all the food possible wouldn't hurt....but really that's how it's been for years with Animenorth. Fingercrossed, we can get Animenorth/Fanexpo Artist Alley booth, I'll at least have something to throw against it. ....Be better if I could sell enough stuff somehow before hand to offset it.

4. The next month or so is going to be very busy with things, but I'm getting the itch to make booth things. Starting earlier would be a huge plus, but not having a confirmed table makes me hestiant about wasting time if we don't get one. Techincally Costume Con is before either of those two but booth things take a whole lot less time to make than my current costume agenda.

5. Note to self: Look for Tardis underskirt fabric at Fabricland during the sale. Especially if I need 8 metres of the stuff. That's all.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Satisfaction. Just add Fabric.

After a looooooong day at work, nothing is better than a trip to the mighty Fabricland. (Intel: 50% off sale in the next few weeks.)

1. Got the 60s pattern. It should work well.
2. Checked into zipper. Saw one I liked. Will wait for sale.
3. There was a nice plaid. I bought some of the nice plaid.
4. Blue Corduroy for $3/m. Hello Tardis Spats. Guess I can now make you again to sell since I have the fabric to make more than, well, two pairs. We're in business again. *grooves*

I can always tell when Right Brain is the one in control. My grammar gets truncated and my writing voice changes. But she's the creative one, so I'll let her be.

My new project needs a code name. I shall call it....Project Powertrain Warranty.

That is all.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

1960s Ideas

Simplicity Pattern 3833

Looking into the 1960s style. Looking through my Smithsonian book and some casual online stuff, I seem to favour the mini dress style. Not quick British Invasion GoGo style, but its seem the seasm lines and style in that pattern is characteristic of the era? Mod style, I think I read but by no means researched. Would go sleeveless for sure, hemline.....middling. Not as short as it might be in few D, but I want it above the knee for sure. Pattern seems to work for curvy woman, by the reviews.

Think that's the only Sim-Pat of that era. I'll check on the others now too.

For the Horde!

Pattern hording.

It is time.

Fabricland has informed me that they are no longer going to be carrying Simplicity patterns. This is.... a crisis. They have patterns I require. They have patterns who have a destiny to be mine. I must act.

Therefore: I go to website. I make list of patterns I need. I go to fabricland. I....renew my membership for the year, 'cause I have do that anyway. I then buy the patterns. ALL the patterns. I must save them. ALL of them.

*centres and focuses inner dragon*

I have also discoverd there is going be a Supernatural Convention. While not on a great weekend, I really do want to go for one day. I have never been to a non Animenorth/FanExpo convention before. I would like to fix that. Why not start with this one?

Of course I have an outfit design in mind. It's me.

Could double as Halloween at least....


Sunday, 25 August 2013

FanExpo Day 3 roundup

As I yawn jawcrackingly, I reflect over the weekend. 'Twas good times had by all, and most certainly, me.

Attending the Walking Dead panel with the others, as I waited for the next. While I only know a teeny bit of the show, the cast seems to love working with each other, which is always nice to see.

And then it was Nathan Fillion time. That man does not disappoint. He is terribly cheeky, has that sauve nerdishness and just an honestly good man. My favourite Q and A of the con. After that I bolted to catch the last few minutes of Stephen Amell which overlapped sadly enough. At least there was still some seats off to the side. Sounds like the next season of Arrow will be great.

After that.... shopping really. Picked up a Zelda Heart Piece necklace, a Mockingjay pin, a Moonglow pendant, some buttons to represent my current fandoms, and ordered an Okami shirt to be delivered. They were out of Teacarinas though.

So....yeah. Good times. Really good times, really. ...I am getting repetative. Tiredness does that to a woman. Sad it's over, and looking forward to the next con.

Onwards to Costume Con!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

FanExpo Uno - Dos

I am officially two days into Fanexpo with just one to go. For all that I will be tired and broke by the end of it, I always hate when its over.

