Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fray Check Smells like Victory.

When I get to fray checking the ribbons, I'm either close to finishing a pair of cuffs, or my fingers are sore from sewing that I cannot do anymore for a while, have to find something to do in the meanwhile that's quick enough to be productive on the down time.

In this case it's both.

Rose Quartz Cuffs at 99.99%,  just need lacing after fray check dries.
Black/Red Cuffs, half finished tacking the ends of the trim, need to decorate with flowers, but ribbons are drying. To be done by tonight.
Sewn the bases for the triforce cuffs, avoiding grommeting on purpose right now, but I will invert and press them tonight.
..... Something else, but I don't remember.

My brain is chaos theory.

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