Friday, 31 January 2014

Finally, really, getting underway.

The sewing has officially and finally begun. Tardis dress is a go. I haven't done tons, just yet, but I have finished the skirt base.... which admittedly is sewing 8 seams. But each of the seams have been full finished, so it is a carefully constructed skirt base.

Heh, it's a combination of not-much-done and feeling-so-accomplished. But have started, and that's going to start the ball rolling.

Provided I don't run out of white thread before I finish the next portion of the skirt ruffle. That would be....problematic.

My current debate will be thread-matching. The skirt ruffle is a black and white striped material, with each stripe being about.... 1 inch... maybe an inch and a half in diameter. When I come to stitch the pieces together, I am going to switch out the thread colours depending on what stripe set I'm stitching. (I LOVE YOU SEWING MACHINE WITH YOUR EASY TO THREAD-NESS) But.... I do need to hem the whole lot of them. I can't switch out thread colours for that particular session, so something is going to show. Do I stitch with black and have it exposed on the white, or stitch white and expose on the black? Or, do I stitch with a middle ground of grey and have a less overall contrast?

At the moment, without testing, it might be best to stitch with the white. I might add a ruffle to the bottom hem, but that's going to depend on how it looks, so in theory the stitching might be hidden. But, it's going to depend if it needs that extra ruffle or if it will junk it up too much.....considering it's an eccentric time machine, that more than likely would take great pleasure in extra ruffles. Meh, I'll ask the dress when it gets to that point.

That, will be Sunday. Tomorrow is Winterlicious. Now, is orchestra remixes of Radioactive, which is a need I have in my life at the moment.

Also, the CC32 progress report came out. Ughghghghghg.... this is going to be such a fabulously (intimating) convention. Can't wait....!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

It has begun

Fabric cutting proved to be successful. All the skirt material has been cut, leaving the bodice and corselette which is small enough I can do on my own. Working with the blue silk has only reminded me how wonderful the sheen is on it. I can't wait to see it all finished and pretty.

I'm definitely going to make some flowers out of it. Perhaps I can find some time related buttons and sell them as tardis flowers. Maybe something from the button place on Queen? The internet? Because everyone needs some silk duponi in their lives. It can only bring good luck/well being/happiness etc. Therefore silk flowers for all!

As for the rest of the evening, I have done nothing but power through the Mortal Instruments series I got for Christmas. I do enjoy binge reading, I haven't found a series of book I could power through for awhile. Though one does a little stiff from sitting in one place for so long.

Eh, back to it.

Friday, 24 January 2014

It's cold outside...

Legit. It's Polar Vortexing again, or whatever these crazy kids call winter these days.

Mommy Nature gets bonus points for timing it just as we were leaving the movie theater having just seen Frozen.

Really liked the movie. Animation was beautiful, the quadrupeds were noble and majestic, and I enjoyed the characters. Couldn't figure out why I was getting a "Wicked" vibe from it, especially during Let It Go...which I currently have both versions....until I saw who played Elsa. IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

But... what I really loved was the freakin' costumes. Holy icy breath of Northern Canada. The costumes...! The first ten minutes was like a majestic montage. They actually had seam lines. Seam lines!!!! The fabric was behaving like fabric. Sure it was animated but it actually had plausible movements. I want to see if the artbook (I can only assume there is one) has the character designs, because if it does I WANT.

I will have this song stuck in my head all night.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Things in motion

So, the Crafter's Corner date to apply has been released. I would be lying if I said there was no brief moment of panic and promises to practice quick mouse clicks. I must be ready.

Saturday, if the weather gods are in my favour, I'm off to my Aunt's friend's place to begin the Cutting Of Fabric. I've exposed the pattern pieces into their individual form. The skirt, while many pieces, doesn't scare me. If all goes well, and patience is had, all should come together. It's all straight cuts and lines. The bodice is terrifying. There will be a mock up. It's suppose to adjust to size well because of the fitting and size selection....but its terrifying. The corselette... I can handle. I've made simple bustiers before, and this looks to be easier since its an underbust shaper. The trick will be getting the front panel set. After that, it's decoration.
I'm honestly excited to see if it will turn out as planned. I really hope so. Still need to work on headgear...

Annnnnd... I spaced.

And snapped back to thought on my on-the-back-burner-with-all-the-rest ideas of my Supernatural Victorian Mash-up. *sighs* I blame the hairpin I got at the Dollar store.

I spaced again. This time on booth set-ups and displays. Nothing will be done this evening.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Spotlighting - Cinderpunk

In a sudden realization; I never uploaded any pictures or information of my Cinderpunk Phoenix gown to my account. Whoops!

The situation is now resolved. I offer for your viewing: My Phoenix.

Bustle! Train! HEAVY.
I'm still rather proud of it. So many ruffles....

Monday, 20 January 2014

Ideas- They're EVERYWHERE. Get use to it.

First off.

94 days until Costume Con. Ho-LEE-Frig. Where did those hundreds of days go???  I must get started on...all the things. As I have said for weeks. At least I remembered to update the credit card on file for the hotel, so I will still have a room. (Of which the hotel is booked solid and now they have overflows. It sounds like its going to be a huge costume con. So much talent....)

