Thursday, 20 November 2014

The art of selling.

So, I work retail as my day job. For all it's ups and downs, you do learn a trick or two about merchandizing stuff. And so, while I was spending an hour mopping up the flood that decided to expel itself from the pipes/walls/gates of hell at work, I turned my mind to booth setup.

Things that I have concluded/noticed/have come to mind.

1. Touch is key. Get people to touch an item, they create a bond with it.

2. Displaying something nicely is good - but too fancy, they get intimidated, to casual and it doesn't show off it's value. 

3. The further the hand has to stretch towards an item, there is a 30% decrease in likelihood the item will be touched/picked up/noticed. If all booth tables were therefore only a foot wide and 18 feet long, vendors would be selling 100% of their products.

And so, I am once again mulling over how I should change how my stuff is displayed.

For the hairclip flowers, I find that on their fancy stand didn't get them noticed as much, for that they were.... very accessible. But, something about that extra extension of the hand just made them unnoticed until I dropped them to the table surface right at the front. Current idea: Create a rotating display, right at the front of the table, that has the flowers. Create a card stock backing for them to clip onto which in turn would hang on the display. Could double as the display top for the head that usually has one of the fascinators on it, again putting it right out front.

I also want to ramp up the Chocobo fascinators display. Maybe print out an actual chocobo and put it right next to the clips. (Maybe on another side of the spinning display?)

The biggest thing to also consider is that the table sizes for Animenorth and FanExpo are slightly different, so it has to adapt to each. (Fingers crossed we get Animenorth again this year....)

Ah, well. To the sketch book.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Winter accessories

So, my daytime tutoring session was cancelled for this week, so I decided to take the time and be productive with organizing and tidying making pretty things. Been meaning to make a blue flower brooch for my Nanny for a while, to match the pink one I made. Also, I had bought some Christmas fabric (like two days ago...) to make Christmas hair clips for me and....whoever else wants one, heh. They look like poinsettias, so it works. Probably end up wearing one at work once it gets closer to Christmas, for that festive cashier look.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Random stuff.

So.... I've been shamefully neglecting this blog. Oops. To be fair I haven't done much in the ways of creative stuff lately. I'll post some Halloween stuff after I finish it all, since I have made a couple of tester things, which have served as experiments in techniques for future and more elaborate projects.

So in the meanwhile, here! Have a picture of a hair comb!


I made it yesterday since I need something to match my outfit I wore to high tea today, which was all about Swans. ...The outfit not the tea. The flower matched the scarf I was wearing, pinned with a crystal swan brooch.

I very much liked the effect of the brooch on the scarf, so I might use that look again in the future.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

I made a thing

Dean’s bracelet circa…before he lost it. Hell? Was it season 4? Whatever.


Opted to change the matte light brown coloured beads to ones that were a shiny amber colour just to give it a wee little bit femininity. Tuned out…. actually, how I wanted it. Cool.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

That side of the brain...

The right side of my brain just woke up. It's impatient.

The gist of it's neural firings are these:

- You had Animenorth off.
-You had FanExpo off.
-Your booth work didn't count.
-You better start working on a project - NOW.
-Not a skirt or a accessories.

I suppose that's my cue. Off to the sketch pad.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

The history of a costume

So, we're back on planning our Costume Con costume. (For 2017). I'm thinking of slapping this under historical interpretation again since I liked the challenge of giving it a historical context.

Now, my intentions of giving this a historical basis is turning into a research project to justify the fashion choice into the fixed timeline I've allocated to this costume.

There might have been a fist pump when I discovered the historical basis for the shield might be perfectly accurate both within the cannon of the source material and the timeline of reality.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Three parts of the brain

There are three distinct regions of the brain.

One - What shall I wear for Hallowe'en?

Two - What shall I wear for my next costuming event?

Three - What shall I wear to Costume Con?

When all three parts of the brain are active at once, it makes for a very colourful yet counter productive grey matter.

I am attempting to allocate time to all three projects this weekend. As long as the Gland of Impulse Crafting Ideas doesn't send any signal molecules and disrupt this plan.

Monday, 1 September 2014

FanExpo 2014 Summary

Urrrrghhh. First off, it's Monday - The Convention Hangover Day. It is no small mercy that it's Labour Day and therefore my store is closed and I can take a day to recover. 'Cause I am unfit to be seen in the general public. Seriously, it's scary.


So this was our first time vending at Fanexpo. And it went.... okayish. Honestly, it was not what I thought is was going to be profit wise. For a scary moment, until partway into Sunday, it was dicey whether or not I was going to clear my overhead. I did, with a smidgen of profit, but a far cry from what I was hope for. I guess the Animenorth crowd is actually a better market for that it was lower than all us vendors were hoping for as well. Huh. Anyway, it's currently on the fence whether or not I will vend next year. Attend, of course, and work the table for Ashley's designs for sure. At this point, it's whether or not I can keep the overhead at a bare minimum because that's what's hurting the most. I'll have to think on it.

 Anyway, the actuall con summary as follows.

Thursday: Ashley's dad dropped us at South Loading in the morning, and we got to experience FanExpo in it's set up stage, which is WEIRD.  You never get to see it in it's vulnerable stage like it was, peeking behind the curtain is rare sight. But we had tons of time to set up, which was good because you never quite know how it's going to come together until you actually have the space. Either way, set up went well as it did on all days. Did some business, but I didn't have any panel stuff that day so it was pretty much just booth stuff all day.

Friday: Took the wrong train in the morning, so I ended up getting there a half and hour earlier than I expected. Fortunately my god pass let me in, and I once again experienced an all but empty convention hall. Once everything was done and Ashley arrived, I bolted to the Matt Smith panel line up before the convention even opened. (I love that pass) Subsequently I got an excellent seat in the theatre.
Panel was great - Matt Smith is adorable. He was like a kid, swinging his legs in his chair. One questioneer asked if he could run with him, just like 11 did with his companions. The guy's life was made that day, he was practically glowing after the run with Matt. There was also a proposal!
After that, it was booth work up until a quick demonstration on Parasol dueling. I add this information to the other file on Tea Dueling. 

Saturday: ...Booth stuff, really. I didn't have any panels, but I snuck out for a quick run through Artist Alley so I could come back the next day and shop. Everyone met up for Jack Astor's for dinner.

Sunday: Our best profit day, however short it was. Attending the Stephen Amell's panel midafternoon. Another great panel; he really is such a nice person, especially with all the charity work he does. Heh, the crowd was a cheeky bunch. One of the questioners asked: :"What would you like Oliver to do that he hasn't done before, in this season?" Of course, someone in the crowd screamed "Felicity!" The audience responded with catcalls in kind. The Olicity is strong in the fanbase. After that, it was booth right until the end. Then it was breakdown, pack up and then home.

So that brings us to Monday. And this misspelled, grammar ruined post.

Bought some stuff: Book one and two of the Fey Winds comic. A steampunk bracelet, some supernatural buttons, a gallifreyan pendant and supernatural pendant that says "Salt and Burn", a print and a wand.

So yeah... that's the run of it.

Until next con!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fan Expo 2014 - Let's do this!

Alright! Tomorrow (or rather later today) the sun rises on Fan Expo! And Magic and Stitchcraft will be there with:


Look for us in Artist Alley, A114! Tell me Coupon Code: "DNA Polymerase" to receive a FREE verbal strand of DNA or RNA!!! (No kidding!)

And now........!!! Sleep. Because I need to run a booth for four days and not scare people.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Wardrobe run down.

Okay. Tentative plan of outfits for maximum adaptability of accessories.

Thursday: Daisy shirt, denim capris. Matches with yellow flower clip and copper wire necklace. Also, pants. Pants are good so I can navigate and set up booth better. Goooood.

