Saturday, 29 December 2012

Holiday Haul

As the old year spins into the depths of time, and new year peeks around the corner, what is a girl to do?
Boxing Week Sales, kids. That's where the party is.

Santa was kind enough to give me a new grommet setting kit.

From Farthingales Corset making supplies. Who might be my new best bodice friends in the future.
  I'm very excited about trying this sucker out. I'm also excited about not having torn and shredded lacings with these new grommets. I also have a new awesome rubber mallet of justice to beat the grommets into submission. The mallet currently does not have a name, but that must be rectified soon. Suggestions?

And then? We did some shopping. Amazon/Chapters had this little coffee table book for sale, which looked perfect to add to my collection of "serious books".

I like the sections that have actual mock ups of some of fashions instead of just fashion plates. Easier to figure out how some of those bloody things are stitched together.

From Ricki's I scored this jacket for an excellent price.

Lovely colour. However...the potential for adding a little...something something to it is high. I'm thinking of changing the buttons to more funky ones, and moving them over a bit to tighten the chest area. And some trims. Give it a nice steampunk flavour.

Lastly, I had my eyes on this for a while, and managed to get it on sale at the Bay today. It's made by Rachel Roy.

 It's very...intriguing. It's leaves and coral and reminds me of mermaids and undersea treasures. It could make a hells of a centre piece to a costume. I don't know. But I like it.

And that's the damage done this boxing week. <3

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