Saturday, 6 June 2015

Getting back to it.

Well, Fanexpo is really just around the corner when you look at it. Shy of three months, there a lot to work to be done before then.

Therefore, I am trying to work on some things that are vital and yet don't let me spend the entire day in the dark, dank basement cave when it's a lovely sunny day.

Even though I've only been out there for maybe a half and hour and I'm already cringing from the sun, less I burn pathetically quick.

But, I have sewing, clipped and poked all the petals needed for my planned 6 loftwing fascinators. That's something. If I can assemble some of the centres this weekend that would be extra nice.

I can't actually fully make them anytime soon since I need to hit Queen St for beaks and feathers but if I can get them close to that stage it's a help.

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