Monday, 28 April 2014

Costume Con 32 Con Report

I haven't been home for more than a couple hours and I'm already eager to write this report. I've been attending conventions for... 15 years now. Anime North and Fanexpo have been my staples since I was in my teens. My focus on why I attend has changed over the years, with no surprise, but I love those conventions dearly.

And then, Costume Con came into my life. I've really only been taking costuming "seriously" since maybe the last five years at the most. Two years ago, I heard about Costume Con 32 to held in Toronto. And I thought: "Costuming convention? That sounds fun!" so I bought the tickets, and then perused the archives. And then I knew true greatness and true fear, because those archives held costuming art like I've never seen before. But I was determined to go for it. Sure at first, I was going to attend every competitions and whatnot, but as the day job and life does dictate, I settled on for one design and work at that.

Costume Con is obviously about the costumes, but what I loved was not only the costumes themselves, but the passion and love people had for what they made. I saw everything from ferocious to humble pride of what people had created. I saw so many different media being used to create everything under the sun. But, it was also the eagerness to share how they had accomplished what they had created. Panels were full of eager people telling what they knew, and in many cases learning new things even on the topics they were teaching. And people were just crazy friendly. You'd go into an elevator and turn to the person next to you, and three floors later, you were comrades in arms, if not friends. Costume Con may be tiny compared to the rest of the cons I've attended, but what it "lacks" in square footage, it cannot be compared to the family that is Costume Con.

And it's coming back in three years.


I'm there. I'm SO there.
 Anyways! On to the Report!

Friday: Kashunga and I were dropped off.... just before 10, I believe. Hotel room was available, got unloaded and ventured down to the registration to get our badges - easy and peasy. I registered for the Historical Masq and with business attended to, we set out to enjoy. We went to Miss Lizzy's Traveling Historical Show, the Stage Makeup Tutorial, partook in the dealer's room and generally enjoyed the sights. A leisurely meal at Jack Astor's, and then back to the hotel.

After changing into our Game of Thrones inspired costume, we headed down to the Social for a few hours. The set up was fantastic, thematically decorated and catered, and we watched the Single Pattern Contest. First competition of the convention, and already I was wowed. After that, we headed back to the room, to prep for the next day. Ash joined us.... late. 1ish, I think. We were more than half asleep at that point. But, all troops present and accounted for, we proceeded to attempt to sleep for the busy next day.

Saturday: Bright Eyed and bushy tailed (not at all), we headed out and enjoyed more panels. Jewelry for costumes, Millinery basics in the morning, followed by lunch at Swiss Chalet with the brief car loan we had. After that, we attended the Fundamentals of Armor making, and then I headed upstairs to prepare for my workmanship judging. They were running a tad behind because of a group judging, but I got to chat with others waiting for judging. I'll get into judging later, but I survived! After that, we devoured more food at Boston Pizza, and then changed to attend the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Masquerade.

And what a Masquerade! The largest ever for a Costume Con, apparently! But so many amazing creations, it great to watch. I haven't seen one as an audience member quite a while, so it was nice to be able to see everything on stage and with sound. Post-masq, we escaped for a bit to the room to rest and kill time before the judging and then returned for the awards presentation. We got to see some well deserved awards, and then dragged ourselves off to bed.

Sunday: That morning, was not an energetic morning. Late night, but with lots to do, we mustered our strength for day 3. First was the Future Fashion Folio. My selected design wasn't created (maybe next time....) but it was great to see people bring other designs to life, and in some cases seeing multiple people's take on a single design.Panel time - Props and weapons, and then Making Wings for Kashunga and I, while Ash headed over to Beads and Shinies. The others headed over to more panels while I had Tech rehearsal, (again, later to be explained) and then we popped out to Jack's again for dinner. Then, it was rig up time for my masquerade. Couple hours there, few in the greenroom, the masquerade and awards in one fell swoop. (Results to follow!) After that, it was off to bed. Kashunga had to leave us, but Ash and I stayed the one more night.

Monday: A lazy day. Really it was a slow pack up and a final tour through the dealer's room. We attended the Historical Masq show and tell, so was able to see some of the other competitors garments up close. After that we headed home.

So, yes!

Amazing convention. Simply amazing. I can't wait for the next one!

But now, on to the Masquerade.....!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Off we go!


T-30 minutes until departure for..... Costume con!?!

.... I definately did not sleep last night. Too many did-I-forgets and maybe-I-shoulds. My costumes are packed, the cooler is waiting to be last minutes filled, and then it's off to four days of costumes.....

Where did those years go?

Once we settled the hotel, it's off to get the badges, register for the masq and then soak it all in.

*intemse excitment*

Until Monday!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Keep at it!

Yup. yup. It's now the time where I constantly have the need to update the blog. Does it force me to be productive? No idea.

However, more progress is made. Hair comb is done. (And kinda adorable) Gloves have been trimmed. Ribbon length adjusted. I still have some odd and sods fixes. That snap in the back ruffle keeps popping open so I need to replace it with something else. I'm going to make one more flower, so maybe one the petals can have a hook and eye on it, to force it closed.

