Sunday, 15 May 2016

Turned it around

Well, I put my creative sulk to good use and found a skirt pattern to replace the one I was using that I actually think will work better for me - More pleats. Love me some box pleats. Will pick that up next time I'm at fabricland via sale.

I was also playing dress up with Coco (my dress form) once I concluded that the vest I bought kinda reminded me of Rey's outfit. While it does lack the cross at the front, it just.... speaks Rey to me. Especially once I belted it. Now, I'm hungrily on the hunt for a henley that I can artfully destroy for SCIENCE AND ART.

Plus I have created my own template for her cuff - it's not the wrap around like in the movie, but I've fused the look with my own that I use for my cuffs I sell - seeing as it's my personal take on her outfit, I think this will actually accent it better than a direct copy. (If all goes well, I might even have some for Fanexpo) Of course, I lack the actual materials I need for constructing it, so it's another thing that I need to get from Fabricland.

.... Which, ironically enough, I was at yesterday buying like....two cards of buttons and that was it.

Ah, well.

I also ended up buying one of those slim card holders that you are suppose to be able to card stuff in rather than wallet and whatnot. I am using it for a business card holder, and today I filled it with said cards. There was no actual reason for me to do this, but it made me fill good and important and I fully plan on keeping it with me in the 0.01% chance I require my business cards.


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