Sunday, 26 April 2015

Stand up.

Alright! Two cups of coffee in, (which is two cups of coffee more than I usually drink on a daily basis) and our display stand is 75% finished!

Just need to paint the two support slats, string the ribbon supports and then attach magnets - the latter I require more of since the magnetic tape I bought is about as weaksauce as you can get. so the backup magnets will have to do.

I still need to make things like pricing tags and signs, but that I can do after I do a test run of it all. And of course, finish the products to go on said support stand. I didn't really do that much more than grommeting this weekend, but I should be able to do bits and pieces of it around the rest of the week. Once I get my tutoring notes ready for this week at any rate.

Hm. Yeah, so finish up grommeting, then trimming the cuffs. I have also three of those vintage lace cuffs to do, which are going to be the last of those ever since I'm gotten to the end of that yardage. Shame, I do like it, but I'm glad that I bought when I did so many people have been able to share in it's awesomeness.

Ah well, onwards.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Target Reached.

Blisters....avoided. But only just.

All four pairs of Hyrule's Triforce and the two singles of Lorule's Triforce cuffs have been grommeted. That's enough of that for today, or at least for the next few hours until the rub marks go away. Meanwhile, time to get started on the decorative parts of those cuffs, and perhaps start on some of the display stand work. I could use a good hour of painting.

Today is Grommet Day

The day in which I spend most of it hunched over the concrete floor and swing a rubber mallet over an anvil over and over and over again.

Each cuff requires 8 grommets,
32 grommets have been set.
72 more to go for today (?)

We'll see what the wrist can take.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nothing like a cup of tea

Gently brewing in a bowl stuffed full of cotton lace.
So far the lace seems to be taking on the colour well, so once I rinse it out, it should have that antiqued look.

For a bunch of ribbons, that I randomly came up with last night during my awful night of sleep. Their corresponding buttons have also been painted. Two things that have nothing to do with the check list of stuff I gave myself today.

I did get the triforce cuff bases sewn, just not yet pressed out. I do blame the random power outage we had that kind of makes it impossible to sew or iron when both require electricity.

I did get to Fabricland though, and managed to get eight headbands. Therefore my fascinators are now complete at an even dozen. GOOD.

I will still try to get the cuff bases ironed, or at least turned out tonight.

Tomorrow to Home Depot to get display stuff.


My game plan for a having a great night's sleep so I could be crazy productive today failed, and now I feel like a slug. With very frizzy hair and track pants. Whatever. Today's modified goals are:

1. Sew together bases for triforce cuffs, and press out.
2. Begin Grommet-Fest 2015, Spring Edition.
3. I should maybe eat breakfast.
4. Possible nerp out to fabricland and get some more black headbands.
5. I need to start on my display.
6. I'd also need to find some actual outside-in-general-public-clothes, before leaving house.

That's enough.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Taking advantage of the weekend.

Free weekend, with no social plans means "Get to work on your art stuff, less you panic when the con comes around the corner."

And so far, that plans has held.

I managed to snag two black headbands from Fabricland, so I could finally put the two Muskoka's on their mounting. I still need another, but I haven't made the base yet, so at least it's not hanging around incomplete.

Whipped up a Loftwing in Zelda's colours. Love it.  I think I'm out of feathers at this point, but the temptation to make more is high. But I need to switch gears now any.

Oh, and a Jupiter Ascending inspired haircomb is currently curing as we speak. It's....kinda fabulous. Shame that it's probably going to be the only one I'll be able to make like that. But it was worth the glue burns I think. Not sure how much to sell it for though.

Tomorrow is cuff day. Get those bases sewn together, and pressed out. That should take awhile.
Maybe if it's nice enough outside, I can open a window while ironing.