Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A digression of projects

Alright. So, I have a lot of ideas for costumes. Several on the go, and several more that are waiting for the right event to be created for. Then there's the events that are going to be attended that are still waiting for their wardrobe to be realized. All, in all, it's a busy cerebellum.

I've figured out the next two non competition costumes I'm going to be working on, which I'll wear to both Animenorth and Fanexpo this year. As for competing this coming year...I'm seriously thinking of not entering in order to focus on the up and coming Costume Con 32 in 2014. *the song of the angels*

Oh, Costume Con. You fill me with great wonder and great terror. I've never been to you, and it might be some years before I can attend you locally again. Therefore, all that I make for you must be perfect and plentiful.... my current total clocking in at 3 competition pieces, a future fashion folio submission, and something sassy to wear to the friday night social. I'm counting 5 unique ideas. Not to mention if I plan on reusing older costumes for just hall pieces.

I am so going to need a steamer trunk. And take a loan out from the bank. Totally going to be worth it...

Anyway, I digress. So, two projects for sure this year. 5ish for 2014. Possibily a major competiion piece for FanExpo 2013 though that's a serious maybe. I think I'm also involved in making things for a booth one con too... and it's there like... a Halloween in there too somewhere?

Note to self: Get more tailor's chalk.

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