Friday: Whovian motif; Black ruffle skirt, blue blouse, black tank. Matches with Tardis spats, and my Timey Wimey Hairclip. My 11th doctor jacket will be also coming along for a ride as well as my sonic screwdiver 'cause I wanna have it at the Q & A.

Saturday: Black and White theme. Not sure what that will be yet. But to show off Supernatural accessories include my personal supernatural cuff and matched with my silver anti possession necklace.

Sunday: Phoenix light. Steampunk bodice, ruffle skirt. Matches with the coordinated hat, spats and such. Phoenix necklace of course.

That is the current plan anyway.

In other news: Finished last pair of AoT cuffs. Finished personal SPN cuffs. What else? ...More of what?

Friday, 22 August 2014

In the midnight hour, babe.

I sew more, more more.

7 more flowers finished. 4 more to be made up and that will bring me to 25. Then we will stop.

Going to make up one more cuff - Attack on Titan, Unicorn version. Then... that will be it for cuffs...?

Spats. I need to make at least one more pair. Maybe 11th Doctor ones.  I don't know.

... I feel like I am missing so much stock?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Coming down to the wire

Okay! So; Fascinators: Finished up the last of the Roarin' Muskoka today giving me three in total, and 14 fascinators overall, plus two chocobo hair clips and one... random hairclip that I made and do rather like but I only made in a one shot.

Cuffs - 4 pairs Black and Red, Fancy Foxes, Triforce and Supernatural with 2 pairs of Attack on Titan, Lorule's Triforce, Elizabethian Wine, Musical notes, to add to the handful of some of the last run's designs.

Spats - Nothing new yet. Still have the 3 sets from Animenorth. Might add..... an 11th Doctor? Maybe.

Flower clips - Have 6 ready to be made up. Did the petal stitch tonight quickly when I got home from work.

Lace cuffs - 8 ready to go!

So.... good. Still need more, but the mad panic is... I won't say over but I have the majority my stuff now. Fascinators are fully finished, and so are the lace cuffs. The others, eh, we'll see.

Need to spray paint my wire display though tomorrow, and keep in mind how I want to set things up. Seriously considering a butt cushion to add some extra height to my chair so I can see over the stands better. Not that I'm short but those chairs make me feel like I'm in the ground.

Ah well...sleep.

Monday, 18 August 2014


My goal was to make enough inventory that the rough total value was going to be a grand after removing overhead. As my most recent pair of cuffs dries, they are that threshold. Of course, that's at total sell out, so while that's not going to happen at least I know I have it. That's factoring in the pricing from Animenorth, so I might gain a bit from individual cuffs though spats might go either way.

... I haven't made anymore. Not sure if there is a yet to that statement or not. Either way, I have blisters forming from grommets so I need to stop for a while. Still need to make those two more fascinators, and then we'll see what else gets made. I should probably make up those two more singles on the Attack on Titan pairs with the rose and unicorn shield, with fancy trim since I have it. And I need to make some more flower pins. I'll have to finish up my supernatural cuff that I am going to wear, but that might be later on.

Ugh, I'm tired. All my mind is chatting about is this booth while I'm sleeping, so it hasn't been a restful couple of days. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about this but that's why I am pressuring myself for more, more, more.

Need some mindless TV nao.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

*Wrinkles nose*

I swear the whole house smells like fray check and hot glue. I don't know if that's delightful because it's the smell of progress or bad because I haven't really moved for 3 hours.

.... My chocobo fascinators are done at least. They're rather cute. Plus four flower clips. A smattering of cuffs drying and their ribbons. This is good.

... back to it.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Go go go!

Today, I am a machine.

The table cloth is stitched, 4 pairs of cuffs have been grommeted, 2 pairs trimmed, 6 more pinned awaiting the stitching of the trim and I still have a teeny bit of energy left to finish some hand work. I am very pleased. Stressed because I have SO much stuff to do still, but the day was not wasted.

Carrying on!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

*nods* Progress

I'm not actually sure if blogging my progress is actually helping my productivity, but seeing what I've done written down and judged by the impartial internet makes it seem so.

4 pairs of Triforce cuffs are finished saved for curing and ready for sale!
2 pairs of Fox cuffs are curing, need a final embellishment and then will be good to go. 2 more are in the wings for trimming.
1 pair of Lorule Triforce cuffs are ready to trim, which I will try and finish the hand sewing on tonight.

There was an incident involving a supernatural cuff, forcing me to have to make another single which...will come later. Extremely irritated about that. The other 7 are fine, but the lack of symmetry is bugging me.

All in all, though, we're doing okay. Finish lorule and fox tonight and I will be that much happier.

The plan so far...


1. Grommet until arm is sore.
2. Pin trim to finished grommeted cuffs
3. Stitching trim Part 1
4. Grommet until rested arm is sore.
5. Continue stitching.
6. Something involving fray check.
7. ???????
8. PROFIT! (?)


Carrying on.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

It's August, right?

So I'm not thinking about my Hallowe'en costume at all.


Not at all.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Some progress

Vintage lace cuffs are finished. (Well, just drying, but nothing more to be done to them.)

Four more pairs of lace up cuff cut out; musical score and burgundy.

Tomorrow I hit Queen St for fun and profit.

That is all.

Creative Indecision


Just under four weeks until Fan Expo. I have a lot of stuff I need to make. And I am currently suffering from.... Sewer`s Block. I think. Whatever you call it. Either way, I have no idea what to make next, or perhaps I am second guessing what I am currently making. I have a lot of partially finished things, but I`m not eager to work on those. It`s....frustrating.

That and my creative process is really wanting to work on personal costumes, so that`s not helping all.

Ah well. I`m just going to...go sew. `Cause I need to.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sew musical

Once again, So You Think You Can Dance has provided me with more music to groove too.

Except the current song is giving me Supernatural feels.

Which is making me design Steampunk Supernatural costumes.


At least I accomplised a tiny amount of booth stuff.

Eight Vintage Lace cuffs currently drying from their fray checking, waiting for embellishments.

Go me?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

2500km later....

Well, back from a nice week long vacation through our neighbouring country America, (though I'd take another week, easy). Now it's back to business. We've got less than a month and a lot to do before FanExpo.

Though, on vacation I might have been, idle I was not. Even on the road, I hunt for fabric. Whether I needed it or not. I'd like to think of it as.... useful souvenirs. So much better than a silly trinket I would never look at again, right? Right.

My fabric selection. Mostly fat quarters, but a few yards as well. Very nice, very nice.  Ooh, and these:

Two books I got from Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, PA. Can't recall the actual copyright dates, but one has an inscription of 1966 and one 1939. Mmmmm historical....!

So now..... I need to use it all. To work I say!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Bobbin winding power.... MAKE-UP!

.... I may or may not have mentally regressed to myself 20 some odd years ago because the recent airing of sailor moon crystal, has awoken the little girl in  my heart that believes everyone is a sailor senshi.

This has been further influenced by the fact I realized I had never finished reading the sailor moon manga, and subsequently corrected that by reading it all, over the last two nights.

As such, I may or may not be sewing in the basement with "ai no senshi" blasting at max volume, occasionally air guitaring with a mouth full of pins.

I am the coolest person you know.

Now if you will excuse me, I have excessive amounts of top stitching to do, in the name of the moon.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

List, list, list.

Of things done, to do, shall be, or shall not,

1. Fascinators at 80% Two more to make in complete, but doing that later 'cause I need a change from feathers. Two more need their eyes and bands.

2. Cuffs. Starting cuffs. Goal is to get Black/Red bases stitch, AoT bases stitched, and maybe triforce ones started.

3. Watched Sailor Moon Crystal Ep1. Oh, nostalgia. <3

4. .... Breakfast.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Baby, it's *not* cold outside.

Summer. I remember you. You with the hot and the sweating.

