Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Final week.


Animenorth is what, 5 days away? Totally workable.

Today was.... I suppose productive. I was out for the majority, so really anything I accomplished today was merely a pleasant bonus. 

I scampered around the house trying to chose what to wear to the con for the three days. While not in costume, I feel an outfit that is functional and one that displays ones wares is the most effective. I think I've decided to do a Legend of Zelda casual outfit (basically what I wore to the Symphony of the Goddesses), my Impala costume from Halloween with slight modifications, and one that's really just designed to show off my spats in all their fabulousness. As such, I needed to cut and fray check a ribbon for the co-coordinating supernatural cuff, and I just whipped up a triforce cuff for me personally which is currently drying as well.

I might work on my signage a bit tonight too, since I plan on having just clip art of Loftwings and Chocobos to draw attention to their associated fascinators. Pricing signage too.

Last bit of the display should be finished tomorrow then I can run a mock up to make sure everything is going to fit as planned,

Then it's just any last minute additions and then making sure I've got it all together by Thursday. Doable, I hope.

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