Thursday, 29 November 2012

Costume Con rambles...

Looks like the information for the Historical Masq is up! My idea should fall under "historical dress", so I'll have to work hard to make it....well, historically accurate. Which might be hard considering the era it's from.... But that's what the next year and a bit is for, yes?

511 days until Costume Con 32!

And how to make my documentation...? Putting it in essay format would be easy enough, but do I want to make it fancier? Again considering it's era... ah, well. Gather the information first, then worry about what it looks like. Also; make the outfit you need for the documenation before worrying about it.

I have also discovered that working with denim is...enjoyable. It doesn't really stretch, and you can actually iron it without fear of meltingintoacrispydisaster. Acetate lining and I are not great friends.

Now, where did I put the notes on the Conductor outfit I doodled at work...?

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