Wednesday, 4 June 2014

*thoughtful pencil chewing*

Okay. Taking advantage of my random day off midweek to be productive.

Tutoring notes are finished, so I have been focusing on other things. I'm trying to plan out what I need to make for the next booth by tracking what I sold - when - at AN. Going to churn out at least 4 pairs of Triforce cuffs, since they were my fastest seller, and going to test out a pair of Goron's bracelet's as singles. Not sure how well it's going to work, so I just cut one set for the moment.

I think I am going to hit spoonflower for the SPN sigils. As much as the printable fabric gave me control over what I could print, I'm wasting too many sheets on failed printer feeds to make it that worthwhile. Spoonflower has a fat quarter that will be fine for cuffs, and maybe with some adjustment, I can use it for a spat as well. I'll see if there is any other patterns I could do from that.

I want to also make a Lorule Triforce set or two, if I can find the inverted colours I need.

Looking into Attack on Titan because of sheer popularity.

More fascinators. Many more so long as I can get the headbands I need.

.... That's all for the momennt.

Need to do more research.... as in Mario Kart. :D

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