Secondly. I finally finished A Link Between Worlds. Probably faster than I could or should have, but I had an idea in my head. But, seeing as the idea involved research that could have spoiled the plot of the game (which is a big no no in my world) I had to rush it a bit. It's the whole idea of the dual triforces.

I mean, it's not an entirely new concept, I'm sure. Fanon is....fanon. But to see it come alive in canon images is so.... intriguing. The two of them are often shown in the gold and silver aspects, throughout the game. So, my brain brain is: OH HAI THAR! YOU KNOW THOSE TWO PIECES OF FABRIC YOU HAVE? THE GOLD AND SILVER ONES???

Yes,  brain. I do know. I know, and I hear you loud and clear. So now I am creating a pair of costumes. Simple, but elegant. I see the maxi dress. It's a perfect usage for those yardages. Play off them. Use gold and bright regal versus silver with tarnish. Just like Zelda and Hilda. Same silhouette, different specific details. You'd need each one of the 'forces to carry, of course. Incorporate the crests somehow. As wings? They'd need equal detailing on the hems, maybe?

I am going to have 50 of these dresses, but so easy to make ideas around them....

*twitches* I need a blank shape form of the maxi dress.....

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Organization: Level Up!

I have built my cubbies! *does a little dance*
No longer is my fabric crammed into those rubbermaids where I can never see what I have. Now, now the fabric is sorted, in smaller piles and I can see it all.

...I didn't realize how much I had.

 It's quite a mix matched inventory though.

I seem to have a representative from most major fabric types, with some crazy amounts of yardage in some cases....and then teenie amounts of others.

Next, I will build Bruce Lee, the wardrobe to hold my costumes. And it will be wondrous.

Then I have to seriously start my costumes for this year. I am going to be very stressed, I'll call it now.

But, ah, they will be beautiful...!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Little projects

I've decided I want to do a few simple costumes this year - in addition to the OMGCostumeCon ones, at least. Seeing as (at this point) my goal is to have a booth at both Animenorth and FanExpo, I would (more than likely) not be competing at either of those two cons. But, while I don't want to just wear street clothes for booth running/con going, (though I insured that the outfits I did wear while running the booth matching my product samples) I think if I made a few simple outfits, both funky and comfortable, that would suffice.

That was a terrible, run on sentence.


I do love my Game of Thrones maxi dress. And I do have the same material I used for it, in other colours, which to be honest, I have not used for anything, and I can't see a need for most of them in the foreseeable future. I plan on making a red/gold version of it. I have a heart piece necklace, that I wear on a thick gold torque/choker that is practically crying out to be worn amazingly. Therefore, the bulk of the dress will be red, and the shoulder straps will be in gold braiding. I have a thin, but elastic gold braid-like belt which should taper it in, like the belt I wear for the green GoT dress.

I might see if I can do some sort of gold detailing at the bottom hem of the dress, rather than doing an insert panel to make it different than the green one. I'm see the over all effect as being a Heart Piece/Goddess Din sort of look. I'll need some sort of headpiece as well. But, overall it shouldn't be too hard to pull together. Oh, and I do need something under it - I did find the corset pattern 2355 at Fabricland - $2 - so I could make another - with less itchy trim. Or maybe a cheater bandeau?

Hmmmm... have three dresses. One for each Hylian Goddess. That'd be fun.... Must recruit friends....

I also plan on making a fascinator akin to Effie's in Catching Fire - the Monarch butterfly one. I found the butterflies at Micheals, for 40% off. :D Perhaps to wear, perhaps to sell. Not sure, but I want to make it either way.

Now, I must work on tutoring notes. Chop, chop, Moofy.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

File - Open - 2014 *doubleclick*

From a brand new mouse, no less!!!!! Seriously. My old one stopped working, and while I can work a laptop mouse perfectly fine, I do prefer a USB mouse so I don't have to hunch over so much. Also, it's cute. It has birdies on it. :D


2014. S'up? So far you have provided us snow, more snow and quality shopping time for storage units. With my Christmas monies I have purchase a wardrobe and two cubby units to store my costumes and fabric. They'll be organized. And I don't have to unload rubbermaid after rubbermaid trying to find the small scrap of material I need. I can just roll them up and pop them in the cubby. And the wardrobe has a bar and some shelves. And a mirror on the door. This is genius.

Of course, I need to build said organizing units. But, the little cartoon IKEA man tells us its not hard to do. I find his 2D stick figure face oddly trustworthy.

2014 has also given me the watching of movies. I saw Catching Fire again, which I enjoyed as much as the first time. (I said it before, and I will say it again - THE COSTUMES) Then the Hobbit on the same day. Lee Pace is a majestic creature. I also want his crown. I have also, finally, seen Now You See Me. Which I enjoy immensely. It makes me want to create magician costumes. Shocking, I know.

But now, 2014, we enter into that season of full winter. No holiday distractions, so perhaps we can gets some creative projects done, yes?

...Once I build the furniture.