So: A Mid-convention Report.

Panels: I've attending several so far. Actor wise, we saw George Takei, Nichelle Nichols and Zachary Quinto - all fantastic. I attended the 20 anniversary Sailor Moon panel (delightfully nostalgic - we sang round of the theme song, of course.) and partook in learning the fine art of Tea Dueling.

I kid you not. It is a sanctioned event for deciding delicate matters through grace and manners. And tea. Which I love.

Shopping: Amano's The Sky Final Fantasy Art belongs to me, and I've taken to purchasing tokens of my fandoms. A dalek pin, a trifore ring, and Dean's amulet belong to me as well.

Tomorrow: Nathan Fillion, the tail end of Stephen Amell. Some more shopping, both fandom related and delightfully shiny things.

Wore my Thistledown dress today. Got some nice comments on it again and a few pictures, but man is that thing hot to wear after a while. By the end of the day, I have enough of it. Love it, but removing it is often a relief. Game of Thrones robe tomorrow, which is much more managable. Though, I will discard the mini purse for my small backpack for easier carrying of stuff.

That's.... it for the moment. Hopefully a good sleep tonight for the final day of FanExpo!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

FanExpo Prep.

Have I mentioned how weird it is, that I am not actively finishing up a costume for competition? Usually at this time, I am in a froth of loose thread clipping and crippling self-doubt. Instead...I'm dragging out previously made creations, and airing away the scent of garments bags and time.

I feel like I should be stressed. I am not, which is why I am tense. Costuming has no logic here.

It's a very full living room right now. It's a sea of various shades of green, gold and accessories. Both CoCo and Mi-Co are half dressed, while other parts of my costumes air out while hanging outside on umbrellas or perch precariously off door knobs. And I am also fretting at to which pieces I have forgotten to pull out of the depth of time. There is make-up to unearth, over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders to adjust. Wallets and money need to be slimmed down for easy carrying, a shopping list for snackables and at least I have a Presto pass now, I don't have to fumble for ticket money while in a whimsical creation of silk and crinoline 'cause frankly, it just freaks the mundanes.

So...pretty much right on target.

Still need to do a bank run, baking run, and ensure my tutoring notes are ready to go admist the neverending notions by Thursday.

(And finish the last two episodes of Supernatural)

And then, all will be ready for FanExpo.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Queen Street Successes

My fears of my Tardis dress design have been laid to rest.

Well, one of them.

I have having an issue trying to find a white and black stripe fabric. Not fancy, just black and white stripe, bold, around one inch in width. My first efforts and travels, found me nothing at all. However, armed with determination, the luck of a fellow Whovian, and filled with Korean BBQ, I made like Merida, and changed my fate.

As much, I was able to fine my fabric. 4 yards, cotton twill. Minimal stretchiness. *sign of relief placed here*

Of course, there are a million other pieces that must be acquired, but at least I have most of the major outside fabrics. Still need my petticoat materials, trimmings, yadda yadda, but the bold design materials are mine.

I was also able to get my headband I needed to finish my commissioned headband. I will try to finish that tomorrow.

And now I go to watch the meteor shower.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Suddenly, I am productive again.

I actually have taken advantage of my extra day off.

I am now half done the first of my two commissions, and really the half left is just afixing it to the headband...once I find it. Plus I have the pieces and the idea for the next one. I should be done by the the end of next weekened, providing I can get that headband downtown next Saturday. Hurrah for me!

Plus, I have started and almost finished my own set of flowers for my dress to wear at FanExpo. I also located the jewelery for my other other dress. Scattered and out of order, I complete tasks nonetheless.

Things I must do:

Finished both comissions, and my own.
Repair and wash my crinoline.
Check gown for repairs.

Finish this week's tutoring notes, and get started on next weeks.

In no particular order mind, as my tutoring needs to come first. Though... I am also finished. Just a few more slides.

