Monday, 25 May 2015

Another convention complete.

Well, that's Anime North for this year!

I am so tired. I am only slightly human right now. Not FanExpo level lack of humanity but still.

I didn't realize it at first, but this year was my most successful by far. Which is very nice. Part of that is attributed to the fact my overhead was much smaller this time around, and part of it was sheer sales. A bit of a relief too, since you never know going into this kind of thing. Hopefully Fanexpo will be equally bountiful. My overhead might go high, since I went through a bunch of supplies that I might have to reorder/rebuy, but I will do everything in my power to keep it as low as possible.

As for popularity of product:

- Triforce cuffs seemed to be the consistent winner. I might look into making more colours outside of the green/gold and purple/silver variety. Possible black?

- Flowers sold well, sold about half which is fairly consistent, I'll have to remake more.

- Non-Pastel fascinators seem to sell best. Didn't sell all my Muskoka's which sort of surprised me, but it happens. I'll need to make more black/red and black/blue.

-Chocobo'\s didn't sell as much as I hoped. A lot of people liked them mind you, so I still plan on doing them. The loftwings sold however, so I will do those again. Perhaps I will add a Groose coloured one.

-My three random Dean's Bracelet sold like, right away. I will definately make those again, since people like them so much.

So... yeah. That's the trend so far. Three months until the next con, and a lot of work to do there. But not today.

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