I see what you are doing.


.... My mind blanked. This was supposed to be a report on the booth inventory, but my higher brain functions have shut off on me. I've made fascinators? More colours of them? I have 7 finished, 1 just needing its headband, four started, and 2 more 100% planned. Having fallen in love with my bird fascinators, I've made more in the original gold and burgundy, and now some in silver and green. I'm very pleased with them.

And then idea struck, inspired by my watching of an FFVII let's play - the chocobo fascinator. Taking the same style, but changing it to the chocobo colours. Complete experiment, but eh, why not? They could look cute.

So, I might start those tonight, or at least try and finish the other's on the go.


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Full steam ahead!

Today was one of those perfect shopping days. Weather was fabulous, and deals were plenty. My aunt and I ventured downtown (initially to purchase books at Bakka Phoenix, in which success was had) to attack Queen St for Booth Notions. I think I managed to get everything that I need, bar maybe one trim or so, but I got all the feathers I needed, among other things, so I should be pretty set for awhile.

And a shout out to Sussman's and King Texiles. The staff helping me today were amazing. Thanks, guys!

Added bonus today was running into the Steam on Queen Festival. I completely made a point of remembering when it was, so I could go down to it, and then promptly forgot. But, luckily enough we passed by it on the streetcar and were able to go back to it. Especially since the Love Poetry Corset's booth was there, and I managed to buy an amazing hourglass real corset for $100. No more non fitting la senza cheapy for me! (Sorry fake corset, you served me well.) It's got real steel boning and a busk and it fits, and it was 50% off, plus it has a wicked map pattern on it. But there are no extra bells and whistles so I can wear it under or over things. So excited. Now I can also make some sort of delighful outfit around it too. Eventually.

Good good good. I like when it plan comes together. Now, tomorrow we make things!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

*beings hording supplies*

Furthering supply purchases have begun. Saving where I can of course, but even at 50% the prices of centres and buttons and such is always so disproportionate to everything else. But, once I get some more feathers, I should be able to make awesome amount of fascinators. Delightful and yet, wildly affordable fascinators.

I just need to make them.

Also, Spoonflower order is on its way. Fingers crossed that the fabrics are how I pictured them. Never ordered fabrics online before so my lack of control on this is making me edgy. If they are good, expect Attack on Titan Wrist-ta-cuffs of doom! And some My little pony as well.

I just need to make them.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I intend on having as productive day as I can. I need to have a productive day.
So let's do this!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

*thoughtful pencil chewing*

Okay. Taking advantage of my random day off midweek to be productive.

Tutoring notes are finished, so I have been focusing on other things. I'm trying to plan out what I need to make for the next booth by tracking what I sold - when - at AN. Going to churn out at least 4 pairs of Triforce cuffs, since they were my fastest seller, and going to test out a pair of Goron's bracelet's as singles. Not sure how well it's going to work, so I just cut one set for the moment.

I think I am going to hit spoonflower for the SPN sigils. As much as the printable fabric gave me control over what I could print, I'm wasting too many sheets on failed printer feeds to make it that worthwhile. Spoonflower has a fat quarter that will be fine for cuffs, and maybe with some adjustment, I can use it for a spat as well. I'll see if there is any other patterns I could do from that.

I want to also make a Lorule Triforce set or two, if I can find the inverted colours I need.

Looking into Attack on Titan because of sheer popularity.

More fascinators. Many more so long as I can get the headbands I need.

.... That's all for the momennt.

Need to do more research.... as in Mario Kart. :D

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

*fierce grin - just add victory*

We have been approved for FanExpo! If all goes well, and that contract is signed, Magic and Stitchcraft is coming to FanExpo for the first time!



And - Three months to prepare. This is VERY good. It must begin now. The planning, the making - all must start now. With minimal overhead, plox.

I must design all the things!

To the notebook!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Post Convention Report

Few days later, but eh, it's been a busy week.

So we successful completed our second ever vend! It went pretty solidly - cleared my overhead, made some profit, so all in all a success. My only surprise was what sold and what didn't. Spats were on fire last year, and yet this year there was only a passing interest. Luckily my fascinators made up for it (Phew.) I introduced new cuff styles, with the triforce and fox patterns selling the best, and supernatural chasing at its heels. Not so much for the white/black/red combo which surprised. me. I suppose its a learning curve this. Ash did very well, also. Again, the only thing was what sold, and in what quantity that was surprising.

Either way, we are trying for next year!

Other than that, I consumed ramune and onigiri as per custom for every Animenorth. Bought more buttons for my button bag, and finally bought a simple triforce necklace which I am rather fond of. I did change the cheapy little chain that came with it, for the sole real gold one I possess, and it classes it up nicely. 

Now, Magic and Stitchcraft is eagerly waiting for news on FanExpo. They said we'd here in the next few weeks. Fingers Crossed!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Magic and Stitchcraft at Anime North!

Today's the day! In a few hours, the wonders and delights of Spectacular Accessories is coming to an Anime North near you!

Fascinators? How Fascinating!
Flowers for the hair, flowers for the jacket!
Lovely cuffs with lovely trims!
And Spats. Limited in Quantity. Special, Unique. SPAT-ACULAR!!!!

It's madness!

It's Magic and Stitchcraft!

See you in Crafter's Corner!

Monday, 19 May 2014

*twitch twitch*

In the name of Victoria and the Goddess of Victory, I dedicated this day to the Art. All of it. At least I feel like I accomplished things?

All the fascinators are done, all the cuffs finished (bar ribbons), two sets of spats complete and curing (bar ribbons), two more with the trims and decorating to do. Those I hope to knock off tomorrow. I plan wednesday morning for ribbon cutting, and Thursday for mop up. Perhaps I can squeak a few more somethings in.


I feel like I need more stuff. Not sure what else I can do under the time though.

Excited to be doing this again though. Despite the constant work, it's very satisfying.

Just need to endure work tomorrow and then I can get back to it.

OH. Need to hit the bank at one point this week. Need to make a float.

Now. Shower. Then more stitching?

Sunday, 18 May 2014

*nurses fingers*

It is the fate of one hand to be struck by pins and sewing needles. It is the fate of the other one to be burned by the iron. Such is the way of art.

Having said that, I'm about done all the cuffs. Everyone is curing overnight, and just needs their ribbons cut and they'll be done. Fascinators still need their final gluing but like the cuffs it's just minor stuff.

Leaves me with the spats, mainly left. Which, take longer. But there will be less of them. Four are planned. More is what I want. Four days I have, but there`s my job in their too. At least I have all of tomorrow off, so I hopefully can get everyone cut out, ironed and stitched by tomorrow night. Leaving the next few days to trim, grommet and embellish.....


Better call it a night, so I can get ready to fire on all engines tomorrow.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

*neutral face*

I've been working all day, and I feel like I haven't got much to show for it.

All 8 of my fascinators are 97% done. Just need to fix them to the headbands, but that shouldn't take more than a half and hour. That's good at least.

9 pairs of cuffs have been sewn, but need to be ironed out, grommeted and trimmed.

Spats aren't even started. And I must make those.

At least switching out the lining for broadcloth has worked. Now I can eliminate the hand basing stage.

Gonna take a break for a bit, maybe update my inventory charge and see what's what.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Place, Pin, Cut, Repeat

All right.

The production line is beginning. Two fascinators at 99%. Two more with the bases done, and needing their embellishments. Two more cut out, not yet sewn or embellished. Two sets of cuff pattern pieces cut out, to become fox cuffs. One pair of T.A.R.D.I.S. spats pattern pieces cut.

That's progress. Not enough mind, but as much as can be done on a Monday night, especially when Tutoring stuff had to be done first. Tomorrow, I will continue cutting out pieces. I think that's the best method of attack.

