Friday, 4 January 2013

Down the slippery wibbey wobbley slope.


At the recommendation of my friend, Kashunga, whose information is backed by a mighty fandom of followers, I decided to descend into the world of Doctor Who. Check it out, so to speak and see what the hulabaloo was all about.

Though, I suppose calling it a descent would best be described as a screaming freefall into madness, flipping card tables, kitchen tables, and I think I tossed a nightstand despondently after the Girl in the Fireplace.

It's been a busy three days so far, and I still have another ways to go. I fear my fandom heart may be in danger. But fangirls, like time lords, do have more than one.

ANYWAY. This not a review the show kind of blog. This is a costume and wardrobing magic kind of blog. So let us discuss; the Costumes.

1. The T.a.r.d.i.s. apparently has a wardrobe inside of it with a majestic collection period clothing. So you offer a girl an adventure in the universe, and then throw in the hammerspace of closets? Well played Time Lord. Well, played.

2. Jabe, the .... tree? Has a pretty awesome outfit. I love the overcoat/overskirt she has. Good colours, falltering fit in the waistline.

3. Girl in the fireplace? Gods, the costume team for that one must have had fun. Crazy elaborate outfits for everyone including the creepy clockwork marionettes? Of course!

4. I enjoy 10th's pinstripes. Brown (I think) with brillant blue. Very nice. Has more...adaptablity into cosplay than 9th. Though I still miss 9th and the "Fantastic!". Maybe I could.... Great, this is dangerous territory to be thinking about. I'll need me a sonic screwdriver and a ....Hmmmm.....

Anyway. Back to the madness!

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