Hm hmhm....

I need more music. Time to iTumes.
And, I am no idea why, but I really love "My songs know what you did in the dark." by Fall Out Boy. Something in the phrasing of the music. I hardly notice the words, but the rhythm is.... interesting. Ah wells, on to it.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

...Uh..... Wow, where did that month go?

So... I may or may not have completely ignored my own blog for a month. Hardly intentional, I swear! I've been... busy. Tutoring, work, and perhaps even a much needed vacation. Doesn't really at up to consistent updating the past while.

C'est la vie, desu ka. (Yes, I will butcher two languages.)

Anyways, so what brought me back? FanExpo. (Have you SEEN the guest list? Oh me goodness...) Or more importantly, cosplaying at FanExpo.

Or rather, the lack. Like Animenorth, which was devoted to Artist Alley, Fanexpo is just close enough to other things that require my attention, and close enough to Costume Con that I have to choose my budgeting. I, on a mental or conscious grey matter level understand this.

The five year old child that operates the right side of my brain does not, and is making itself known. I can only explain it like a whole side of my brain is staring at me with an expectant: O___O Expression. It's very awkward.

So what do I do? Well, I have my game of thrones dress. It's easy to wear, more comfortable that most of my cosplays. So I know I will wear that. ....And then the right side of my brain cheerfully adds in:

"You should change the accessories around. It needs more dakka. Then it will be good enough."

Thanks brain. So, now I'm mulling like a wine over what new things I can add to the robe, so it's just a wee bit different. Perhaps, a cuff in my own design, and then many many bangles. Maybe a different necklace. Maybe a necklace from a different cosplay that will bring different gold tones.


Major enough that it's a project. Minor enough to be able to complete in the no time I have until FanExpo.

Yep. Sounds about right.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Stasis...creatively speaking.

I haven't really worked on anything lately. I did venture down to Queen St, and picked up some odds and sodds from Sussman's for the fascinators I have on comission, but I haven't really had the chance to work on them. I do look forward to using those peacock sword feathers though.

I actually have been busy though. I recently took on another tutoring job that requires prep work, so that's taken up some time, since I'm trying to create an actual lesson plan than just verbalizing random stuff. Plus any excuse to talk about the sensitive plants is reason enough for me.

Mimosa pudica. Look at it go!!!!!
Yes, I am easily amused.

Anyway, so yeah. Busy life.

I also started watching Supernatural THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

That was going to be it, until I found out through Dramatic Threads, one of the blogs I follow, that there were pattern updates. So I looked.

Hello, Snow White's awesome McAwesome battle jacket. I have no idea how close it is to the original but that gives a reallllly nice start point. Like I need another project......

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

*thoughtful rumination, sacrifice one pencil*

The unfortunately thing about not being a multimillionaire is that I must budget my costuming materials. Do you get the median of everything, or the best of somethings and the mediocre of others? What, in the end, will make the best creation?

Case in point; the T.A.R.D.I.S. dress. I have a budget. I do not want to exceed the budget.. or can't for that matter. Unless the gods of the Ontario Lottery Gaming decree that the winning numbers are mine alone.So, to stay in the budget, I have to choose what I can save on. The blue silk, while on sale, was not what I would call a savings. It put a heavy dent in the budget. But, it is so wonderfully perfect and defines the dress that it can't be done without. So, what do I balance it with?

The hoopskirt. If I was after historical accuracy, I would be more hesitant, but I want the dress to be the feature, not what's holding it up. So, after researching materials, patterns and their ilk, I have decided to purchase a bridal hoopskirt. It has the dimensions I want, it has adjustable hoops so I can reuse it for mulitple projects, and will save so much money that I can use towards trimmings and embelishments. I've purchased from this place before, judge the quality and it will not detract from the overall effect of the outfit. There's still "shortcuts" that you can't take; I'll still need to make the over-the-hoop-under-the-skirt layer less my hoop show through, and I will make up for the cheater hoops by drawing the layer ....that won't even be seen.... into the overall design. Money, I will save. Time, I will still spend.