Tomorrow.... more tardis. Maybe a supernatural or two. A fox set. The black and white pairs will have to be attacked when I have time to patiently line up the patterning.

Need feathers. Exciting feathers, wherever you are. Also, order grommets.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Right then, moving on!

Costume Con - Done!

Animenorth Crafter's Corner Booth - BRING IT.

It's time to make things! Spats, Fascinators, Cuffs and more! It's less than a month to Animenorth and I have a whole booth worth of inventory to create. I do have couple of things left over from later year, which I will return with (with discounted prices in some cases - Ooh, clearance sale!) and I did start a few months ago to make some hair clips, but for the most part we are starting fresh.

I did end up doing a supply run today for something, and a booth display item, but I hope that's almost the last of it. I want to reduce how much my costs were this time around. Didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted, sewing wise but I did finish two Roarin' Muskoka fascinators, which are absolutely splendid looking. I can't wait to see someone wear one.

Now, I am currently experimenting on a brooch. Not sure how this is going to go, but due to a fabric purchase, I may be able to create things with foxes on them. I love foxes. :D

Back to it!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Costume Retrospective - "Timey-Wimey in B.L.U.E"

"Timey-Wimey in B.L.U.E." also known as my T.A.R.D.I.S. dress has been my project for the past several months. Running with my long standing tradition of costuming as things or concepts, I wanted to give myself the ultimate piece of Doctor Who paraphernalia that was better than anything I could buy in the store. It just so happened that this rolled over into my presentation piece for Costume Con.

I designed this piece around my love of historical and incorrectly historical costume designs. I didn't want steampunk, with gears and stuff. I wanted a grand dress. Strong, lady-like with just a hint of madness. So I went to the patterns, created my silhouette, and tried to draw in the aspects of the T.A.R.D.I.S. without breaking up the flow of the overall pieces. And I'm honestly pleased with how it turned out.

The dress of made of blue silk, black and white twill, various cottons and some drapery. It is trimmed different widths of velvet ribbon, and another of lace and chiffon. I have glittering rhinestones in the flowers of my bodice, and the ones on my skirt are made with LED lights. My T.A.R.D.I.S. lantern is a clock shaped fan, that illuminates with another LED. Hiding beneath the hoop skirt and really only seen when I twirl like a mad woman, I have silk spats with the seal of Rassalion. My commissioned pendant is the gold of the Time Vortex.

I wore and competed with this dress at Costume Con 32, in the the Historical Masquerade. This being my
first Costume Con, I didn't really know what to expect - especially being judged out of costume and on a whole separate day than the actual stage competition. So I went for it with all the nervous energy I could muster.

The "ordeal" wasn't actually that bad. The judges were extremely nice and relaxed. I'm sure I talked a mile a minute, but that's not a surprise. Fortunately, all three were familiar with Doctor Who, which made it much easier to explain the concepts I tried to incorporate. I had plan of attack I tried to follow with my explanation, but I'm not sure how well I managed to follow it with the nerves. But, all in all, I think it went well. At least I have a better idea of what's it like next time.

The next day was Tech practice, which frankly, was kind of fun. I kind of felt like a star, when the stage crew discussed blocking and lighting that would best suit the dress. Definitely better than having no idea how a planned presentation was actually going to look, without even see the stage.

Later on, the actual full rig up before the greenroom occurred marking the first time I had been in the whole dress for more than a half an hour. I survived the 5 hours in a corset which was,..... interesting. I sneezed once. It didn't work well. The wait in the greenroom wasn't that long - there were only 31 entries for the masq, though I was told this was large for a Costume Con.

Then came the actual presentation.

I don't remember much of it. I didn't fall over.

That was good.

Then came callbacks for photo - I was called twice, the second time being with the other T.A.R.D.I.S. dress. We made quite the pair!

After that; the Awards Ceremony.

To be honest, I didn't know what the outcome would be. I hoped I would get something. I would lying to say I didn't crave a little something for the design - it was a competition. But to compete again the sheer outstanding quality of everyone else, was terrifying and humbling - I didn't see anything that greenroom less than spectacular. And then:

Measure of Excellent Award - From the Northern Lights Chapter of the ICG
Best Documentation (Historical Interpretation) - Novice Division.
Best Time Machine (Presentation - Historical Interpretation)  - Novice Division.
Best Overall Workmanship (Historical Interpretation) - Novice Division.

... I mean, WHAT????? I was blown away. Hell, I'm still blown away. I have no idea what I did to deserve four friggin' awards. Something right, I guess but... yeah. I was stunned.

So was my face, apparently it was hilarious.

So yeah. I did it. I more than did it, really. Suddenly, now I'm a journeyman at the International level. Go figure? Guess that means I will have to up the anti for the next Costume Con, eh?

But seriously, I'm beyond thrilled. Don't know if the judges linger in the world of Blogger, but if you do -

Thank you so very much.


Monday, 28 April 2014

Costume Con 32 Con Report

I haven't been home for more than a couple hours and I'm already eager to write this report. I've been attending conventions for... 15 years now. Anime North and Fanexpo have been my staples since I was in my teens. My focus on why I attend has changed over the years, with no surprise, but I love those conventions dearly.

And then, Costume Con came into my life. I've really only been taking costuming "seriously" since maybe the last five years at the most. Two years ago, I heard about Costume Con 32 to held in Toronto. And I thought: "Costuming convention? That sounds fun!" so I bought the tickets, and then perused the archives. And then I knew true greatness and true fear, because those archives held costuming art like I've never seen before. But I was determined to go for it. Sure at first, I was going to attend every competitions and whatnot, but as the day job and life does dictate, I settled on for one design and work at that.

Costume Con is obviously about the costumes, but what I loved was not only the costumes themselves, but the passion and love people had for what they made. I saw everything from ferocious to humble pride of what people had created. I saw so many different media being used to create everything under the sun. But, it was also the eagerness to share how they had accomplished what they had created. Panels were full of eager people telling what they knew, and in many cases learning new things even on the topics they were teaching. And people were just crazy friendly. You'd go into an elevator and turn to the person next to you, and three floors later, you were comrades in arms, if not friends. Costume Con may be tiny compared to the rest of the cons I've attended, but what it "lacks" in square footage, it cannot be compared to the family that is Costume Con.

And it's coming back in three years.


I'm there. I'm SO there.
 Anyways! On to the Report!

Friday: Kashunga and I were dropped off.... just before 10, I believe. Hotel room was available, got unloaded and ventured down to the registration to get our badges - easy and peasy. I registered for the Historical Masq and with business attended to, we set out to enjoy. We went to Miss Lizzy's Traveling Historical Show, the Stage Makeup Tutorial, partook in the dealer's room and generally enjoyed the sights. A leisurely meal at Jack Astor's, and then back to the hotel.

After changing into our Game of Thrones inspired costume, we headed down to the Social for a few hours. The set up was fantastic, thematically decorated and catered, and we watched the Single Pattern Contest. First competition of the convention, and already I was wowed. After that, we headed back to the room, to prep for the next day. Ash joined us.... late. 1ish, I think. We were more than half asleep at that point. But, all troops present and accounted for, we proceeded to attempt to sleep for the busy next day.

Saturday: Bright Eyed and bushy tailed (not at all), we headed out and enjoyed more panels. Jewelry for costumes, Millinery basics in the morning, followed by lunch at Swiss Chalet with the brief car loan we had. After that, we attended the Fundamentals of Armor making, and then I headed upstairs to prepare for my workmanship judging. They were running a tad behind because of a group judging, but I got to chat with others waiting for judging. I'll get into judging later, but I survived! After that, we devoured more food at Boston Pizza, and then changed to attend the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Masquerade.

