Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bits at a time

1. Skirt. Looks good. I need to add a few snaps to the waist band to prevent the placket from hanging open, and the waist band from slanting down. Fit is good, though. Length seems fine, though I need to try it with the shoes to make certain.

I started the pleating, but while I'm doing the same style, I'm changing the number and the width. It seems to hang better, the way I pinned it up, rather that what was marked on the pattern. I tested the trim on the hem of the overskirt, and I found it very underwhelming. So I'm going to go with the same that's going to be on the corsellette. It pops a lot more, and it'll be consistent, at least. Downside is that I need to buy more, making this the third potential trip to fabricland in the past week. Good think I like it there.

2. Corsellette. Started it. I cut out the lining, partially as a tester for size (I'm always in between sizes.) Seems like it will be fine, so I went ahead and stitched it, and the boning casings on it. Material (of course) frays like whoa, so I hit it with a bit of fray check before I mess around with the rest of the stitching. Tomorrow I can cut the main fabric, the interfacing and see if I can get those stitched too. My plan to use the printable fabric as one of the pattern pieces isn't going to work, as it's just a shade too small. So I will use it as a patch, with a slight border around it. Not sure if I will use contrast stitching to make it obviously a patch, or not. Have to see.

3. Crafter's corner. Application is nigh. *cringes* Speed to my fingers. Speed to my reflexes.What do the kids use these days? HashtagIreallyreallywanttodothisagain.....

4. Remind me to buy one the LED lights from work to see if that will work on the dress. Need to see if it will work, on the dress.

I should sleep?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

"Seams" okay.

Hem of overskirt - Complete. Machine stitched - went well. No need to do it by hand. Time Bonus

Attachment of ruffle to underskirt - complete - went.... fine. New stitch ripper, which was acquired, was very much needed. Finally product looks good. Need to clean up stray threads, and finish seams. Likely, with bias tape. Keeps the finishing consistent. .... Need to acquire white bias tape. Should have gotten that while I was there at the sale. Ah, well.

Tomorrow, I should have a mostly uninterrupted day. (Bar my required commitment to the Olympics. Do I really want to watch the hockey game at 7am? Do I not want to watch it? Can I therefore stay in my pajamas for the rest of the day? And CTV was just talking about the push to make ice climbing a new Olympic sport. It looks dangerous and chaotic. It's perfect. I predict gold for Canada.)

I hope to trim the over skirt, baste to under skirt, and begin the pleating process. I snagged some black crocheted trim, which I think will finish the ruffles I plan on added to the overskirt, nicely. If all goes well, skirt should be finished this week, and then onto the corselette or the top, depending on my mood.


Friday, 21 February 2014

Just mind things

The bias tape binding spell is complete. Now I can be 67% less terrified about handling the over skirt. I have also ironed half the hem for said over skirt. I will complete the rest when I have daylight because ironing with every light on in the room is making the temperature ridiculously warm. I do poorly when I am warm and trying to iron. The gather stitches have also been placed within the ruffle of the underskirt. I have yet to form the ruffles, but the threads are poised for action.

I require a new stitch ripper. Mine is AWOL. Perhaps, I can sneak out to Fabricland to acquire one, during the sale. Which I also plan to acquire some denim for future projects. I should also check on my lining material for the bodice. I actually don't know if I have enough. Actually, no, if I am making in it broadcloth, I don't have any. Perhaps, I will have time go tomorrow, if I have time when I get home from the dentist? (yay, fun Saturday times.)

Deadline/Application for Crafter's Corner is rapidly and slowly approaching. (And still no update on FanExpo) My brain is screaming ideas at me, (none of which I will act on yet), much more fandom related than last time, but I feel they will attract a target crowd large enough that they would sell. The Tardis spats did after all. I think I will add cuff cousins to them. Throw in some various Zelda themes, and I do really want to come up with a Supernatural one. Maybe try some different techniques this time around. Change my linings to a different material to speed up stitching, but at the same time, will be less see through so I think it will be a good trade off. I`ll be likely making a set for myself to actually wear, so that can be the tester.

That`s it, I think. Thanks, brain.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Level two binding spell - HOLD!