Having made that decision, I will now looking into ordering the hoopskirt and the patterns for this beast.
But before I do that.... back to designing.....

Monday, 17 June 2013

Suddenly comissions.

Magic and Stitchcraft suddenly has customers. Sort of ish, heh.

My sister has asked me to make a flower piece for her hair, for the wedding she will be maid-o-honouring at. Sounds good. Got some of the fabric that's very close to the shoes, so now I just have to come up with a design. She needs it by August, so I have time to experiment.

Then, at work today, my boss's mother told me she is also attending a wedding in September and is looking for a fascinator of her own. Aside from a few colour preferences and a general idea, she handed me the Carte Blance. So long as it's excting, the skies the limit. :D Can anyone say Peacock Sword feathers?

So, yeah. I have little comissions. Let's see what I can do with them.

In other thoughts,

I have decreed that the cedar hedge on our property is officially called The Wall, as the namesake to its frozen counterpart from Game of Thrones/aSoIaF.

Also, the room rates for Costume Con 32 have just been posted. It suddenly just got real. *squeal of excitement*

Now, I am off to look for fascinator ideas. And make some more concept art for the Tardis dress.

Friday, 14 June 2013


Occasionally, I feel I get some good ideas.

My documentation for my T.A.R.D.I.S. dress is one of those good ideas.
I feel as if my graphic design friends would be proud of me for this....once I figure how to print it.

On a related note, I randomly searched T.A.R.D.I.S. dresses on google. Had a minor crisis of faith, and decided that the dress needs more dakka. So, while the concept won't change, the sheer amount of detailing and trimmings, clearly must increase.

Time to get the pencil crayons out again.

Thursday, 13 June 2013


I went to Fabricland.

It was good.


My Visa card cried.

Seriously, though. One must take advantage of the sales when one can.

I got Quetzie's pattern. I now understand why there is so much fabric involved. I didn't see a material I liked for it though, I will have to keep my eyes peeled. I also picked up some more of that black and white material I used for the spats. Now I have enough to make more accessories for future Crafter's Corners, and perhaps something for little ol' me.

And then, the silk. <3 My silk was there. My silk was also on sale, for cheaper than it would have been with the 50% off. Instead of the $19/m I would have paid at the 50% off price, it was on for $16/m. That extra three dollars comes in handy when you kill the whole bolt of fabric. I was worried there wasn't going to be enough. There was just enough. So I took it all. My silk. Mine.

(I clearly have a problem.)

So, now all 9.4 metres of the duponi and I have apparently committed to making a T.A.R.D.I.S. dress. Just in case I was having doubts before, I'm locked in now. Once I, y'know, finalize the design. My mom likes the design so far, but like me is iffy about the top. I'll have to do more research on that section. Also, keep my eyes peeled for the black and white fabric. I'll have to check a store that has more home decor fabrics, since I think that's where I'm likely to find that kind of stripe, but as the seasons rotate so does the stock.

So... yeah. Fantastic.

Now, I just have to update my cost spreadsheet for my supplies, and I might make one to control my spending for costume con. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ideas... Ideas....

Just fleshing out some more thoughts for Quetzalcoatl. Ideally, I'd like to make this little number first and soon. Give it a test run on, say Hallowe'en or something, and then debut it to my peers for the Friday Night Social.

Currently, I'm favouring this pattern for the basis of Quetzie.

McCalls 6743
It has a few different hemlines, and I'm currently favouring the above style B, or style D.

I like the asymmetry of the dresses. It's got a fun, sassy look to it. It might give Quetzie that night club look, I'm after. Seeing as I don't have the pattern in front of me, I can't see how the fabric is laid out. So, the yardage concerns me, because they're after a hell of a lot of material. My Game of Thrones Maxi dress required less material, and that was bulky. They want a thinner fabric than I used, but still. Do I want to cut out some of the material? I'll know better once I see the instructions.