And what a Masquerade! The largest ever for a Costume Con, apparently! But so many amazing creations, it great to watch. I haven't seen one as an audience member quite a while, so it was nice to be able to see everything on stage and with sound. Post-masq, we escaped for a bit to the room to rest and kill time before the judging and then returned for the awards presentation. We got to see some well deserved awards, and then dragged ourselves off to bed.

Sunday: That morning, was not an energetic morning. Late night, but with lots to do, we mustered our strength for day 3. First was the Future Fashion Folio. My selected design wasn't created (maybe next time....) but it was great to see people bring other designs to life, and in some cases seeing multiple people's take on a single design.Panel time - Props and weapons, and then Making Wings for Kashunga and I, while Ash headed over to Beads and Shinies. The others headed over to more panels while I had Tech rehearsal, (again, later to be explained) and then we popped out to Jack's again for dinner. Then, it was rig up time for my masquerade. Couple hours there, few in the greenroom, the masquerade and awards in one fell swoop. (Results to follow!) After that, it was off to bed. Kashunga had to leave us, but Ash and I stayed the one more night.

Monday: A lazy day. Really it was a slow pack up and a final tour through the dealer's room. We attended the Historical Masq show and tell, so was able to see some of the other competitors garments up close. After that we headed home.

So, yes!

Amazing convention. Simply amazing. I can't wait for the next one!

But now, on to the Masquerade.....!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Off we go!


T-30 minutes until departure for..... Costume con!?!

.... I definately did not sleep last night. Too many did-I-forgets and maybe-I-shoulds. My costumes are packed, the cooler is waiting to be last minutes filled, and then it's off to four days of costumes.....

Where did those years go?

Once we settled the hotel, it's off to get the badges, register for the masq and then soak it all in.

*intemse excitment*

Until Monday!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Keep at it!

Yup. yup. It's now the time where I constantly have the need to update the blog. Does it force me to be productive? No idea.

However, more progress is made. Hair comb is done. (And kinda adorable) Gloves have been trimmed. Ribbon length adjusted. I still have some odd and sods fixes. That snap in the back ruffle keeps popping open so I need to replace it with something else. I'm going to make one more flower, so maybe one the petals can have a hook and eye on it, to force it closed.

Actually tried ON the gown today. I'm satisfied at this point. But man, the two layers of boning on my torso makes me feel like I'm wearing body amour.

Documentation is going fairly well. Text is basically done, so I need to do the pictures and then finalize the layout. Maybe done by....Tuesday? I need the paper.

I keep thinking it's Saturday and it's freaking me out. It is not. I have another day, more than I believe.

Next, is stage direction. I have vague idea how I'm going to present. Well...more than vague, but it's still very rough. Especially after my test twirl nearly caused me to fall over. Heh, nothing new there.

Worked out my other outfits. Firebird needs hair thing still. Thinking on that.

I'm also taking part of my Phoenix outfit with me, for Saturday since I'm not in the masquerade that day. Turns out the bodice and fixings goes with delightfully with my black skirt. It's an interesting look, plus if workmanship for my masq is that day, I can still manouver.

That's... all for the moment.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

*crazy face*

Okay. Okay. So, okay.

1. FanExpo booth info is up. It has been submitted. It is in the hands of express shipping (on a long weekend, of course) and FanExpo now. We.... want it. Hopefully, we will just know one way or another, soon.

2. .... Post tutoring, I have been working.... non stop on this costume. All the flowers are completely made. Eight illuminated ones are drying after rhinestone application. One of the three non-illuminated ones is sewn on, and its two counter parts are waiting for placement once I try on the bodice...tomorrow. It is too late for putting on a corset.

3. My hands are covered in three kinds of glue. Fortunately, the superglue is the upper most layer and is not actually stuck to my skin. But, my hair comb is well on its way to being complete. We need to dry overnight before I add more details.

Things to take in back up kit. Extra light, extra Velcro, glue gun, super glue. Matching thread and needles. Scissors.

4.... I am so wired, right now. Tired, and wired. I am balancing the potential of three conventions right now.

There is only one song to be played on my iTunes right now. The only one that ever fits this state of mind.


Monday, 14 April 2014

Hurry, hurry

Okay, final 10 days. We can do this.

We've started the final embellishments. The lights finally shipped to the store, so I grab them before I left work. Successful mockup of a lit flower - bar changing the material the flower was made of, because it was total systems frayure. But, they still have the effect I want. Might add some sparkles to the petals to tie in the sparkles on the flower centres on the neckline - which also need to be made.

I had years at one point, didn't I?

Goal for tomorrow: Finish biology tutoring notes. many flowers as possible, to prep for light attachment. Bonus points if those flowers get lit. Reward will be one hour of TV vegetation. Supernatural.

C'mon kid, let's go, let's go, let's go.

Friday, 11 April 2014

*Tense. Focused*

Part of me wants to run around screaming like a nimmy, at how close CC32 is. For good and bad, just the sheer excitement.

Part of me feelings like I'm the warrior on the brink of Battle. Not just competition - but entering that convention world. The mental preparation. The emotional preparation. The packing.

I am charged.....! And.... disorganized, I don't know what do next. XD;

Random thought attack!

Do I take my Heart Piece Dress and Temporarily suspend the heart piece part - aka...the pendant, to temporarily adapt it to the myths theme of the friday night social  - as a firebird? It could be doable and I'm not changing the dress, just the accessories. I plan on wearing it as a heart piece dress for animenorth/fanexpo anyway.

Also: What happens if you try and sneeze wearing a corset? Can you? My mental image is only of hilarious disaster.

....So scatterbrained!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunny days, that's the key!

It's amazing when you have natural light, how much easier it is to sew. Psychological OR simply logical?

Either way, the bodice is well on its way to being conquered. I have the armholes to finish, and just a few minor fixes, and it's done!

And then comes the overclocking details.

Timey Whimey Time.

At least it's beginning to look like how I imagined it. I might even say: *knock on wood* that I am proud of this design. Splendid.

I also sprayed the ring I needed for the Heart Piece dress. Another gift because of the sunny weather and no wind.

I'll work on it a little more this evening, (either one, not sure) and I'll consider this the most productive weekend by far.

....Gotta start working on that packing list too. :D Should I bring my camera, or will the one on my Ipod suffice?

*is secretly hoping someone will make her design at the folio contest*

But for the moment, jewelery research.

Friday, 4 April 2014

We meet again WEEKEND.

So help me, I have less than a month until Costume Con. I am behind on... all the things. This weekend WILL be gloriously productive, or I'll.... I'll...

I have no threat that I can possible put here that I would listen too.


I ---

Just had a really weird idea. .... That needs to go on the back burner. I'm terrified where that is going to lead.

-- have bodice work to do, and fine details to start working on. I also need to pin down what I want the necklace to be.

Plus, I need to paint the support ring for the heart piece dress. Not sure if that's what I am going to wear to the social, but it's a maybe.

..... Except that other idea I just thought off is not letting me off easy. Seriously brain? That isn't helpful right now.

....But it would be...interesting.


I also need to start working on what we need to pack in the ways of supplies. We are going to be there for three nights after all. That requires provisions. Portable and tasty provisions. Time to find the best of the best cooler recipes and foodstuffs.

And I will need garment bags.

*little dance of excitement*

For the fact of I have tons of work to do.... It's almost here! Finally!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Today's tuesday.

Yesterday was Tuesday, too!


Heat of the Moment, played on the radio today. On Tuesday. A cooler person than I wouldn't have reacted as I did. But I am fully accepting of my geekishness so react, I did.

The bodice and I are still avoiding each other. Though, I did put the darts in the arm holes. It's honestly not going to be until this week that I have enough uninterrupted time WITH daylight to work on it.

So I summoned my 4 meters of ruby red material and am now part way finished constructing my Heart Piece dress. To be styled like the Game of Thrones maxi dress, it will be created to honour the heart piece pendant I got at the last FanExpo. All rich red and brilliant gold.

