Saturday, 30 November 2013

Reporting from the Nest

Well, I did indeed extract myself from the blanket. Success.

Updated my excel spreadsheet of awesome. (Have I mentioned I love that spreadsheet, much?) Reflected new profit margins, and made an adjustment to some of the pricing. It dropped my overall value of my current stock, but its more accurate than before.

I've also set up 15 flowers for construction. Matched them up with their layers and buttons, and I'm pleased with the colour combinations. Looking at these, I'm going to change the pricing to $8/flower, and 2/$15, mix and match, though I am going to try to make up some more duplicates, if I get more matching buttons. I'm also out of my red vintage ones which is shame because they work so well with the red and black flowers.

I do want to make some fascinators like the one I was commissioned for. Not sure if I will include the netting, because despite the fact it adds an awesome touch, the $8 add on is brutal and that's not even adding time/construction to make it into a veil. I'll have to check my profit margin to see if I can justify them. It does look very cool though...

Ah, back to it before I must head out.

Goal: Accomplish Something

Right then.

With the common cold lodged firmly into my sinus cavity, I fear my dreams of massive amounts of productivity this weekend might be falling flat. So my goal, with what time I do have to be spent on creative endeavors, will be focus on accomplishing a single task.

No idea what that will be, but I must do something. I wanted to sew the rest of my crinoline, but the idea of spending the time in the dark cold basement does not appeal. Perhaps I can work on my flowers for The Booth-That-One-Doesn't-Have-Confirmed. I can do that in daylight and with tea and blankets, right?

I have discovered they look lovely on hats. I put one of the ones I made to match my Duchess gown on a hat and it looks splendid. Another good way to display them, I feel. I can wear one as such when I sell them. Versatility people, it's all about that.


I am trying to get up the gusto to get off the bed and waddling to my sewing stuff. I fear this doesn't go well.



Wish me ambitious.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Animal Inspiration

Kingdom Animalia is such an amazing source for design. Today, here's a spotlight for some of my particularly inspiring friends.

The Quetzal
The Leafy Seadragon
The Fox

The Lionfish
The Wolf

That's all the for moment. Be Inspired.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bwaha. Snow.

Ahhh, I love it. It's so pretty outside right now. Everything's covered in that perfect layer of white. This, (well, a little more than this) is exactly the look I want to use for whenever I photoshoot Red, from OUAT. All I need is this weather, an appropriate doggie, finish that bodice. Oops.

Anyways, plugging away at sorting out my ideas for Costume Con. I think part of the issue, is I've never actually had to build multiple costumes at once. I'm usually a one costume per con (or year) kinda gal. I know I want to make several outfits, but I'm having an issue locking them down because I have so many ideas - because I need so many ideas. It's rather conflicting.

The Historical Masquerade is good. I know what I'm doing for that, bar a few decorative details. Lots of work to be done, but the idea is solid and coherent.

The Sci-Fi Masquerade is not. Part of the issue is actually the single pattern contest. If that happens overlapping with the Friday Night Social, perhaps I don't need a separate outfit for that. But my idea for the pattern contest is such a different look than the Social. And I really want to do both. I debated about merging the two together and that wasn't a good look. Unless I opt out of the Single pattern contest and throw my ideas at the Sci-Fi Masq? Blerrrrrgh, I don't know. I think I need a timeline of events to see how that would work out, since I also don't want to spend the majority of my con in the hotel room getting dressed.

At least I've pretty much convinced myself I'm not going to enter the Future Fashion Folio. My plan was to enter the design phase rather than the sewing phase - which I've done. Mind you, knowing me that could change once the folio gets released, but other than that, I'm comfortable playing the role of designer rather than sewer. *fingers crossed*

.... Now my mind is attempting to cross two ideas again. No...wait, not going to work. I need to open up that pattern and take a look at the actual pieces. 'cause I need to see how far away from the actual pattern I can go.



Sunday, 24 November 2013

Gallifrey RISES!

A much less geeky person would have problems admitting that the first thought I had upon walking this morning was "Gallifrey Falls No More." I, on the other hand, am a big geek and have no problems admitting it.