Rather than self belting it low in the waist as they suggested, I'm thinking of using that gold stretchy belt I have to cinch it just under the bust for more of an old world feel. Plus the gold would pop against the dress (which would be some sort of green tone) Not to mention matching the gold scale bangles I specifically bought for this. :D

If I do go with this sort of look, I might add something to the hemline. Maybe add some gold? Paint or trim, so long as it doesn't interfer with the flow of the dress.

Hm hm hm.... don't know. Work in progress, obviously. Hopefully I can get to fabricland this weekend and take a look at the pattern, since it will be on sale. Not to mention that blue silk..... <3 <3 <3

Monday, 10 June 2013

*happily humming, just add pencil crayons*

I haven't used these babies in years. I literally had to dust them off.

Oh, how they laughed at me for wanting 50 colours of pencil crayons. (They didn't. No one cared.)
But, now I have proven their worth. (I probably got them on sale.)
Now, I unleash my majesty. (I colour like a 5 year old. Staying in the lines is for grown-ups.)

Or, in my case, I print off the line art for the patterns I'm considering using for various projects, and happily colour them in, like a kid with a colouring book. Except I'm shading ballgowns instead of unicorns. With the aforementioned ability to stay in the lines.

Eh. It's helping me visualize. Kinda like how I use my favourite Barbie stencil to draw human outlines. If there is anything scarier than my colour ability, it's my ability to draw human outlines. I could make an abstract painter weep for their mothers. But I draw a mighty stick figure. And you should see my plant cell diagrams. Those 'ill get your cytochrome complexes goin'. (Bad biology humour, ladies and gentlemen.)

Anyways, I had a point to this.

Right. Pencil Crayons. I gave myself a hand cramp colouring buuuuut, I am now creating a binder of ideas for Costume Con, so at least it's for reason. Currently, planning Quetzalcoatl's design.

Oh, 50% sale at Fabricland this weekend. Remember that, if I have time.

I really need to read those books I got from the library. I already renewed them once, and still haven't cracked them open. Ah, well. I have until the 17th.

Oh. And the Tony's were fantastic last night. Love watching that show. Special mention to Cinderella and metamorphasizing dress. I heard the cosplayers cry out as one. I, myself watch it in slow motion twice.

And those are the thoughts for the day. Onwards to Tuesday.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hmm. Hm hm hm.

Okay.... so I'm getting some more concrete ideas on the T.A.R.D.I.S. dress. Channeling some Truly Victorian patterns. Not steampunk...not at all really. More romantic era....with bell epoch...and then something else entirely. It's becoming a total mash up of time periods, which considering, this is the T.A.R.D.I.S. we're discussing is in essence, perfect.

I think I've figured out how to incorperate the Pull to open sign without it being that white sqaure of doom just in the middle of the outfit. White and Black are very much there, as long as the imporant and vibrant blue isn't downplayed too much. I'll need a hoopskirt, because my crinoline might not have enough Poof....unless I get the ulimate poof crinoline for a more A-line effect. Still working on the top though...I think the pattern I've selected would work...but I'm not sure. And what to wear on the feet....do I go with the proper heels, and my own spats or revel in the glory that are converse shoes, as homage to the great 10th regeneration? ...which could also be worn with spats. Aaaaaaah, I can hear Valentino gnashing his teeth at my haute ideas.

I must make a mock up sheet and see how these idea pull together...not to mention yardage information. If I do end up using that desirable blue silk I need to know how much damage its going to do to my bank account.

And what shall I wear upon my head???

Ah, I love it when a plan comes together.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Alright, let's start to focus, shall we?

So I once again realized Costume Con 32 was now less than a year from now.
I mean, I've been tracking it since they announced it.
But suddenly 900+ days is less than 300+ days.
Less than year to create a collection of majesty worthy of being judged by my peers and in many cases, my costuming idols.


