Sunday, 24 August 2014

Wardrobe run down.

Okay. Tentative plan of outfits for maximum adaptability of accessories.

Thursday: Daisy shirt, denim capris. Matches with yellow flower clip and copper wire necklace. Also, pants. Pants are good so I can navigate and set up booth better. Goooood.

Friday: Whovian motif; Black ruffle skirt, blue blouse, black tank. Matches with Tardis spats, and my Timey Wimey Hairclip. My 11th doctor jacket will be also coming along for a ride as well as my sonic screwdiver 'cause I wanna have it at the Q & A.

Saturday: Black and White theme. Not sure what that will be yet. But to show off Supernatural accessories include my personal supernatural cuff and matched with my silver anti possession necklace.

Sunday: Phoenix light. Steampunk bodice, ruffle skirt. Matches with the coordinated hat, spats and such. Phoenix necklace of course.

That is the current plan anyway.

In other news: Finished last pair of AoT cuffs. Finished personal SPN cuffs. What else? ...More of what?

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