Friday, 8 May 2015

Off the Cuff Part... *shrugs*

Triforce cuffs complete, and currently drying.

Just had enough ribbon for all of them. Just. Which is good....except FanExpo's overhead is going to be that much higher if (when!) I need to make more.

That leaves the Supernatural set to be decorate...because I think I grommeted them already? Right? And then I should knock off a pair of Attack on Titan ones.

After that, it's a few more flowers and....that could be it? I think that's all I planned on making?

Still have to finish up the display, maybe tomorrow. I just need to figure out the spacing of the magnets and then glue them on. Then last coat of paint and that's done too.

Oh. Business cards. Need to sew them.

Animenorth is sneaking up, but no panic yet. 

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