Sunday, 29 September 2013

I need to stay away from Fabricland.

At that last sale, I saw a bolt of fabric I wanted. But, someone had put it on hold. The hold didn't say how much was being held....but it was sitting there. Held. Untouchable. And on a stupidly wonderful sale. There was woe. So, passing by yesterday during an errand run and a stop for a pumpkin spice latte (the elixir of the autumnal gods) I ventured inside and we tore the drapery section apart in hopes that the hold fell through. Or least random person x just wanted like 2 inches of the stuff.

Perhaps the autumnal gods (who are likely the patrons of the costuming world) were appleased by my promisary consumption of the aforementioned latte. The bolt was there. And had enough material on it for me...and likely someone else. And so, the only woe in the end was my VISA card's.

I must stop buying fabric. ... I was going to say I had too much, but I just bit my own tongue. There is never enough. Plus, I do know what I am going to make from it for a change. Unlike magpie-ing it for no reason other than I can.

And good news, my folio submission successfully mailed! I received the confirmation on friday. Now I shall cross my fingers, consume another latte, and hope its good enough to make it into the folio. Could you imagine if someone actually wanted to make it? I'd... I don't know. Shame my ancestors will all the freaking out I'd probably end up doing, heh.

Ah well. Onwards to Monday and a hopefully a productive week on my part.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


In true Moofingham form, I spent a part of the day, daydreaming critically designing my potiental zombie outfit for the Zombie walk. I've never been a zombie before, so it's an interesting concept. I don't really want to break the bank for it, since there are a world of expenses right now, but one cannot just not put SOME effort into it. And then my mind click on that brown torn jacket thingie that I use for so many projects. The one that came to mind was the shipwrecked victim I did oh gods many years ago.

Shipwreck zombie! Use a similiar outfit, and spruce it up with some seaweed plants in the hair, some shells as well, like I was dragged through the seafloor and then makeup. Pale (well, paler) out the face the face, add some circles under the eyes and such. Not too much in the ways of decomposition because saltwater is an excellent preservative, but just a bit. I'd drench myself in water if I could, but seeing as it's going to be late October that might not be the best idea. So, yeah. Doable. Especially since I already own most of the stuff I need sans the seaweed which I can get at work, and the makeup which maybe the group of us might be getting as group since we have a bunch of zombies we need to create. Cool.


Monday, 23 September 2013


Mondays are mondays. I usually never get anything done on Mondays, but the fact I've managed to do a good chunk of my tutoring work, confirmed all three ebay orders, mailed out my folio submissions and consumed three apples, I'll all in all a good day. Of course, the VISA bill also came in, so ehhhhhh... Then again, so did my season 7 of Doctor Who. It's just a madness of neutralizing ideals!

Maybe I should catch up on Nightvale now? I think I was on 7 last time I checked?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Being productive! Keep going!

Two of three Ebay items ordered. Just waiting for a bid to be accepted on the last one. Good! I should be able to start my halloween costume now?

Finished my folio submission! Inked, coloured, and labelled! Now I can send it off tomorrow. If I have time to draw up that accessory I will, but I happy I will have at least this one. Now that I have it finished, I am rather pleased with it. It's now delightfully weird. Fingers crossed....

Onwards, to MOAR things!

That sinking sensation...

When you have just realized that the Future Fashion Folio deadline is in like... A week. And you haven't inked your drawing yet....because your drawing isn't done yet. And you don't know if it will scan properly so you might have to snail mail submit it by tomorrow, to ensure that the line art gets there in time.


On the postive side, as I am adding the detailing for it, it has become kinda neat looking to really, really weird looking.... I kinda like it. I have no idea if anyone in their right mind would want to make it, but y'know... it's weird. So, why not? Right?

... It needs a headpiece of some sort. What would an octapus wear?

Maybe a fish.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

I really shouldn't be let loose in Fabricland


I did damage.

I don't even know what I bought. (Not true.) It just added up.... but at least I have my petticoat material, upper part of the underskirt material, some trims and fabrics for the booth I have yet to reserve. It makes me feel productive? I also made three flower parts....which is nothing, really. Whatever. I was busy. I picked a bushel of apples with the family. And ate the same amount, give or take. Perhaps I will do something more tomorrow. Or at least order my ebay stuff, as I still haven't done that....


Thursday, 19 September 2013


(Gods, this is clearly one of those days where everything little thought that comes into my head must be shared. Which is why I created this blog in the first place, but still. Wow, what the hell, brain?)

A sample of my brain process.

T.A.R.D.I.S. = Plastic Kiddy Pool:

1. T.A.R.D.I.S. = Dress.
2. Dress = Petticaot
3. Petticoat = fabric
4. Fabric = Copper Halloween satin
5. Copper satin cheapawfulhate!!!, therefore, cotton eyelet.
6. Cotton = too bright white
7. Too bright = natural tea stain!
8. Tea staining.... 8 metres of fabric.
9. 8 metres of fabric = bath tub
10. Bath tub ruined = DEAD.
11. If Moofy = DEAD, then, Costume =/= Finished.
12. Finished Costume = Not bath tub. 13. Not bad tub = other tub?
14. Not bath tub = plastic kiddy pool.