Remember! If I don't have anything to wear with a new piece of costume jewelery I WILL MAKE IT.

(And I will dress as as many inanimate objects as I can. Because I can. It's kinda my trademark)

It's not hard to put together at least. It's just a lot of hemming. Though I do need to get another hitch ring for the back. And figure out what to wear underneath it. Wonder if I can find gold tube top, that I would never wear in public unless it was used for the sole purpose of covering up excess bare skin underneath another dress. Maybe one of those We-sell-way-too-small-clothing-trendy-trendy-OMG-dance-club stores would have something that would work.

 I'll check tomorrow.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Procrastination OR Productive???

I'm avoiding the bodice.

Monday night is not... the right time for that. Not to mention I had to work on tutoring notes. I did manage to find a corset-like thingie at La Senza outlet on the weekend, that's a lot more workable than the strapless + cincher number I was using. The shape seems better.

I want to have a proper corset commissioned. Perhaps Costume Con will be the place to find... a place. Gods, my grammar is terrible right now. But perhaps I can get one that is both an outside and interior style corset. That would be ideal.

Still avoiding the bodice.

But, at least procrastinated in the form of making my spats, which are complete - so at least SOMEthing was done. I could cut flower parts out but.... it's cold in the basement, and I don't want to go down there right now.

.... I really need those lights. I hope they got ordered.

Need jewelery ideas.

...Maybe chocolate.


Monday, 17 March 2014

The steamroller effect

Okay. Okay. Just over a month left until the con.

I must work on my dress every day until it's done, or it will be the only thing done, and barely at that. Where does the time go?

Working on the bodice. Lining is now done, outer layer has been sewn. Need to do a check to make sure the outer layer fits right and then we stitch the two, together. Wait.... bertha to the outer layer, then we stitch the two together. Then we attach the attachment hardware. And trim. Trim with festoons of majestic-ness.

Goal: Finish.

The lights are... well, not on order, but in the queue to be ordered, which is out of my hands. Have to start thinking of jewelry as well at this point. If I don't get a chance to work on the bodice tomorrow, I will perhaps attack the clock for the headpiece.

Random thought.

Frozen is out tomorrow. :D


Also working on modified ideas for the Friday night social. Don't know if I can get Quetzalcoatl done the way I want it.....unless I work every night.....

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Picking up speed.

Right then.

(Bar once overs, fix ups and critical final checks) The skirt and the corset are finished. The corset came together...faster than I thought. Being not in a mood to wrangle all the skirt fabric under the sewing machine, I ended up plowing through the belt. Minor (Re: Stupid printer ruining my last remaining printable fabric causing an emergency run to Staplers for a different, cheaper and in the end, better kind) issue resolved along the way, and it looks really cool. Just how I want it to appear. So far, the costuming is looking how I had hoped it would.

Pattern pieces are cut for the bodice, next I will begin the mockup. Fingers crossed that with that funky and mathematical method that pattern uses to choose sizing, I will not have a disaster on my hands. I am eager to do the accessorizing part..... not to mention getting started on my Crafter's stuff.

Have been working on my documentation notes though. Putting them in rough draft's while I finalize how I want the documentation to look. Considering changing my mind on how I was going to make it. Might be easier, take less time but still be as visually effective. Cheaper? We'll see.

This weekend. *shakes fist* This weekend will be productive.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Those little tasks

Managed to get a couple things done today. Mailed off the application for the booth, so hopefully Canada Post will agree with me and send it promptly. Then, the dual project making can begin.

I made a rough list of cuff/spat ideas. Came up with a number of about 78 individual cuffs to be made. That's..... probably a lot more than I can handle. But, hopefully my plan to alter linings and trimmings should reduce overall time, but increase variety. So, maybe not 78. But, hopefully more than I did last year. I do have leftover from last time, that might find homes this year.

I am already, shamelessly trying to decide what to wear. Each outfit must be chosen to show off the accessories. I am but a mannequin for my designs. I'm looking at you, black and white blouse.  You. Me. Shadowhunter cuff? *suggestive eyebrow waggling*

I also found a pdf of the Tardis door sign. Which means I can finally print it on the printable fabric, stitch it to the corset and progress on that part of the project. I need to do that before I fit the lining and outer layer together. And insert the boning. Need to do that and baste it in too. That part shouldn't take long at least. Maybe that part done tomorrow?

And finish my tutoring notes. Got unintentionally behind on that.

Such is life.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

*flails with excitement*

Magic and Stitchcraft's is on its way to glory once again....! I received first stage of acceptance for crafter's corner. (thankyouthankyouthankyou)We still need to fill out the formal application/payment/full confirmation, but we are now officially on our way. I am full of excitement tempered by relief tempered by panic tempered by determination. (That four seconds surrounding 8pm was agonizing. I think I gave myself mild indigestion thinking I had sent it too late, too early, not to the correct address etc etc.)

This is a honour, and I shall not waste it. Animenorth gods, I shall prepare your offerings.

Once we get full confirmation, we will go into full planning mode. There is a booth to create, an environment to build. And stock to make. So. much. stock.

All the while, preparing for Costume Con, which is a month before.


I'm ready. I am SO ready for this.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bits at a time

1. Skirt. Looks good. I need to add a few snaps to the waist band to prevent the placket from hanging open, and the waist band from slanting down. Fit is good, though. Length seems fine, though I need to try it with the shoes to make certain.

I started the pleating, but while I'm doing the same style, I'm changing the number and the width. It seems to hang better, the way I pinned it up, rather that what was marked on the pattern. I tested the trim on the hem of the overskirt, and I found it very underwhelming. So I'm going to go with the same that's going to be on the corsellette. It pops a lot more, and it'll be consistent, at least. Downside is that I need to buy more, making this the third potential trip to fabricland in the past week. Good think I like it there.

2. Corsellette. Started it. I cut out the lining, partially as a tester for size (I'm always in between sizes.) Seems like it will be fine, so I went ahead and stitched it, and the boning casings on it. Material (of course) frays like whoa, so I hit it with a bit of fray check before I mess around with the rest of the stitching. Tomorrow I can cut the main fabric, the interfacing and see if I can get those stitched too. My plan to use the printable fabric as one of the pattern pieces isn't going to work, as it's just a shade too small. So I will use it as a patch, with a slight border around it. Not sure if I will use contrast stitching to make it obviously a patch, or not. Have to see.

3. Crafter's corner. Application is nigh. *cringes* Speed to my fingers. Speed to my reflexes.What do the kids use these days? HashtagIreallyreallywanttodothisagain.....

4. Remind me to buy one the LED lights from work to see if that will work on the dress. Need to see if it will work, on the dress.

I should sleep?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

"Seams" okay.

Hem of overskirt - Complete. Machine stitched - went well. No need to do it by hand. Time Bonus

Attachment of ruffle to underskirt - complete - went.... fine. New stitch ripper, which was acquired, was very much needed. Finally product looks good. Need to clean up stray threads, and finish seams. Likely, with bias tape. Keeps the finishing consistent. .... Need to acquire white bias tape. Should have gotten that while I was there at the sale. Ah, well.

Tomorrow, I should have a mostly uninterrupted day. (Bar my required commitment to the Olympics. Do I really want to watch the hockey game at 7am? Do I not want to watch it? Can I therefore stay in my pajamas for the rest of the day? And CTV was just talking about the push to make ice climbing a new Olympic sport. It looks dangerous and chaotic. It's perfect. I predict gold for Canada.)

I hope to trim the over skirt, baste to under skirt, and begin the pleating process. I snagged some black crocheted trim, which I think will finish the ruffles I plan on added to the overskirt, nicely. If all goes well, skirt should be finished this week, and then onto the corselette or the top, depending on my mood.


