Sunday, 29 June 2014

Baby, it's *not* cold outside.

Summer. I remember you. You with the hot and the sweating.

I see what you are doing.


.... My mind blanked. This was supposed to be a report on the booth inventory, but my higher brain functions have shut off on me. I've made fascinators? More colours of them? I have 7 finished, 1 just needing its headband, four started, and 2 more 100% planned. Having fallen in love with my bird fascinators, I've made more in the original gold and burgundy, and now some in silver and green. I'm very pleased with them.

And then idea struck, inspired by my watching of an FFVII let's play - the chocobo fascinator. Taking the same style, but changing it to the chocobo colours. Complete experiment, but eh, why not? They could look cute.

So, I might start those tonight, or at least try and finish the other's on the go.


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