So, it is my goal, by the end of this month, to fully finalize what I am going to create for each category and have an almost concrete design for those pieces that require it. I shall create a binder with all my printouts and sources for documentation purposes and to keep some sort of control on the situation.

As of this moment.

Historical Masq: Decided. Secret-like of course.
Sci-Fan Masq: Tentatively decided. Will depend if I can find a design that represents my ideas.
Single Pattern: As above, thought I have my inspirational piece and a piece of the headgear I plan on using.
Fri N Social: Quetzalcoatl, the Night Club version. Haven't fully created the design, but it's going to be sassy!

So, really, it's all just ideas at this point. But at least I have ideas....right? RIGHT?

....now where's me colour pencils?

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Geeking out retro style.

So, I just made the amazing discovery of an official retro version of the Okami soundtrack. It's just 17 songs/sound effects, but it's wonderfully nostalgic sounding.

<3 Reminds me of the glory days of Left Right A B, *how hard do you have to jam the game genie into the NES to make it work?* moments

<3 Plus, I bought the tin T.A.R.D.I.S. lunchbox at HMV. I intend on using it as a float box in the future, which is totally the excuse I have for buying it. Having said that, it was cheaper than I saw it at the con by over $5 so I feel I made a wise purchase. Also, I now haz a lunchbox. Now if I can only get my little hands on that rolling T.A.R.D.I.S. luggage.

...I really have nothing costuming related to say at the moment. I mean, I spent about 5 minutes trying to work out a more accurate cost of my flower pins, but gave up when I really had no idea how I paid for my brooch backs. I'll see if I can find the ones I bought online and work it out from there. Create a sort of minimum maximum thingie. Of an Excel sort.

That's all. Happy Thorsday, loves.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Well, huh.

My first evening post convention with nothing to do.

It's...weird. I feel like I should go back to sewing things but... I don't have anything to do. I mean, I will soon enough but I've  been working so many nights I've become accustom to it.

..... I just chilled out and watched tv.

Meh, I deserved it. We had inventory today at work, which is always a pleasure, especially when still recovering from con fatigue. So I needed a night of nothing, right?

Ah well, I'll start ideas soon. It's a straight on battle to Costume Con now, balancing with next year's shows I'm committing to. Going to have to pace that all carefully to prevent being bogged down.

I need to go through my supplies to see what I have leftover, and keep an open mind for inventory pieces in the future. Also, my fabric containers looks like fabricland exploded again so I really have no idea what's in there anymore.

...And Quetzalcoatl went disco in my head. Thank Daft Punk for that one.
...And the TARDIS went Lindy Hop. That would be So You Think You Can Dance chiming in.

Anyone else? No? Good.

Going back to the post-con stupor now.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Animenorth 2013: The Report

It's funny, but that weekend really seemed to fly by. Animenorth has come and gone for this year and I already miss it.

And the report?

Most excellent. Magic and Stitchcraft has officially made it's debut and it, honestly and proudly it was a good one. Both Ash and I sold things....we sold many things. We made enough to pay for the table, our supplies and even some cash on the side. My massive start up overhead is now gone and any future creations should have a greatly increased margin. I'm very happy and proud.

Of course, now I want to do this next year. Is that okay, Animenorth Officials? I want to come back!

Set up and selling got easier each day, (partially because stock was shrinking) once I figured out the best way to display and handle everything in an actual busy setting. In general, I think our table looked great. Even having the colourful table cloth made everything stand out against a nice rich background. We might modify our stands a bit making it more open in the centre than it was, but the concept still worked out well enough.

