Monday, 1 September 2014

FanExpo 2014 Summary

Urrrrghhh. First off, it's Monday - The Convention Hangover Day. It is no small mercy that it's Labour Day and therefore my store is closed and I can take a day to recover. 'Cause I am unfit to be seen in the general public. Seriously, it's scary.


So this was our first time vending at Fanexpo. And it went.... okayish. Honestly, it was not what I thought is was going to be profit wise. For a scary moment, until partway into Sunday, it was dicey whether or not I was going to clear my overhead. I did, with a smidgen of profit, but a far cry from what I was hope for. I guess the Animenorth crowd is actually a better market for that it was lower than all us vendors were hoping for as well. Huh. Anyway, it's currently on the fence whether or not I will vend next year. Attend, of course, and work the table for Ashley's designs for sure. At this point, it's whether or not I can keep the overhead at a bare minimum because that's what's hurting the most. I'll have to think on it.

 Anyway, the actuall con summary as follows.

Thursday: Ashley's dad dropped us at South Loading in the morning, and we got to experience FanExpo in it's set up stage, which is WEIRD.  You never get to see it in it's vulnerable stage like it was, peeking behind the curtain is rare sight. But we had tons of time to set up, which was good because you never quite know how it's going to come together until you actually have the space. Either way, set up went well as it did on all days. Did some business, but I didn't have any panel stuff that day so it was pretty much just booth stuff all day.

Friday: Took the wrong train in the morning, so I ended up getting there a half and hour earlier than I expected. Fortunately my god pass let me in, and I once again experienced an all but empty convention hall. Once everything was done and Ashley arrived, I bolted to the Matt Smith panel line up before the convention even opened. (I love that pass) Subsequently I got an excellent seat in the theatre.
Panel was great - Matt Smith is adorable. He was like a kid, swinging his legs in his chair. One questioneer asked if he could run with him, just like 11 did with his companions. The guy's life was made that day, he was practically glowing after the run with Matt. There was also a proposal!
After that, it was booth work up until a quick demonstration on Parasol dueling. I add this information to the other file on Tea Dueling. 

Saturday: ...Booth stuff, really. I didn't have any panels, but I snuck out for a quick run through Artist Alley so I could come back the next day and shop. Everyone met up for Jack Astor's for dinner.

Sunday: Our best profit day, however short it was. Attending the Stephen Amell's panel midafternoon. Another great panel; he really is such a nice person, especially with all the charity work he does. Heh, the crowd was a cheeky bunch. One of the questioners asked: :"What would you like Oliver to do that he hasn't done before, in this season?" Of course, someone in the crowd screamed "Felicity!" The audience responded with catcalls in kind. The Olicity is strong in the fanbase. After that, it was booth right until the end. Then it was breakdown, pack up and then home.

So that brings us to Monday. And this misspelled, grammar ruined post.

Bought some stuff: Book one and two of the Fey Winds comic. A steampunk bracelet, some supernatural buttons, a gallifreyan pendant and supernatural pendant that says "Salt and Burn", a print and a wand.

So yeah... that's the run of it.

Until next con!

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