Saturday, 14 June 2014

*beings hording supplies*

Furthering supply purchases have begun. Saving where I can of course, but even at 50% the prices of centres and buttons and such is always so disproportionate to everything else. But, once I get some more feathers, I should be able to make awesome amount of fascinators. Delightful and yet, wildly affordable fascinators.

I just need to make them.

Also, Spoonflower order is on its way. Fingers crossed that the fabrics are how I pictured them. Never ordered fabrics online before so my lack of control on this is making me edgy. If they are good, expect Attack on Titan Wrist-ta-cuffs of doom! And some My little pony as well.

I just need to make them.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I intend on having as productive day as I can. I need to have a productive day.
So let's do this!

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