Sunday, 31 January 2016

Oh hey, look - progress. Sort of.

Okay, I really am trying to get my butt into gear here. The difficult thing is that we could be doing 4 shows this year.... or only one. It's literately a waiting game and it makes me antsy. I suppose anything that I do now is really just adding to FanExpo so it's not a huge rush but... ugh, I desperately want to know.

Anyway. Today has been.... I'd say productive. I sorted out what I still had in my stock and made a list of things I needed to make (for fanexpo at least). It's not a terrible amount - if I started soon I could easily get things done well before I needed them. I also played with some math and budget costs, which is the only time you find me: a) relish using math and b) have any sort of strict organization.

I'm also designing a new product, which while it seems to plan out well, and work out well, with what I have on hand is also mildly irritating because I need to get the other things required from bunch of random locations.

Which brings me to my main source of pain. Sussman's Bridal - formerly of Queen St, now of Hamilton. This is probably the largest disaster of my creative career. My main and sometimes only source for trims, feathers and other odds and sods is now reeaaaallly not close anymore. I was whimpering outside the empty store front. It hurts. I mean, it's not impossible to get to..... just much much further and much harder to work around. It's only going to end up being a once in a blue moon kind of trip, and I'll have to try to plan out multiple projects in one go. Huuurughhg....

I did make two full sets of Star Wars bracelets though?

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