Monday, 30 May 2016

Restless sleep = Productive Mind?

Okay, it was weird not going to Anime North this year. Like, not even attending regardless of vending, was weird. Whatever, moving on.

This weekend's restless dreams foretold to me I needed random new ideas to test out. Of those, Sailor Moon Tiara Bracelets (inspired by Crystal borne nostalgia) and Neko Atsume Bracelets (inspired by my temporary obsession with this ridiculously addicting game) seem the most fesible.

Not that the swishy-skirt-pants and armor get up, my brain dreamed up, wasn't cool - it just wasn't practical....or obeying the normal laws of physics. But they sparkled.

So maybe.... I'll give those a go. I snagged some ribbon for the cat bracelets, but I need to get beads.... specifically 10-15mm beads. Glass or stone, not plastic, because due to influence, I cannot abide plastic beads anymore....unless specifically required for effect. The question pearls or transparent? I need to keep costs down, but perhaps I will file these under a separate overhead file... like those other things.

.... I spend way too much time formulating my budgeting spreadsheet and its mathematical formula. High School math is useful kids. You'd be surprised where and when it crops up again.

Hm hm hm..... I'm so distracted.

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