Friday, 21 February 2014

Just mind things

The bias tape binding spell is complete. Now I can be 67% less terrified about handling the over skirt. I have also ironed half the hem for said over skirt. I will complete the rest when I have daylight because ironing with every light on in the room is making the temperature ridiculously warm. I do poorly when I am warm and trying to iron. The gather stitches have also been placed within the ruffle of the underskirt. I have yet to form the ruffles, but the threads are poised for action.

I require a new stitch ripper. Mine is AWOL. Perhaps, I can sneak out to Fabricland to acquire one, during the sale. Which I also plan to acquire some denim for future projects. I should also check on my lining material for the bodice. I actually don't know if I have enough. Actually, no, if I am making in it broadcloth, I don't have any. Perhaps, I will have time go tomorrow, if I have time when I get home from the dentist? (yay, fun Saturday times.)

Deadline/Application for Crafter's Corner is rapidly and slowly approaching. (And still no update on FanExpo) My brain is screaming ideas at me, (none of which I will act on yet), much more fandom related than last time, but I feel they will attract a target crowd large enough that they would sell. The Tardis spats did after all. I think I will add cuff cousins to them. Throw in some various Zelda themes, and I do really want to come up with a Supernatural one. Maybe try some different techniques this time around. Change my linings to a different material to speed up stitching, but at the same time, will be less see through so I think it will be a good trade off. I`ll be likely making a set for myself to actually wear, so that can be the tester.

That`s it, I think. Thanks, brain.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Level two binding spell - HOLD!

I totally cannot find the seam ripper I had in my hair, the previous night. I thought it was in a safe spot too. Huh....

 Thank goodness for the bias tape. I am now mostly in control of the mad fraying. There are three danger zones, mind you, that are requiring more.... intense attention. However, at this point, the extra intense attention aka Fray check seems to be working. Unfortunately, it's made me halt construction of that piece while it dries. So, I will attempt to go back to the underskirt for a bit.

I've decided to change the ruffle for the underskirt too. I was having the worst luck with getting the box pleats even. Finally, working on piece by piece I got it a good spot to reattempt the main part of the pleating.

...And I took one look at it, and realized that box pleating really made it look... bad. The stripes on the fabric just don't look good with the pleating. Because of where the pleats must line up and with the thickness of the fabric's pattern, it just makes it look...unevenly done, despite the fact that's how it's suppose to be put together. So, I took a step back, and looked at it. I decided - plain ol' gather stitching. While less fancy, it's going to make the stripes uniform and make it look a lot nicer than the pleats. So. I will make the change.

I always hesitate to make changes to patterns. I suppose I'm still new enough at this craft to think that the pattern's directions are law. If I make any sort of change to them, I am going against the order of the universe and it will therefore unravel faster than the silk I am currently using. But, whether I do, it does seem to work out for the better.... I just have to keep on reminding myself that.

So, now I go to gathering fabric.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

With this bias tape, I thee BIND.

Remember when I said I had a frustrating day sewing? Jinxed myself. I went to do the seam finishing I had planned for the top skirt, and after trying to iron it evenly, then trying to iron it again, and then once more, I looked in horror at the insanely rapidly fraying seam allowance, I did the only thing a girl suffering from crippling (fortunately temporary) self-doubt could do.

Cue the angry, frustrated tears that in no way provide the emotional catharsis they should.

Intense research, emergency Fabricland trip, $25 of bias tape, and a the purchase of a box of self-pity custard tarts later, ("You know, notions are on sale this coming weekend?" "You don't understand, this is an emergency. Also, you need to reorder. I took it all.") and they now halfway bound seams look a million times better than the first method I was using. Not to mention seem a lot stronger than before. Added bonus, the bias tape matches perfectly. Thank the sewing gods.

I can't tell, if I lost much time doing it this way, considering I have the fine motor control of a rampaging bull while trying to do hems and seams, bar that hour of travel time/dire bakery run. But the seams are not fraying. And they look good. Now, it's just a matter of keeping ahead of the fray as I stitch the four other panels together. Which was suppose to be finished tonight.

At least I've reached the trifecta. Blood - check, Sweat - check, Tears - check.

And I have a seam ripper stuck in my ponytail, I forgot about.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

...I'm not procrastinating.


Tomorrow I am going to sew and sew intensely. I admit I lost some of fire after having an extremely frustrating day of sewing last weekend in which I had to undo and rip out all of my work I did that day. I am however, regrouping, and trying it a different way, afresh.

I am also finished power reading all of the Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices series, (at least until City of Heavenly Fire is released in May) so I won't be distracted on the reading front. Though, my brain keeps trying to crossover Supernatural and Shadowhunters. It's.... awkward.

However, I also want to make myself cuffs and spats with Marks on them, heh. As always, I am drawn to the creative costuming elements of a series.

..... I need an Olympic update. I'm obsessed, I feel.


Monday, 3 February 2014

*readies pins*

Alright, alright!

Black and white ruffle pieces has been assembled. The seams have also been finished. I'm really liking how it's coming together. Still SO early... but something about seeing the seams finished makes it look... good. It looks good. I'm exciting that this could really turn out to be something special.

Of course, now comes the hemming portion of doom. That's going to take.... awhile. Especially if I decide to hand stitch it....and I might. If the material threatens to stretch, then I might have to, less there be puckers.

I also need to make note of how I'm putting it together for documentation. I haven't really deviated from the pattern at this point, bar finishing the seams so I don't feel I've missed any points yet. Once the underskirt is together, I'll take some progress shots though.

Okay, gonna iron out those seams, and then on to pinning the hem.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Finally, really, getting underway.

The sewing has officially and finally begun. Tardis dress is a go. I haven't done tons, just yet, but I have finished the skirt base.... which admittedly is sewing 8 seams. But each of the seams have been full finished, so it is a carefully constructed skirt base.

Heh, it's a combination of not-much-done and feeling-so-accomplished. But have started, and that's going to start the ball rolling.

Provided I don't run out of white thread before I finish the next portion of the skirt ruffle. That would be....problematic.

My current debate will be thread-matching. The skirt ruffle is a black and white striped material, with each stripe being about.... 1 inch... maybe an inch and a half in diameter. When I come to stitch the pieces together, I am going to switch out the thread colours depending on what stripe set I'm stitching. (I LOVE YOU SEWING MACHINE WITH YOUR EASY TO THREAD-NESS) But.... I do need to hem the whole lot of them. I can't switch out thread colours for that particular session, so something is going to show. Do I stitch with black and have it exposed on the white, or stitch white and expose on the black? Or, do I stitch with a middle ground of grey and have a less overall contrast?

At the moment, without testing, it might be best to stitch with the white. I might add a ruffle to the bottom hem, but that's going to depend on how it looks, so in theory the stitching might be hidden. But, it's going to depend if it needs that extra ruffle or if it will junk it up too much.....considering it's an eccentric time machine, that more than likely would take great pleasure in extra ruffles. Meh, I'll ask the dress when it gets to that point.

That, will be Sunday. Tomorrow is Winterlicious. Now, is orchestra remixes of Radioactive, which is a need I have in my life at the moment.

Also, the CC32 progress report came out. Ughghghghghg.... this is going to be such a fabulously (intimating) convention. Can't wait....!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

It has begun

Fabric cutting proved to be successful. All the skirt material has been cut, leaving the bodice and corselette which is small enough I can do on my own. Working with the blue silk has only reminded me how wonderful the sheen is on it. I can't wait to see it all finished and pretty.

I'm definitely going to make some flowers out of it. Perhaps I can find some time related buttons and sell them as tardis flowers. Maybe something from the button place on Queen? The internet? Because everyone needs some silk duponi in their lives. It can only bring good luck/well being/happiness etc. Therefore silk flowers for all!