I am, however the same person, who woke up yesterday and saw the snow outside and imediately thought: "It's not snow. It's only the ashes from an exploded Sycorax spaceship."

Ladies and Gentleman, Whovian I am to the core.


Let's talk Day of the Doctor. I am going to have to watch it again in order to critically analyze it. I know there were things that I missed. But, I fully enjoyed it. Or rather, I enjoyed it once I was able to process what I saw. I haven't always liked Moffat's story lines, (though I felt that some of his episodes he wrote in the Russel T. Davis years, were truly phenomenal) but I feel this really worked. I have to go through my headcannon and see how everything fits with the End of Time and such, and if it all comes up roses than all will be fine.

However, plot aside, I never needed a reminder how much I love 10, but really, all that episode did was cement that he's my favourite.

This does not diminish the effect that 11th regeneration will have on me. I will not likely handle it well. Having said that, I have already begun a small attachment to 12, if only for:

Your intense stare is a majestic thing, sir Capaldi.

Anyways. I would also like to rewatch it for... dun dun DA! The costumes! This being a costuming blog, I suppose I should bring it up. But the brief looks of the Time Lords and the Gallifreyan people was very intriguing, and I wish to pick apart their garments. They have a liking for red, and I am fond of the colour myself for haberdashery purposes. Having said that, I might have to wait until the DVD is out so I can pause it and screencape it but, it's not like I don't have a million other projects to work on in the meanwhile.

That's it. Moofy out.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

It just got REAL

Costume Con.

It's happening.

I am well aware that I've had the ticket for....over a year now. It didn't matter. It was something in confirming we had a crash pad that made it come home.

156 days.

156 days, to create the MOST AMAZING things I can come up with.

I don't know whether or not to laugh in the glorious challenge or go and curl up in a ball, sobbing. Can I do both without sounding like a lunatic?

5 months? Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgvhghghgh..... I need to brainstorm so badly that all thunder gods in all their realms are green with jealously.

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Yesterday, I went with two of my friends to Casa Loma for an archery tutorial.

Firstly, it was an excellent and informative tutorial in which I learned things, rather than just "Here's a bow. Shoot it." Case in point: We shot with Olympic Take down Recurve bows. Added point: The take down refers to the fact that you can take it apart..... not Take down as in "DUDE, I took down that rhino!!!!" It was clearly an easy mistake to make. Secondly, I wasn't awful! I hit the target, including that grapefruit sized balloon. Good thing too. It was mocking me.

I have now acquired a liking for it. It's probably half delusion of grandeur, but I am not the worst shot in the world, and perhaps if the zombies were to come, I'd be able to hold my own for.... 10 minutes at least.

Now, I have caught myself paying attention to all the tv shows I watch to study their form. XD

And, being who am I, have started to wonder "What would I ever wear if the need arose to defend myself from the forces of evil?" I am not surprised Merida's dress tore in Brave when shooting. But I am not above embracing my Scottish heritage and am now brainstorming funky yet appropriate costumes for archery.

My name is Moofy, and I am a great big costuming nerd.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Inspiration comes from all sources

I have little to no experience in theatrical makeup. Textiles are my choice of medium as an artisan, but I have a healthy respect for special effects makeup artists. As such, I've taken a liking to catching up on Face Off, the show on Space Channel.

Jeeze oh man. The things they can create.

This week's finale involved the creation of the principle dancers from Swan Lake. And while I can't do what they can, I can take away concepts and ideas. Mainly two: Asymmetry and Movement. Creating a striking profile that isn't equal from all sides, but using that difference to create something amazing. And movement? Costumes are not meant for mannequins, they're meant to live on a person. So why make them so static?

It's food for create thought. Vague food. But nonetheless thought provoking.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

*cracks knuckles* Time to get organized


It's time to get creatively organized. We have very little time until Costume Con now, so I need to start getting my mind set together. While conquring Christmas, mind. 'Cause there always that.

Our first act of: Get Organized Moofy The Acquisition of a new rubber mallet for grommeting and all other mallet related jobs. Gertrude, my first mallet is deeeeeead. I actually feel bad for her, for all the pieces of rubber that fly off anytime I tried to use said mallet. So I have retired her in peace.... or pieces.

