Sunday, 15 March 2015

Simply fascinating.

Whelp, I made some fascinators.

Or rather I made 1 entire fascinator, and finished the other 3 that I had started like two weeks ago, but couldn't finish until I bought the missing pieces. Fortunately, my Queen St run yesterday proved to be pretty successful, and therefore allowing me to finish the aforementioned pieces.

That completes the plan Chocobo Set - 8 in total, though I do have supplies left for more.
A red and black fascinator joins its blue and black sibling.
A random yellow and black hairclip kinda formed out of nowhere and is quite lovely.
A hair flower also crashed the party.

I still have Muskoka's to make and other fascinators to do, and I think I'll exhaust myself on those before I enter back into cuff country.

I am very pleased how under budget I currently am, and I hope it stays this way.

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