As for the rest of the evening, I have done nothing but power through the Mortal Instruments series I got for Christmas. I do enjoy binge reading, I haven't found a series of book I could power through for awhile. Though one does a little stiff from sitting in one place for so long.

Eh, back to it.

Friday, 24 January 2014

It's cold outside...

Legit. It's Polar Vortexing again, or whatever these crazy kids call winter these days.

Mommy Nature gets bonus points for timing it just as we were leaving the movie theater having just seen Frozen.

Really liked the movie. Animation was beautiful, the quadrupeds were noble and majestic, and I enjoyed the characters. Couldn't figure out why I was getting a "Wicked" vibe from it, especially during Let It Go...which I currently have both versions....until I saw who played Elsa. IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

But... what I really loved was the freakin' costumes. Holy icy breath of Northern Canada. The costumes...! The first ten minutes was like a majestic montage. They actually had seam lines. Seam lines!!!! The fabric was behaving like fabric. Sure it was animated but it actually had plausible movements. I want to see if the artbook (I can only assume there is one) has the character designs, because if it does I WANT.

I will have this song stuck in my head all night.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Things in motion

So, the Crafter's Corner date to apply has been released. I would be lying if I said there was no brief moment of panic and promises to practice quick mouse clicks. I must be ready.

Saturday, if the weather gods are in my favour, I'm off to my Aunt's friend's place to begin the Cutting Of Fabric. I've exposed the pattern pieces into their individual form. The skirt, while many pieces, doesn't scare me. If all goes well, and patience is had, all should come together. It's all straight cuts and lines. The bodice is terrifying. There will be a mock up. It's suppose to adjust to size well because of the fitting and size selection....but its terrifying. The corselette... I can handle. I've made simple bustiers before, and this looks to be easier since its an underbust shaper. The trick will be getting the front panel set. After that, it's decoration.
I'm honestly excited to see if it will turn out as planned. I really hope so. Still need to work on headgear...

Annnnnd... I spaced.

And snapped back to thought on my on-the-back-burner-with-all-the-rest ideas of my Supernatural Victorian Mash-up. *sighs* I blame the hairpin I got at the Dollar store.

I spaced again. This time on booth set-ups and displays. Nothing will be done this evening.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Spotlighting - Cinderpunk

In a sudden realization; I never uploaded any pictures or information of my Cinderpunk Phoenix gown to my account. Whoops!

The situation is now resolved. I offer for your viewing: My Phoenix.

Bustle! Train! HEAVY.
I'm still rather proud of it. So many ruffles....

Monday, 20 January 2014

Ideas- They're EVERYWHERE. Get use to it.

First off.

94 days until Costume Con. Ho-LEE-Frig. Where did those hundreds of days go???  I must get started on...all the things. As I have said for weeks. At least I remembered to update the credit card on file for the hotel, so I will still have a room. (Of which the hotel is booked solid and now they have overflows. It sounds like its going to be a huge costume con. So much talent....)

Secondly. I finally finished A Link Between Worlds. Probably faster than I could or should have, but I had an idea in my head. But, seeing as the idea involved research that could have spoiled the plot of the game (which is a big no no in my world) I had to rush it a bit. It's the whole idea of the dual triforces.

I mean, it's not an entirely new concept, I'm sure. Fanon is....fanon. But to see it come alive in canon images is so.... intriguing. The two of them are often shown in the gold and silver aspects, throughout the game. So, my brain brain is: OH HAI THAR! YOU KNOW THOSE TWO PIECES OF FABRIC YOU HAVE? THE GOLD AND SILVER ONES???

Yes,  brain. I do know. I know, and I hear you loud and clear. So now I am creating a pair of costumes. Simple, but elegant. I see the maxi dress. It's a perfect usage for those yardages. Play off them. Use gold and bright regal versus silver with tarnish. Just like Zelda and Hilda. Same silhouette, different specific details. You'd need each one of the 'forces to carry, of course. Incorporate the crests somehow. As wings? They'd need equal detailing on the hems, maybe?

I am going to have 50 of these dresses, but so easy to make ideas around them....

*twitches* I need a blank shape form of the maxi dress.....

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Organization: Level Up!

I have built my cubbies! *does a little dance*
No longer is my fabric crammed into those rubbermaids where I can never see what I have. Now, now the fabric is sorted, in smaller piles and I can see it all.

...I didn't realize how much I had.

 It's quite a mix matched inventory though.

I seem to have a representative from most major fabric types, with some crazy amounts of yardage in some cases....and then teenie amounts of others.

Next, I will build Bruce Lee, the wardrobe to hold my costumes. And it will be wondrous.

Then I have to seriously start my costumes for this year. I am going to be very stressed, I'll call it now.

But, ah, they will be beautiful...!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Little projects

I've decided I want to do a few simple costumes this year - in addition to the OMGCostumeCon ones, at least. Seeing as (at this point) my goal is to have a booth at both Animenorth and FanExpo, I would (more than likely) not be competing at either of those two cons. But, while I don't want to just wear street clothes for booth running/con going, (though I insured that the outfits I did wear while running the booth matching my product samples) I think if I made a few simple outfits, both funky and comfortable, that would suffice.

That was a terrible, run on sentence.


I do love my Game of Thrones maxi dress. And I do have the same material I used for it, in other colours, which to be honest, I have not used for anything, and I can't see a need for most of them in the foreseeable future. I plan on making a red/gold version of it. I have a heart piece necklace, that I wear on a thick gold torque/choker that is practically crying out to be worn amazingly. Therefore, the bulk of the dress will be red, and the shoulder straps will be in gold braiding. I have a thin, but elastic gold braid-like belt which should taper it in, like the belt I wear for the green GoT dress.

I might see if I can do some sort of gold detailing at the bottom hem of the dress, rather than doing an insert panel to make it different than the green one. I'm see the over all effect as being a Heart Piece/Goddess Din sort of look. I'll need some sort of headpiece as well. But, overall it shouldn't be too hard to pull together. Oh, and I do need something under it - I did find the corset pattern 2355 at Fabricland - $2 - so I could make another - with less itchy trim. Or maybe a cheater bandeau?

Hmmmm... have three dresses. One for each Hylian Goddess. That'd be fun.... Must recruit friends....

I also plan on making a fascinator akin to Effie's in Catching Fire - the Monarch butterfly one. I found the butterflies at Micheals, for 40% off. :D Perhaps to wear, perhaps to sell. Not sure, but I want to make it either way.

Now, I must work on tutoring notes. Chop, chop, Moofy.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

File - Open - 2014 *doubleclick*

From a brand new mouse, no less!!!!! Seriously. My old one stopped working, and while I can work a laptop mouse perfectly fine, I do prefer a USB mouse so I don't have to hunch over so much. Also, it's cute. It has birdies on it. :D


2014. S'up? So far you have provided us snow, more snow and quality shopping time for storage units. With my Christmas monies I have purchase a wardrobe and two cubby units to store my costumes and fabric. They'll be organized. And I don't have to unload rubbermaid after rubbermaid trying to find the small scrap of material I need. I can just roll them up and pop them in the cubby. And the wardrobe has a bar and some shelves. And a mirror on the door. This is genius.

Of course, I need to build said organizing units. But, the little cartoon IKEA man tells us its not hard to do. I find his 2D stick figure face oddly trustworthy.

2014 has also given me the watching of movies. I saw Catching Fire again, which I enjoyed as much as the first time. (I said it before, and I will say it again - THE COSTUMES) Then the Hobbit on the same day. Lee Pace is a majestic creature. I also want his crown. I have also, finally, seen Now You See Me. Which I enjoy immensely. It makes me want to create magician costumes. Shocking, I know.

But now, 2014, we enter into that season of full winter. No holiday distractions, so perhaps we can gets some creative projects done, yes?

...Once I build the furniture.