Sunday, 10 August 2014

*nods* Progress

I'm not actually sure if blogging my progress is actually helping my productivity, but seeing what I've done written down and judged by the impartial internet makes it seem so.

4 pairs of Triforce cuffs are finished saved for curing and ready for sale!
2 pairs of Fox cuffs are curing, need a final embellishment and then will be good to go. 2 more are in the wings for trimming.
1 pair of Lorule Triforce cuffs are ready to trim, which I will try and finish the hand sewing on tonight.

There was an incident involving a supernatural cuff, forcing me to have to make another single which...will come later. Extremely irritated about that. The other 7 are fine, but the lack of symmetry is bugging me.

All in all, though, we're doing okay. Finish lorule and fox tonight and I will be that much happier.

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