Saturday, 31 August 2013

Just thoughts

1. I might be able to locate a key accessory for Project Powertrain Warranty at the mall. This could make things potientially much easier, and even cheaper than expected.

2. If I am pleased with said Project, than I will wear it for Halloween. Not that anyone outside of its respective fandom will have any idea what it's from. Whatever. Halloween is for those that celebrate it.

3. I need to figure out the Costume Con hotel. How many days I can afford to attend, etc. Programming runs from Friday morning until Monday afternoon. That's at least, a Friday, Saturday, Sunday experiance. Three nights for sure. I don't think I can justify doing the Thursday, however famous that would be. Have to figure out where the cost cutting would be, in order to do it all. I mean, the old convention method of bringing all the food possible wouldn't hurt....but really that's how it's been for years with Animenorth. Fingercrossed, we can get Animenorth/Fanexpo Artist Alley booth, I'll at least have something to throw against it. ....Be better if I could sell enough stuff somehow before hand to offset it.

4. The next month or so is going to be very busy with things, but I'm getting the itch to make booth things. Starting earlier would be a huge plus, but not having a confirmed table makes me hestiant about wasting time if we don't get one. Techincally Costume Con is before either of those two but booth things take a whole lot less time to make than my current costume agenda.

5. Note to self: Look for Tardis underskirt fabric at Fabricland during the sale. Especially if I need 8 metres of the stuff. That's all.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Satisfaction. Just add Fabric.

After a looooooong day at work, nothing is better than a trip to the mighty Fabricland. (Intel: 50% off sale in the next few weeks.)

1. Got the 60s pattern. It should work well.
2. Checked into zipper. Saw one I liked. Will wait for sale.
3. There was a nice plaid. I bought some of the nice plaid.
4. Blue Corduroy for $3/m. Hello Tardis Spats. Guess I can now make you again to sell since I have the fabric to make more than, well, two pairs. We're in business again. *grooves*

I can always tell when Right Brain is the one in control. My grammar gets truncated and my writing voice changes. But she's the creative one, so I'll let her be.

My new project needs a code name. I shall call it....Project Powertrain Warranty.

That is all.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

1960s Ideas

Simplicity Pattern 3833

Looking into the 1960s style. Looking through my Smithsonian book and some casual online stuff, I seem to favour the mini dress style. Not quick British Invasion GoGo style, but its seem the seasm lines and style in that pattern is characteristic of the era? Mod style, I think I read but by no means researched. Would go sleeveless for sure, hemline.....middling. Not as short as it might be in few D, but I want it above the knee for sure. Pattern seems to work for curvy woman, by the reviews.

Think that's the only Sim-Pat of that era. I'll check on the others now too.

For the Horde!

Pattern hording.

It is time.

Fabricland has informed me that they are no longer going to be carrying Simplicity patterns. This is.... a crisis. They have patterns I require. They have patterns who have a destiny to be mine. I must act.

Therefore: I go to website. I make list of patterns I need. I go to fabricland. I....renew my membership for the year, 'cause I have do that anyway. I then buy the patterns. ALL the patterns. I must save them. ALL of them.

*centres and focuses inner dragon*

I have also discoverd there is going be a Supernatural Convention. While not on a great weekend, I really do want to go for one day. I have never been to a non Animenorth/FanExpo convention before. I would like to fix that. Why not start with this one?

Of course I have an outfit design in mind. It's me.

Could double as Halloween at least....


Sunday, 25 August 2013

FanExpo Day 3 roundup

As I yawn jawcrackingly, I reflect over the weekend. 'Twas good times had by all, and most certainly, me.

Attending the Walking Dead panel with the others, as I waited for the next. While I only know a teeny bit of the show, the cast seems to love working with each other, which is always nice to see.

And then it was Nathan Fillion time. That man does not disappoint. He is terribly cheeky, has that sauve nerdishness and just an honestly good man. My favourite Q and A of the con. After that I bolted to catch the last few minutes of Stephen Amell which overlapped sadly enough. At least there was still some seats off to the side. Sounds like the next season of Arrow will be great.

After that.... shopping really. Picked up a Zelda Heart Piece necklace, a Mockingjay pin, a Moonglow pendant, some buttons to represent my current fandoms, and ordered an Okami shirt to be delivered. They were out of Teacarinas though.

So....yeah. Good times. Really good times, really. ...I am getting repetative. Tiredness does that to a woman. Sad it's over, and looking forward to the next con.

Onwards to Costume Con!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

FanExpo Uno - Dos

I am officially two days into Fanexpo with just one to go. For all that I will be tired and broke by the end of it, I always hate when its over.

So: A Mid-convention Report.

Panels: I've attending several so far. Actor wise, we saw George Takei, Nichelle Nichols and Zachary Quinto - all fantastic. I attended the 20 anniversary Sailor Moon panel (delightfully nostalgic - we sang round of the theme song, of course.) and partook in learning the fine art of Tea Dueling.

I kid you not. It is a sanctioned event for deciding delicate matters through grace and manners. And tea. Which I love.

