Sunday, 16 December 2012

I am SHER Locked.

Finally got around to watching BBC's Sherlock. I regret nothing. Save perhaps the wait time between now and the third season. Loved the characterization, the filmography and the acting. And, being me, I want the hat.

It has ear flaps, John.
Nice right? So I'm puttering around the internet finding out where to get it. My research indicates it's grey. I swore it had a brown tone, but whatever. The fact I might be getting close worries me, or rather worries my willpower. Wool though. Why is everything always wool....
But if it's well lined in theory it won't itch through my hair...

I also found this on Etsy:

Skirt by: NerdAlertCreations
Well done, Artisan. Well done. Excellent usage of awesome in that garment.

Maybe I'll make a casual Sherlock Fangirl cosplay, like the reporter wore in the last episode. I could always use more comfortable cosplays.

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