I totally cannot find the seam ripper I had in my hair, the previous night. I thought it was in a safe spot too. Huh....

 Thank goodness for the bias tape. I am now mostly in control of the mad fraying. There are three danger zones, mind you, that are requiring more.... intense attention. However, at this point, the extra intense attention aka Fray check seems to be working. Unfortunately, it's made me halt construction of that piece while it dries. So, I will attempt to go back to the underskirt for a bit.

I've decided to change the ruffle for the underskirt too. I was having the worst luck with getting the box pleats even. Finally, working on piece by piece I got it a good spot to reattempt the main part of the pleating.

...And I took one look at it, and realized that box pleating really made it look... bad. The stripes on the fabric just don't look good with the pleating. Because of where the pleats must line up and with the thickness of the fabric's pattern, it just makes it look...unevenly done, despite the fact that's how it's suppose to be put together. So, I took a step back, and looked at it. I decided - plain ol' gather stitching. While less fancy, it's going to make the stripes uniform and make it look a lot nicer than the pleats. So. I will make the change.

I always hesitate to make changes to patterns. I suppose I'm still new enough at this craft to think that the pattern's directions are law. If I make any sort of change to them, I am going against the order of the universe and it will therefore unravel faster than the silk I am currently using. But, whether I do, it does seem to work out for the better.... I just have to keep on reminding myself that.

So, now I go to gathering fabric.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

With this bias tape, I thee BIND.

Remember when I said I had a frustrating day sewing? Jinxed myself. I went to do the seam finishing I had planned for the top skirt, and after trying to iron it evenly, then trying to iron it again, and then once more, I looked in horror at the insanely rapidly fraying seam allowance, I did the only thing a girl suffering from crippling (fortunately temporary) self-doubt could do.

Cue the angry, frustrated tears that in no way provide the emotional catharsis they should.

Intense research, emergency Fabricland trip, $25 of bias tape, and a the purchase of a box of self-pity custard tarts later, ("You know, notions are on sale this coming weekend?" "You don't understand, this is an emergency. Also, you need to reorder. I took it all.") and they now halfway bound seams look a million times better than the first method I was using. Not to mention seem a lot stronger than before. Added bonus, the bias tape matches perfectly. Thank the sewing gods.

I can't tell, if I lost much time doing it this way, considering I have the fine motor control of a rampaging bull while trying to do hems and seams, bar that hour of travel time/dire bakery run. But the seams are not fraying. And they look good. Now, it's just a matter of keeping ahead of the fray as I stitch the four other panels together. Which was suppose to be finished tonight.

At least I've reached the trifecta. Blood - check, Sweat - check, Tears - check.

And I have a seam ripper stuck in my ponytail, I forgot about.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

...I'm not procrastinating.


Tomorrow I am going to sew and sew intensely. I admit I lost some of fire after having an extremely frustrating day of sewing last weekend in which I had to undo and rip out all of my work I did that day. I am however, regrouping, and trying it a different way, afresh.

I am also finished power reading all of the Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices series, (at least until City of Heavenly Fire is released in May) so I won't be distracted on the reading front. Though, my brain keeps trying to crossover Supernatural and Shadowhunters. It's.... awkward.

However, I also want to make myself cuffs and spats with Marks on them, heh. As always, I am drawn to the creative costuming elements of a series.

..... I need an Olympic update. I'm obsessed, I feel.


Monday, 3 February 2014

*readies pins*

Alright, alright!

Black and white ruffle pieces has been assembled. The seams have also been finished. I'm really liking how it's coming together. Still SO early... but something about seeing the seams finished makes it look... good. It looks good. I'm exciting that this could really turn out to be something special.

Of course, now comes the hemming portion of doom. That's going to take.... awhile. Especially if I decide to hand stitch it....and I might. If the material threatens to stretch, then I might have to, less there be puckers.

I also need to make note of how I'm putting it together for documentation. I haven't really deviated from the pattern at this point, bar finishing the seams so I don't feel I've missed any points yet. Once the underskirt is together, I'll take some progress shots though.

Okay, gonna iron out those seams, and then on to pinning the hem.