Sunday, 30 December 2012

Location, Location, Location

Y'know. For all the costuming I'm dabbling in, I've never really done a "photoshoot" for any of my outfits in a proper location. Mind you, it's really only recently that the quality of them have improved enough that I actually want to photograph them well. And photograph I mean, shamelessly borrow the mad creative skills of my graphic designer-photographer-hairandmakeup team w00t sisters.


For Red, of OuaT, I'd love to shoot that one full winter in a unbroken field of snow and trees. The red cape would stand out so strongly. If I get it finished before the snow melts...

But I was going through some of my pictures from past roadtrips, and there's two places that would make amazing places to shot some costumes.

Rock City, Chattenooga, Tennessee. So many pictures spots. So many beams of light. Practically crying out for some sort of epic fantasy photoshoot. There's even a rainbow cave, with different coloured glass panels that let the light in,

Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia. A wind swept beach covered in huge pieces of driftwood. It was almost barren and skeletal in some ways, but I bet the silhouettes in the sunset would be so amazing. Perfect for aquatic costumes.

Lot of travelling to get back to those places, but perhaps it would be worth it....

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