Actually tried ON the gown today. I'm satisfied at this point. But man, the two layers of boning on my torso makes me feel like I'm wearing body amour.

Documentation is going fairly well. Text is basically done, so I need to do the pictures and then finalize the layout. Maybe done by....Tuesday? I need the paper.

I keep thinking it's Saturday and it's freaking me out. It is not. I have another day, more than I believe.

Next, is stage direction. I have vague idea how I'm going to present. Well...more than vague, but it's still very rough. Especially after my test twirl nearly caused me to fall over. Heh, nothing new there.

Worked out my other outfits. Firebird needs hair thing still. Thinking on that.

I'm also taking part of my Phoenix outfit with me, for Saturday since I'm not in the masquerade that day. Turns out the bodice and fixings goes with delightfully with my black skirt. It's an interesting look, plus if workmanship for my masq is that day, I can still manouver.

That's... all for the moment.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

*crazy face*

Okay. Okay. So, okay.

1. FanExpo booth info is up. It has been submitted. It is in the hands of express shipping (on a long weekend, of course) and FanExpo now. We.... want it. Hopefully, we will just know one way or another, soon.

2. .... Post tutoring, I have been working.... non stop on this costume. All the flowers are completely made. Eight illuminated ones are drying after rhinestone application. One of the three non-illuminated ones is sewn on, and its two counter parts are waiting for placement once I try on the bodice...tomorrow. It is too late for putting on a corset.

3. My hands are covered in three kinds of glue. Fortunately, the superglue is the upper most layer and is not actually stuck to my skin. But, my hair comb is well on its way to being complete. We need to dry overnight before I add more details.

Things to take in back up kit. Extra light, extra Velcro, glue gun, super glue. Matching thread and needles. Scissors.

4.... I am so wired, right now. Tired, and wired. I am balancing the potential of three conventions right now.

There is only one song to be played on my iTunes right now. The only one that ever fits this state of mind.


Monday, 14 April 2014

Hurry, hurry

Okay, final 10 days. We can do this.

We've started the final embellishments. The lights finally shipped to the store, so I grab them before I left work. Successful mockup of a lit flower - bar changing the material the flower was made of, because it was total systems frayure. But, they still have the effect I want. Might add some sparkles to the petals to tie in the sparkles on the flower centres on the neckline - which also need to be made.

I had years at one point, didn't I?

Goal for tomorrow: Finish biology tutoring notes. many flowers as possible, to prep for light attachment. Bonus points if those flowers get lit. Reward will be one hour of TV vegetation. Supernatural.

C'mon kid, let's go, let's go, let's go.

Friday, 11 April 2014

*Tense. Focused*

Part of me wants to run around screaming like a nimmy, at how close CC32 is. For good and bad, just the sheer excitement.

Part of me feelings like I'm the warrior on the brink of Battle. Not just competition - but entering that convention world. The mental preparation. The emotional preparation. The packing.

I am charged.....! And.... disorganized, I don't know what do next. XD;

Random thought attack!

Do I take my Heart Piece Dress and Temporarily suspend the heart piece part - aka...the pendant, to temporarily adapt it to the myths theme of the friday night social  - as a firebird? It could be doable and I'm not changing the dress, just the accessories. I plan on wearing it as a heart piece dress for animenorth/fanexpo anyway.

Also: What happens if you try and sneeze wearing a corset? Can you? My mental image is only of hilarious disaster.

....So scatterbrained!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunny days, that's the key!

It's amazing when you have natural light, how much easier it is to sew. Psychological OR simply logical?

Either way, the bodice is well on its way to being conquered. I have the armholes to finish, and just a few minor fixes, and it's done!

And then comes the overclocking details.

Timey Whimey Time.

At least it's beginning to look like how I imagined it. I might even say: *knock on wood* that I am proud of this design. Splendid.

I also sprayed the ring I needed for the Heart Piece dress. Another gift because of the sunny weather and no wind.

I'll work on it a little more this evening, (either one, not sure) and I'll consider this the most productive weekend by far.

....Gotta start working on that packing list too. :D Should I bring my camera, or will the one on my Ipod suffice?

*is secretly hoping someone will make her design at the folio contest*

But for the moment, jewelery research.

Friday, 4 April 2014

We meet again WEEKEND.

So help me, I have less than a month until Costume Con. I am behind on... all the things. This weekend WILL be gloriously productive, or I'll.... I'll...

I have no threat that I can possible put here that I would listen too.


I ---

Just had a really weird idea. .... That needs to go on the back burner. I'm terrified where that is going to lead.

-- have bodice work to do, and fine details to start working on. I also need to pin down what I want the necklace to be.

Plus, I need to paint the support ring for the heart piece dress. Not sure if that's what I am going to wear to the social, but it's a maybe.

..... Except that other idea I just thought off is not letting me off easy. Seriously brain? That isn't helpful right now.

....But it would be...interesting.


I also need to start working on what we need to pack in the ways of supplies. We are going to be there for three nights after all. That requires provisions. Portable and tasty provisions. Time to find the best of the best cooler recipes and foodstuffs.

And I will need garment bags.

*little dance of excitement*

For the fact of I have tons of work to do.... It's almost here! Finally!