Thursday, 20 November 2014

The art of selling.

So, I work retail as my day job. For all it's ups and downs, you do learn a trick or two about merchandizing stuff. And so, while I was spending an hour mopping up the flood that decided to expel itself from the pipes/walls/gates of hell at work, I turned my mind to booth setup.

Things that I have concluded/noticed/have come to mind.

1. Touch is key. Get people to touch an item, they create a bond with it.

2. Displaying something nicely is good - but too fancy, they get intimidated, to casual and it doesn't show off it's value. 

3. The further the hand has to stretch towards an item, there is a 30% decrease in likelihood the item will be touched/picked up/noticed. If all booth tables were therefore only a foot wide and 18 feet long, vendors would be selling 100% of their products.

And so, I am once again mulling over how I should change how my stuff is displayed.

For the hairclip flowers, I find that on their fancy stand didn't get them noticed as much, for that they were.... very accessible. But, something about that extra extension of the hand just made them unnoticed until I dropped them to the table surface right at the front. Current idea: Create a rotating display, right at the front of the table, that has the flowers. Create a card stock backing for them to clip onto which in turn would hang on the display. Could double as the display top for the head that usually has one of the fascinators on it, again putting it right out front.

I also want to ramp up the Chocobo fascinators display. Maybe print out an actual chocobo and put it right next to the clips. (Maybe on another side of the spinning display?)

The biggest thing to also consider is that the table sizes for Animenorth and FanExpo are slightly different, so it has to adapt to each. (Fingers crossed we get Animenorth again this year....)

Ah, well. To the sketch book.

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