Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Coming down to the wire

Okay! So; Fascinators: Finished up the last of the Roarin' Muskoka today giving me three in total, and 14 fascinators overall, plus two chocobo hair clips and one... random hairclip that I made and do rather like but I only made in a one shot.

Cuffs - 4 pairs Black and Red, Fancy Foxes, Triforce and Supernatural with 2 pairs of Attack on Titan, Lorule's Triforce, Elizabethian Wine, Musical notes, to add to the handful of some of the last run's designs.

Spats - Nothing new yet. Still have the 3 sets from Animenorth. Might add..... an 11th Doctor? Maybe.

Flower clips - Have 6 ready to be made up. Did the petal stitch tonight quickly when I got home from work.

Lace cuffs - 8 ready to go!

So.... good. Still need more, but the mad panic is... I won't say over but I have the majority my stuff now. Fascinators are fully finished, and so are the lace cuffs. The others, eh, we'll see.

Need to spray paint my wire display though tomorrow, and keep in mind how I want to set things up. Seriously considering a butt cushion to add some extra height to my chair so I can see over the stands better. Not that I'm short but those chairs make me feel like I'm in the ground.

Ah well...sleep.

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