Stockwise, I got a better idea of what colours people favoured. Black, red, white went the fastest which I suppose should have been a no brainer, but I was surprised that the earthtones weren't as popular, but it's what others like, not me. My 11th Doctor spats took a while to go, and I ended up dropping the price a but, but the TARDIS ones went first and at full. I am so making those again....if I can find that blasted ribbon anyway. More spats in general, I think, since few people had really seen them before, and were most intruguied by them. Flowers as well, again in different colours. They ended up being a good fast make.

Others things I'd add would be chokers, which I originally planned on making, but ran out of time to do, and a few people were looking into some of my large cuffs as potential upper armbands. I'd have to look into a pattern for those and see if they'd be worth it.

Colours to add, in addition to more black-white-red would be purple as seemed to be a popular request and some more bright blues and greens, rather than the softer tones. Perhaps some cutesy pinks and such.

But yeah...it was....good. It was good.

Outside of our island of Italia (which our section of table cloths totally made) I didn't see too much of the con! I kept the tradition of onigiri and ramune of course, and did a little bit of shopping in artist alley, but that was about it. But there wasn't panels that I was gunhoo to see, so I didn't feel like I missed out. I don't shop much dealer room things, since I'm careful about my pricing especially since many things are often online at par if not cheaper, but I was pleased to see all the Doctor Who stuff, since this was my first con as a Whovian.

I ran into all the people I had hoped to see, including my Skiffy/M.A mates from University. (Miss you guys!) Plus, our table mates were awesome to work next to for the weekend. Maybe we'll see them again next year!

So yeah. It was fun. Really, really good.

Fingers crossed to do it all again next year!

And now back to reality......

 'cause I totally just renewed my library books for some costume ideas.....!!!


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Magic and Stitchcraft's Debut at Animenorth!

Alright, we're ready to rock!

The stitches have been stitched, the stock has been stocked, and the display is ready to impress.

Moofingham proudly presents for the first time ever - Magic and Stitchcraft's debut into the world of sales:

Anime North: 2013

Coming to a Crafter's Corner near you!

Victorian Steampunk Accessories! Dainty Cuffs, Sassy Spats, and some lovely little flowers to adorn your collars or your hair!

We've got 'em!

(Wish me luck...!)

Monday, 20 May 2013

T-3 days....

Well. Spats are done. The glue just needs to dry on two and then I can pack them up. I'm actually pretty proud of how they turned out, especially the whovian ones.

Still haven't worked on the leather ones.

Cut out the material for the flowers. I'm going to go with eight. I feel that I can get that many done by Friday. Tomorrow, I will start the sewing process with those. Goal...finish them.

Stand is drying and just needs to be assembled, and perhaps a decoration or two.

Tonight I will make the price list and update my spreedsheet. Need to get a photoframe to put the list in.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

T-4 days, Le WHAT?

Okay. I might be entering a slight panic mode. Not....quite panic. Just... on edge of glory.

On the spats: Black/White, Red/Black, Wine, and TARDIS are now finished and waiting for their ribbons. If you look closely at the Who spats, you can feel my season finale feels stitched into each one. 11ths are on route, needing the trim to be stitched on, and the patches to be stuck on and the bowties to be made.

Leather stuff.... I suppose I need to do those.

Flowers....haven't started. MUST get some done.

Making the stand tomorrow.

See? There's that panic feeling.

Or are those fireworks?
Perhaps both.

Friday, 17 May 2013


I am SO antsy tonight. My mind is just.... NOT calm. And I know its because it's the weekend before the con. It always happens; how many sundays before a con have I freaked out because of the small things?

I'm hoping that since there is no cosplay involved, I will be much more emotionally stable.

And then my brain told me: "Don't worry there isn't a panel of judges critiquing your work. Every customer that walks by your table will. ENJOY YOUR WEEK." Screw you brain.

Tomorrow - not a work day. Tomorrow I enjoy with friends. It is birthday celebration, it is firiends.

Sunday? It begins. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Europe and everything. And so is the holiday monday.

Time to call up my old cerebral friend, Winter Wolf.

Now, I will attempt to sleep.