Monday, 18 August 2014


My goal was to make enough inventory that the rough total value was going to be a grand after removing overhead. As my most recent pair of cuffs dries, they are that threshold. Of course, that's at total sell out, so while that's not going to happen at least I know I have it. That's factoring in the pricing from Animenorth, so I might gain a bit from individual cuffs though spats might go either way.

... I haven't made anymore. Not sure if there is a yet to that statement or not. Either way, I have blisters forming from grommets so I need to stop for a while. Still need to make those two more fascinators, and then we'll see what else gets made. I should probably make up those two more singles on the Attack on Titan pairs with the rose and unicorn shield, with fancy trim since I have it. And I need to make some more flower pins. I'll have to finish up my supernatural cuff that I am going to wear, but that might be later on.

Ugh, I'm tired. All my mind is chatting about is this booth while I'm sleeping, so it hasn't been a restful couple of days. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about this but that's why I am pressuring myself for more, more, more.

Need some mindless TV nao.

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