Shopping: Amano's The Sky Final Fantasy Art belongs to me, and I've taken to purchasing tokens of my fandoms. A dalek pin, a trifore ring, and Dean's amulet belong to me as well.

Tomorrow: Nathan Fillion, the tail end of Stephen Amell. Some more shopping, both fandom related and delightfully shiny things.

Wore my Thistledown dress today. Got some nice comments on it again and a few pictures, but man is that thing hot to wear after a while. By the end of the day, I have enough of it. Love it, but removing it is often a relief. Game of Thrones robe tomorrow, which is much more managable. Though, I will discard the mini purse for my small backpack for easier carrying of stuff.

That's.... it for the moment. Hopefully a good sleep tonight for the final day of FanExpo!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

FanExpo Prep.

Have I mentioned how weird it is, that I am not actively finishing up a costume for competition? Usually at this time, I am in a froth of loose thread clipping and crippling self-doubt. Instead...I'm dragging out previously made creations, and airing away the scent of garments bags and time.

I feel like I should be stressed. I am not, which is why I am tense. Costuming has no logic here.

It's a very full living room right now. It's a sea of various shades of green, gold and accessories. Both CoCo and Mi-Co are half dressed, while other parts of my costumes air out while hanging outside on umbrellas or perch precariously off door knobs. And I am also fretting at to which pieces I have forgotten to pull out of the depth of time. There is make-up to unearth, over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders to adjust. Wallets and money need to be slimmed down for easy carrying, a shopping list for snackables and at least I have a Presto pass now, I don't have to fumble for ticket money while in a whimsical creation of silk and crinoline 'cause frankly, it just freaks the mundanes.

So...pretty much right on target.

Still need to do a bank run, baking run, and ensure my tutoring notes are ready to go admist the neverending notions by Thursday.

(And finish the last two episodes of Supernatural)

And then, all will be ready for FanExpo.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Queen Street Successes

My fears of my Tardis dress design have been laid to rest.

Well, one of them.

I have having an issue trying to find a white and black stripe fabric. Not fancy, just black and white stripe, bold, around one inch in width. My first efforts and travels, found me nothing at all. However, armed with determination, the luck of a fellow Whovian, and filled with Korean BBQ, I made like Merida, and changed my fate.

As much, I was able to fine my fabric. 4 yards, cotton twill. Minimal stretchiness. *sign of relief placed here*

Of course, there are a million other pieces that must be acquired, but at least I have most of the major outside fabrics. Still need my petticoat materials, trimmings, yadda yadda, but the bold design materials are mine.

I was also able to get my headband I needed to finish my commissioned headband. I will try to finish that tomorrow.

And now I go to watch the meteor shower.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Suddenly, I am productive again.

I actually have taken advantage of my extra day off.

I am now half done the first of my two commissions, and really the half left is just afixing it to the headband...once I find it. Plus I have the pieces and the idea for the next one. I should be done by the the end of next weekened, providing I can get that headband downtown next Saturday. Hurrah for me!

Plus, I have started and almost finished my own set of flowers for my dress to wear at FanExpo. I also located the jewelery for my other other dress. Scattered and out of order, I complete tasks nonetheless.

Things I must do:

Finished both comissions, and my own.
Repair and wash my crinoline.
Check gown for repairs.

Finish this week's tutoring notes, and get started on next weeks.

In no particular order mind, as my tutoring needs to come first. Though... I am also finished. Just a few more slides.

Hm hmhm....

I need more music. Time to iTumes.
And, I am no idea why, but I really love "My songs know what you did in the dark." by Fall Out Boy. Something in the phrasing of the music. I hardly notice the words, but the rhythm is.... interesting. Ah wells, on to it.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

...Uh..... Wow, where did that month go?

So... I may or may not have completely ignored my own blog for a month. Hardly intentional, I swear! I've been... busy. Tutoring, work, and perhaps even a much needed vacation. Doesn't really at up to consistent updating the past while.

C'est la vie, desu ka. (Yes, I will butcher two languages.)

Anyways, so what brought me back? FanExpo. (Have you SEEN the guest list? Oh me goodness...) Or more importantly, cosplaying at FanExpo.

Or rather, the lack. Like Animenorth, which was devoted to Artist Alley, Fanexpo is just close enough to other things that require my attention, and close enough to Costume Con that I have to choose my budgeting. I, on a mental or conscious grey matter level understand this.

The five year old child that operates the right side of my brain does not, and is making itself known. I can only explain it like a whole side of my brain is staring at me with an expectant: O___O Expression. It's very awkward.

So what do I do? Well, I have my game of thrones dress. It's easy to wear, more comfortable that most of my cosplays. So I know I will wear that. ....And then the right side of my brain cheerfully adds in:

"You should change the accessories around. It needs more dakka. Then it will be good enough."

Thanks brain. So, now I'm mulling like a wine over what new things I can add to the robe, so it's just a wee bit different. Perhaps, a cuff in my own design, and then many many bangles. Maybe a different necklace. Maybe a necklace from a different cosplay that will bring different gold tones.


Major enough that it's a project. Minor enough to be able to complete in the no time I have until FanExpo.

Yep. Sounds about right.