Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Today's tuesday.

Yesterday was Tuesday, too!


Heat of the Moment, played on the radio today. On Tuesday. A cooler person than I wouldn't have reacted as I did. But I am fully accepting of my geekishness so react, I did.

The bodice and I are still avoiding each other. Though, I did put the darts in the arm holes. It's honestly not going to be until this week that I have enough uninterrupted time WITH daylight to work on it.

So I summoned my 4 meters of ruby red material and am now part way finished constructing my Heart Piece dress. To be styled like the Game of Thrones maxi dress, it will be created to honour the heart piece pendant I got at the last FanExpo. All rich red and brilliant gold.

Remember! If I don't have anything to wear with a new piece of costume jewelery I WILL MAKE IT.

(And I will dress as as many inanimate objects as I can. Because I can. It's kinda my trademark)

It's not hard to put together at least. It's just a lot of hemming. Though I do need to get another hitch ring for the back. And figure out what to wear underneath it. Wonder if I can find gold tube top, that I would never wear in public unless it was used for the sole purpose of covering up excess bare skin underneath another dress. Maybe one of those We-sell-way-too-small-clothing-trendy-trendy-OMG-dance-club stores would have something that would work.

 I'll check tomorrow.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Procrastination OR Productive???

I'm avoiding the bodice.

Monday night is not... the right time for that. Not to mention I had to work on tutoring notes. I did manage to find a corset-like thingie at La Senza outlet on the weekend, that's a lot more workable than the strapless + cincher number I was using. The shape seems better.

I want to have a proper corset commissioned. Perhaps Costume Con will be the place to find... a place. Gods, my grammar is terrible right now. But perhaps I can get one that is both an outside and interior style corset. That would be ideal.

Still avoiding the bodice.

But, at least procrastinated in the form of making my spats, which are complete - so at least SOMEthing was done. I could cut flower parts out but.... it's cold in the basement, and I don't want to go down there right now.

.... I really need those lights. I hope they got ordered.

Need jewelery ideas.

...Maybe chocolate.


Monday, 17 March 2014

The steamroller effect

Okay. Okay. Just over a month left until the con.

I must work on my dress every day until it's done, or it will be the only thing done, and barely at that. Where does the time go?

Working on the bodice. Lining is now done, outer layer has been sewn. Need to do a check to make sure the outer layer fits right and then we stitch the two, together. Wait.... bertha to the outer layer, then we stitch the two together. Then we attach the attachment hardware. And trim. Trim with festoons of majestic-ness.

Goal: Finish.

The lights are... well, not on order, but in the queue to be ordered, which is out of my hands. Have to start thinking of jewelry as well at this point. If I don't get a chance to work on the bodice tomorrow, I will perhaps attack the clock for the headpiece.

Random thought.

Frozen is out tomorrow. :D


Also working on modified ideas for the Friday night social. Don't know if I can get Quetzalcoatl done the way I want it.....unless I work every night.....

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Picking up speed.

Right then.

(Bar once overs, fix ups and critical final checks) The skirt and the corset are finished. The corset came together...faster than I thought. Being not in a mood to wrangle all the skirt fabric under the sewing machine, I ended up plowing through the belt. Minor (Re: Stupid printer ruining my last remaining printable fabric causing an emergency run to Staplers for a different, cheaper and in the end, better kind) issue resolved along the way, and it looks really cool. Just how I want it to appear. So far, the costuming is looking how I had hoped it would.

Pattern pieces are cut for the bodice, next I will begin the mockup. Fingers crossed that with that funky and mathematical method that pattern uses to choose sizing, I will not have a disaster on my hands. I am eager to do the accessorizing part..... not to mention getting started on my Crafter's stuff.

Have been working on my documentation notes though. Putting them in rough draft's while I finalize how I want the documentation to look. Considering changing my mind on how I was going to make it. Might be easier, take less time but still be as visually effective. Cheaper? We'll see.

This weekend. *shakes fist* This weekend will be productive.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Those little tasks

Managed to get a couple things done today. Mailed off the application for the booth, so hopefully Canada Post will agree with me and send it promptly. Then, the dual project making can begin.

I made a rough list of cuff/spat ideas. Came up with a number of about 78 individual cuffs to be made. That's..... probably a lot more than I can handle. But, hopefully my plan to alter linings and trimmings should reduce overall time, but increase variety. So, maybe not 78. But, hopefully more than I did last year. I do have leftover from last time, that might find homes this year.

I am already, shamelessly trying to decide what to wear. Each outfit must be chosen to show off the accessories. I am but a mannequin for my designs. I'm looking at you, black and white blouse.  You. Me. Shadowhunter cuff? *suggestive eyebrow waggling*

I also found a pdf of the Tardis door sign. Which means I can finally print it on the printable fabric, stitch it to the corset and progress on that part of the project. I need to do that before I fit the lining and outer layer together. And insert the boning. Need to do that and baste it in too. That part shouldn't take long at least. Maybe that part done tomorrow?

And finish my tutoring notes. Got unintentionally behind on that.

Such is life.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

*flails with excitement*

Magic and Stitchcraft's is on its way to glory once again....! I received first stage of acceptance for crafter's corner. (thankyouthankyouthankyou)We still need to fill out the formal application/payment/full confirmation, but we are now officially on our way. I am full of excitement tempered by relief tempered by panic tempered by determination. (That four seconds surrounding 8pm was agonizing. I think I gave myself mild indigestion thinking I had sent it too late, too early, not to the correct address etc etc.)

This is a honour, and I shall not waste it. Animenorth gods, I shall prepare your offerings.

Once we get full confirmation, we will go into full planning mode. There is a booth to create, an environment to build. And stock to make. So. much. stock.

All the while, preparing for Costume Con, which is a month before.


I'm ready. I am SO ready for this.