ERGO: TARDIS = Kiddy Pool. QED.

Also. Face off, saw two episodes. I knew fishnets could be used to create scale effects. But making 3D scales by using putty on top of said net? Yes, please. File, Save as.

I want more chai. Anyone going to Milwaukee anytime soon?


Stuff I need to get:

black suiting fabric - 3m
lightweight fusible interfacing - 1m
Silver thread
metallic machine needle.

And because researching your patterns is a good thing, people cut down the pattern in the neckline and say to ignore the facing and use bias tape instead. Therefore I will add:
Single fold bias tape.

Pleated black trim (5m)
crochet lace (5m)
black and white pregathered small lace (5m)
Red trim?
black velvet ribbon?

Cotton eyelet for tardis petticoat - 8m
solid cotton for skirt base - white or black - 4m

Gotta hit up ebay this weekend. Shipping fees make me wince.

The Word.

I never really need an excuse to purchase new book. In fact, I am privately amused when I make excuses for why I buy a particular tomb of knowledge. Case in point, I've kind wanted a(nother) book on the night's sky, because the only little one I had was not full of enough OMGNEBULAS for my liking. It just so happened that I am currently tutoring my charges in Astronomy. What is a girl to do????

Atlas of the night's sky. I got it on sale. Go me.

Also, in true research style, I ventured to my local library and demolished the collect of costuming books, ranging around the 1960s era for Project Powertrain Warranty. I found a particularly awesome one, that was a collection of pages from the Sears catalogue from 1960-1969. I find it amusing of the things that have changed, and the things that have come back again - fabulously.

Goal for tonight; make list of things needed at fabricland since they're on sale this weekend. Reread through pattern again, because one of those steps doesn't make sense yet. Watch Face off on Space?


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Button up.

I bought buttons.

That was... succinct.

Continuing on with my floral pins and such, I decided the buttons I have were not... eh, they were eh. So I took advantage of the 50% that fabricland offers me and...bought buttons. It was about interesting as it sounds. They were needed at least.

I did score some bezels for my TARDIS gown when I need to accessories her, thanks to Kashunga for knowing what the hell I was talking about when I was trying to mine out what they were. I won't need them for a while, but since I have them/know they exist I can now design an idea around them. I do have a vague idea of what I want to do, but it's only a basic shape at this point.

I also have decided that another accessory needs to be purchases for Project Power Train Warranty, more than likely off of Ebay. I'm not really an ebay shopper by nature being instinctively wary. But I have purchase my crinoline that way, and I will again from the same place, so I have yet to screwed over. Hopefully when I do order things, they will arrive on time. Though, since they would be coming in from the States, there shouldn't be too much processing time. Fabricland will be having a 50% off sale this coming weekend, so I should be able to get the material for the dress portion of the costume.

Also, I love chai tea. I am currently drinking a massive cup of it.

Onwards to other things.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ah, subtle cosplay sourced in your own dresser drawers.

Today, if for only the reason that I could, I decide to dress like everyone's favourite Supernatural hunter Dean. Frankly I was just curious if my wardrobe was capable of doing such things, since many cosplayers seem to enjoy subtlely casual cosplaying random characters.

So, amulet around the neck, I dragged out a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and a pair of brown boots. So good so far. Then I happened to recall that Gap cotton greenish jacket with the pockets I've owned forever and never seem to end up wearing despite its softness. Well, that's awesome. Pinned on one of the supernatural buttons I got from FanExpo and I sauntered out of the house like I owned the world. XD It was kinda fun. I can see the appeal of secretly cosplaying amongst the mundanes, seeing as it really was just a normal outfit.... but it wasn't...!

Ahhh, I'm such a geek sometimes, and I really don't mind.

Cosplaying as seen on TV!

As luck would have it, I ended up watching an episode of that "Heroes of Cosplay" show on Space. I've been curious about that show for awhile now. Having seen only one episode of the series, at the end of the season no less, I can no way make a proper critique of the show but....

1. The people they were showing do really have some excellent skills. What's the best way to get that salt water look? Swim in the frigid ocean, of course! Cosplayer logic.

2. That convention ranking system was.... odd. Do they not follow ICG guidelines and just have place finishes, or was that part cut out? It really didn't help to showcase how a novice cosplayer can even break the top with that kind of system. I'm just so used to FanExpo's system, (and I guess by extension, Animenorth) that it seems... weird. Not that having a champion wrestling belt wouldn't be hilarious to bring home. "MOM! DAD! I GOT A THINGIE!!!"

3. Those cosplayer looked too fancy! (I am well aware it's part of the film process) But, man, anytime I'm working on something and have to emerge back into The World Around Us, I feel like some sort of freak of nature, complete with squinting eyes, hair frizz that looks like it's trying to free itself from my skull, and battle damage in the form of pin stabs, glue gun burns and who knows what else. Maybe the ability to look fancy while constructing comes with time and experience? Probably wouldn't make good tv though if they looked like me.

