Sunday, 29 June 2014

Baby, it's *not* cold outside.

Summer. I remember you. You with the hot and the sweating.

I see what you are doing.


.... My mind blanked. This was supposed to be a report on the booth inventory, but my higher brain functions have shut off on me. I've made fascinators? More colours of them? I have 7 finished, 1 just needing its headband, four started, and 2 more 100% planned. Having fallen in love with my bird fascinators, I've made more in the original gold and burgundy, and now some in silver and green. I'm very pleased with them.

And then idea struck, inspired by my watching of an FFVII let's play - the chocobo fascinator. Taking the same style, but changing it to the chocobo colours. Complete experiment, but eh, why not? They could look cute.

So, I might start those tonight, or at least try and finish the other's on the go.


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Full steam ahead!

Today was one of those perfect shopping days. Weather was fabulous, and deals were plenty. My aunt and I ventured downtown (initially to purchase books at Bakka Phoenix, in which success was had) to attack Queen St for Booth Notions. I think I managed to get everything that I need, bar maybe one trim or so, but I got all the feathers I needed, among other things, so I should be pretty set for awhile.

And a shout out to Sussman's and King Texiles. The staff helping me today were amazing. Thanks, guys!

Added bonus today was running into the Steam on Queen Festival. I completely made a point of remembering when it was, so I could go down to it, and then promptly forgot. But, luckily enough we passed by it on the streetcar and were able to go back to it. Especially since the Love Poetry Corset's booth was there, and I managed to buy an amazing hourglass real corset for $100. No more non fitting la senza cheapy for me! (Sorry fake corset, you served me well.) It's got real steel boning and a busk and it fits, and it was 50% off, plus it has a wicked map pattern on it. But there are no extra bells and whistles so I can wear it under or over things. So excited. Now I can also make some sort of delighful outfit around it too. Eventually.

Good good good. I like when it plan comes together. Now, tomorrow we make things!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

*beings hording supplies*

Furthering supply purchases have begun. Saving where I can of course, but even at 50% the prices of centres and buttons and such is always so disproportionate to everything else. But, once I get some more feathers, I should be able to make awesome amount of fascinators. Delightful and yet, wildly affordable fascinators.

I just need to make them.

Also, Spoonflower order is on its way. Fingers crossed that the fabrics are how I pictured them. Never ordered fabrics online before so my lack of control on this is making me edgy. If they are good, expect Attack on Titan Wrist-ta-cuffs of doom! And some My little pony as well.

I just need to make them.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I intend on having as productive day as I can. I need to have a productive day.
So let's do this!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

*thoughtful pencil chewing*

Okay. Taking advantage of my random day off midweek to be productive.

Tutoring notes are finished, so I have been focusing on other things. I'm trying to plan out what I need to make for the next booth by tracking what I sold - when - at AN. Going to churn out at least 4 pairs of Triforce cuffs, since they were my fastest seller, and going to test out a pair of Goron's bracelet's as singles. Not sure how well it's going to work, so I just cut one set for the moment.

I think I am going to hit spoonflower for the SPN sigils. As much as the printable fabric gave me control over what I could print, I'm wasting too many sheets on failed printer feeds to make it that worthwhile. Spoonflower has a fat quarter that will be fine for cuffs, and maybe with some adjustment, I can use it for a spat as well. I'll see if there is any other patterns I could do from that.

I want to also make a Lorule Triforce set or two, if I can find the inverted colours I need.

Looking into Attack on Titan because of sheer popularity.

More fascinators. Many more so long as I can get the headbands I need.

.... That's all for the momennt.

Need to do more research.... as in Mario Kart. :D

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

*fierce grin - just add victory*

We have been approved for FanExpo! If all goes well, and that contract is signed, Magic and Stitchcraft is coming to FanExpo for the first time!



And - Three months to prepare. This is VERY good. It must begin now. The planning, the making - all must start now. With minimal overhead, plox.

I must design all the things!

To the notebook!