Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nothing like a cup of tea

Gently brewing in a bowl stuffed full of cotton lace.
So far the lace seems to be taking on the colour well, so once I rinse it out, it should have that antiqued look.

For a bunch of ribbons, that I randomly came up with last night during my awful night of sleep. Their corresponding buttons have also been painted. Two things that have nothing to do with the check list of stuff I gave myself today.

I did get the triforce cuff bases sewn, just not yet pressed out. I do blame the random power outage we had that kind of makes it impossible to sew or iron when both require electricity.

I did get to Fabricland though, and managed to get eight headbands. Therefore my fascinators are now complete at an even dozen. GOOD.

I will still try to get the cuff bases ironed, or at least turned out tonight.

Tomorrow to Home Depot to get display stuff.

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