Interviewer: Ma'am, how do you feel about your current project?
Me: *foaming at the mouth* WHERE'S MA METAL TOOL THINGIE???
Interviewer: Oh. God.
Me: I want tea. Can you make me some tea? I just want tea..... *bursts into tears*
Interviewer: Get a Priest. Get the whole Vatican.
Me: I made a dress. It's a pretty dress. Please love my pretty dress.
Interviewer: *flees*

Other something to that respect. Ah, well. I wonder what the non-cosplayers out there think of our charming little hobby. Are we more well adjusted people than they thought, or bigger freaks than they could imagine?

It does give me a bit of a desire to get to work on my own things. That artisan rank ain't going to break in itself.

*sets music to dramatic*

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Setting the stage

With the advent of prepping for the upcoming year's crafter's booth, my mind has been focusing on our booth design. Our booth at Animenorth was really good. For our first con, I think we were both pleased how we set it up. The tablecloth colour worked, our usage of height gave us the effect we wanted. All in all, a good first try. Now we know what works, and what doesn't.

So now, if we get our next chance at Boothdom, we want to make it more. In addition to noting the products everyone was selling, I think both of us were keeping an eye on how everyone set their stands up.

The booth that stood out the most for me, was a wooden creation that one guy had put together. It was like a newsstand or printer's press construct that sat on the table base. It was completely unlike anything else around it. I remembered it. That's the kind of punch I want. While I'm not aiming for a recreation of the Roman Coliseum, I want something that has people go: "Oh, I bought this at the booth that had ________." Remember able.

We need colour and theme. We need height. We something that works with our products but shows them off. We need something unlike everyone else around us. So, wielding all the artistic talent I posses (not much. There is a reason I didn't take fine art in school.) I grabbed that scrap of receipt paper from work and I created Booth Design #1.

Not bad for a first attempt. I then tried to recreate it at home on a full sized piece of paper, having access to thing like rulers and erasers as opposite whiting out the ink blobs when I had to redraw a line. Let's just say the drawing was a one hit wonder, and tools only make it worse. Scrap-o-paper wins this time around. But I have a design! Now to come up with some more.

In other news, the slow progress of flower pin production is, well, slow. But it is progressing. Glacial like.

Thursday comes.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

100 Stitches

Well, hm.

I've committed 100 posts to this blog. 100 stitches in the great fabric of life. Personally I'm pleased that I've kept it up. I'm not the most consistent person when it comes to interwebz things. Let the stitches continue on....!

On the other side of the fabric - I satisfied the itch to start making something and hunkered down to rotary whirl out a set of circles for my flower clips, with some of the fabric I bought when I was in the States on holidays. So now my work area is featuring a progression of flower clips, from circles to halved circles to partial stitched to ready to trim. Not bad for a off handed couple of hours. 9th's season of Who was on Space, so I had that chattering happily in the background as I worked. I am completely dissatisfied with my button collection and therefore I need to start from scratch for centres for these flowers. I should have enough felt for awhile at least.

I think I'll set a goal, creatively speaking, to have all the cut pieces assembled into flowers by the end of the week. Would be nice to have a whole lot of them finished and stored in inventory. Makes me feel productive.

...I have just realized that sitting up in my closet shelf, there is a forgotten bag with two saris. Hello fabric. What do you want to be, today?

Ah well. Started watching Da Vinci's Demons last night. Halfway through the first season, and I like so far. I also like the costumes. There was one dress that had beaded... sleeve thingies that caught my interest. I "designed" something like it in a long buried sketch, and that's the first time I've seen them in a real life outfit. Nice to know they actually hang as I wanted them to. I might be able to incorporate those into something now.

That's all. Onwards to Monday.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Preping for the season ahead.

It's about that time again.

The Con season approac----- wait. What? It doesn't?

No, maybe not, but it looks like the potiental for preparing for the booth season could be upon us earlier than I thought. Registration for Fanexpo's Indy Market could occur before the new year arises. If we could secure at least one convention to booth at before February roles around, it could be so much less stress than the last time, and more time for making product. The hard thing about Animenorth was the registration for that happened only a few months prior. I honestly don't know if Luck will be on our side again this for Animenorth (though I really, really hope they make Crafter's Market larger this year.....) but if we can get a yeah or nay for Fanexpo, at least we will know one way or another earlier.

Unfortunately, at this point there is nothing to do but wait it out. So, I've dove right back into my inventory control sheets and gotten them back up to snuff. All current inventory is plotted, any new purchases have been through against the potiental value of the current stock, as well as a targetted project of what running two (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!) booths would cost. It's in the big fat red zone now, but not so bad I can't climb out of it, once we get the go ahead confirmations on having a table.

I don't recall if I have ever mentioned my spreadsheet before, but I am quite proud of it. Helps me control down to the penny what each items costs me, and gives me perspective of my profit. I crafted it with love and stolen formulas.

Ah, well. Nothing to do now but wait.