Saturday, 19 August 2017

*continues dusting with the powder sugar of tracelessess*

Yeah. Okay. I think it's done. Fixed the logo on the front, so now it's a badge....with the aforementioned dangling things. Shoes are just black flats or black boots depends on how I feel.

.... necklace. I need some sort of necklace. Or something on my arms. Downside of bare arms, lots of non decorated skin.

....Slayer's take tattoo with a cupcake symbol stuck in the centre?

Hm. I'll work on that.
But other than that, the bulk of it is complete.

Now, I have to rip apart a per-existing tank top to wear as a strapless top underneath my Keyleth dress, because frankly, the one I used before was horribly uncomfortable, and if I am walking a con for hours on end, I really want to avoid that.

And perfect the jewelry. What I wore to costume con was okay-ish but more rushed that I would like.

I did however finish, for no other reason that I wanted to, a Vax fascinator and a Keyleth's Raven Queen headpiece. I do not know if they would even sell, or I'd even use them. But it satisfied me to make them, so there is that. Gotta photograph them for records at least.

.... Critical Role designs are my life right now. *shrugs*

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