Tuesday, 29 July 2014

2500km later....

Well, back from a nice week long vacation through our neighbouring country America, (though I'd take another week, easy). Now it's back to business. We've got less than a month and a lot to do before FanExpo.

Though, on vacation I might have been, idle I was not. Even on the road, I hunt for fabric. Whether I needed it or not. I'd like to think of it as.... useful souvenirs. So much better than a silly trinket I would never look at again, right? Right.

My fabric selection. Mostly fat quarters, but a few yards as well. Very nice, very nice.  Ooh, and these:

Two books I got from Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, PA. Can't recall the actual copyright dates, but one has an inscription of 1966 and one 1939. Mmmmm historical....!

So now..... I need to use it all. To work I say!

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