But now, there is a new mallet in my life. Stronger (I hope) than before! I have named it. LEVIATHAN! I hope that the ferocious name will impart it with strength and godlike powers I require of it.

I am well aware it should be called Mjolnir but I need to be a ferocious hammer, not a judgemental one.

Next.... I plan step two. My brainpower is still recovering from the last few weeks of awesome madness and therefore I have yet to come up with said step two. But I will. And it will be as glorious as Leviathan, the Rubber Mallet.

...But I think I'm going to watch the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who Mini-Episode again, first. JUST A WEEK A BIT LEFT!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Thor: The Dark World

Sooo..... went to see Thor last night. As per tradition, the ladies and I got their extremely early fully ready to fight for control of the line-up. Turns out we were the line up, for the majority of the time. Huh. Not sure if I was pleased not having to fight for a seat, or dissapointed in the lack of fan voracity concuring the earliest viewing possible.

Regardless, in short. I enjoyed the movie immensely. Excellent humour, lots of action, and oh, the last scene after the credits. Especially the very very last moment. And Cap's cameo - Hilarity. I did honestly feel there could have been more of the actual villian in it, which seemed like more of plot device than an actual character. I really wanted to see more Eccleston since I was enjoying him in the villian role, but c'est la vie, I suppose.

Costumically (Costumery...costumayically...whatever) speaking, man do I want Jane's Asgardian dress/armour. I tried to find a good shot of it, but I think we're still a little too early on in the release to have clear shots of it. There was torques, there was silk embroidery, and it really gave me a Game of Thrones vibe, which I know realize makes perfect sense, seeing as the director is of the GoT game. Now, I get it. Still, I want reference pictures, so I can pick up apart and see what ideas we can get out it. Maybe there will be an Artbook one day? I do like Artbooks.....

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ideas of once upon a time

*neutral face*

I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing that some costuming ideas never want to go away. Some ideas are just so ridiculous that they'll never take off, but then there are some that.... I don't really have the means to pull off, but are still technically doable, if all the stars were aligned. Those ones, some of those ones anyway, make me almost sad.

My project, "Gothic Ball" as we called it, was going to a dramatic group production, of monochromatic delight and dance. It was an idea way back in time, before I really had a handle on cosplaying as I do now. Then, I wouldn't have had the skill to pull it off. Now, I have a much better skill set, perhaps worthy of trying to pull it off. But for all that I have improved skills, I lack the key ingredient for such a group performance - The group. *sighes* Costuming can be a lonely art, I think.

Despite all that, I still want to properly design the costumes that should have be given life. My ideas of what everything should look like has massively changed over the years, seeing as I still have my original designs from... 2005 according to the date on the sketch. I favoured more... fantasy-like styles, I suppose, rather than the historical flavour I lean towards now. Probably have to do with more awareness of things like sewing patterns and crinolines. The only thing that hasn't changed is the quality of the art. Drawing. NOT my forte. Thank the sewing gods for that stencil.

Ah well, maybe once my time frees up, I'll venture back into the designing world. After all, Costume Con approaches. Justice must be done.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Oddly quiet weekend.

It's.... weird. Despite the fact that its been nonstop for the past many weeks, it's been an oddly quiet weekend. I mean, I have things to do; writing my speech for the wedding, making sure my dress is ready to go, etc etc, but I'm working through it all.

So, I'm having a few hours of total slugging around. Sitting on the couch, watching the Doctor Who marathon on TV in the background while playing Pokemon. It's practically decadent. Not to mention the daylight savings time change is throwing me off in a good way.

I do need to come up with some more tutoring stuff for this week, hopefully I can do that soil experiment because that should be relevant to their school work they're doing at the moment.

Man, it's weird watching Mark Sheppard on Doctor Who, I saw him on that first, then during all those Supernatural episodes, but seeing him as Canton again is just bizarre. I keep thinking it's Crowley and it's freaking me out.

I've done nothing costuming related to report. Once the wedding has been celebrated, and such I'll start back to my costumey things. Thought a tiny part of me wants to have something Thor related when we see the movie on Thursday. I don't even have a button to wear, how sad...

Meh, I'll cross that bridge.... later. I have a pokedex to fill.