Monday, 20 January 2014

Ideas- They're EVERYWHERE. Get use to it.

First off.

94 days until Costume Con. Ho-LEE-Frig. Where did those hundreds of days go???  I must get started on...all the things. As I have said for weeks. At least I remembered to update the credit card on file for the hotel, so I will still have a room. (Of which the hotel is booked solid and now they have overflows. It sounds like its going to be a huge costume con. So much talent....)

Secondly. I finally finished A Link Between Worlds. Probably faster than I could or should have, but I had an idea in my head. But, seeing as the idea involved research that could have spoiled the plot of the game (which is a big no no in my world) I had to rush it a bit. It's the whole idea of the dual triforces.

I mean, it's not an entirely new concept, I'm sure. Fanon is....fanon. But to see it come alive in canon images is so.... intriguing. The two of them are often shown in the gold and silver aspects, throughout the game. So, my brain brain is: OH HAI THAR! YOU KNOW THOSE TWO PIECES OF FABRIC YOU HAVE? THE GOLD AND SILVER ONES???

Yes,  brain. I do know. I know, and I hear you loud and clear. So now I am creating a pair of costumes. Simple, but elegant. I see the maxi dress. It's a perfect usage for those yardages. Play off them. Use gold and bright regal versus silver with tarnish. Just like Zelda and Hilda. Same silhouette, different specific details. You'd need each one of the 'forces to carry, of course. Incorporate the crests somehow. As wings? They'd need equal detailing on the hems, maybe?

I am going to have 50 of these dresses, but so easy to make ideas around them....

*twitches* I need a blank shape form of the maxi dress.....

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