Sunday, 4 January 2015

Starting the New Year


Hello 2015.

Let's be friends, okay?

As such, let's begin. My silent New Year's goal to myself, was to be more on top of my crafting - with our FanExpo booth all but assured, I at least can take some confidence in the fact I will have some sort of booth this year, and any and all crafting I undertake will be displayed. Normally, everything pins down to Animenorth and whether or not we can get a table there, which following as intense rush of alchemy in about two months time.

We will be applying to Animenorth again with held breath, and crossed fingers but at least I can start making things now for August and if luck is on our side, be that much more prepared for May.

So. Let's begin now.

And, actually, I have. 6 Chocobo fascinators are now in their hatchling stages,of the currently 8 I have planned. I figure if I do a bit each once and a while I'll have them done nicely in between work, my tutoring jobs and life, the universe and everything else.

That's positive, right?

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