Thursday, 23 January 2014

Things in motion

So, the Crafter's Corner date to apply has been released. I would be lying if I said there was no brief moment of panic and promises to practice quick mouse clicks. I must be ready.

Saturday, if the weather gods are in my favour, I'm off to my Aunt's friend's place to begin the Cutting Of Fabric. I've exposed the pattern pieces into their individual form. The skirt, while many pieces, doesn't scare me. If all goes well, and patience is had, all should come together. It's all straight cuts and lines. The bodice is terrifying. There will be a mock up. It's suppose to adjust to size well because of the fitting and size selection....but its terrifying. The corselette... I can handle. I've made simple bustiers before, and this looks to be easier since its an underbust shaper. The trick will be getting the front panel set. After that, it's decoration.
I'm honestly excited to see if it will turn out as planned. I really hope so. Still need to work on headgear...

Annnnnd... I spaced.

And snapped back to thought on my on-the-back-burner-with-all-the-rest ideas of my Supernatural Victorian Mash-up. *sighs* I blame the hairpin I got at the Dollar store.

I spaced again. This time on booth set-ups and displays. Nothing will be done this evening.

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